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Below earth

The meanings of each House

First House The person himself, his life, health, behaviour, habits, disposition, personal characteristics and apparent personality.

Second House Money, property, personal wealth, financial profit and loss, income and expenditure, and associated ideas of theft, loss or negligence.

Third House Brothers, sisters, blood relatives, news, letters, communication, short journeys, languages, writing, publicity, agencies, and similar mercurial pursuits.

Fourth House Home environment, fathers and grandfathers, inheritances, possessions, especially buildings, land and hidden treasure. It also gives details about thefts and thieves. Retirement, the grave. The conclusion of any matter is also included in the significations of this house.

Fifth House Women, luxury, eating, drinking. Creation, recreation, procreation; love affairs, courtship; pregnancy and childbirth; children and the young in general, creative artistic work; amusements and pleasures, sexual compatibility, gambling or speculation.

Sixth House Servants and employees; sickness and recovery; which parts of the body are most likely to suffer in illness or injury, aunts and uncles, and domestic animals.

Seventh House Wedlock, whoredom and fornication, love, marriage, partnerships and assocations. Public enemies, law suits, company business, war, conflict, opponents and controversies. Thieves, robbers, dishonour.

Eighth House Deaths and financial matters connected with death, such as wills, legacies, the estate of the deceased, or business connected with death such as undertakers, executors or spirit mediums. Poverty.

Ninth House Long journeys, voyages, relations with foreigners. Science, philosophy, the Church, religion, art, visions, dreams and divinations. Tenth House Fame or notoriety, reputation, rank, honour, trade or profession, authority, employment, and worldly position generally. Also signifies the querent's mother.

Eleventh House Friends, acquaintances and social contacts, hopes and wishes. Also patronage by the rich or well placed. Philanthropic or altruistic organizations.

Twelfth House Sorrows, fears, punishments, imprisonment, intrigue, enemies in secret, servants, prostitutes, institutions, asylums, orphanages, hospitals, prisons, secret societies, unseen dangers, restrictions, and misfortune generally (for details refer to the Sixth and Eighth Houses).

It is also necessary to understand the terms Angular, Succedent and Cadent. They refer to the three types of Houses. Those on the Angles, that is the horizon in the east and west and the Houses at the midheaven and directly below the earth, are the strongest Angular Houses and are the First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth. Those Houses following or succeeding the Angular Houses are called Succedent Houses and are the Second, Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh Houses. Finally those furthest away from the first mentioned Angular Houses are called Cadent, and are the Third, Sixth, Ninth and Twelfth Houses (see Figure 18).

When interpreting the meaning of the geomantic figures in the twelve Houses it is useful to remember that if the figure falls in an Angular House, then its action will be strong and 'profitable for the question propounded', in the Succedent House it is less effective, and if the figure falls into a Cadent House its action is positively retarded.

Figure 18 Angular, Succedent and Cadent Houses o"------

Figure 18 Angular, Succedent and Cadent Houses

Having considered the framework of astrology, the time has come to apply the figures derived in ordinary geomantic divination to this framework to derive a more detailed interpretation.

In almost every case a greater clarification is necessary than can be obtained merely by reading off the meaning of the Judge and Witnesses. One such method of clarification is to allocate the first twelve geomantic figures to the twelve Houses of Heaven on an astrological chart.

As already explained, the only fixed framework which marks out the sky in astrology is the House system, through which revolves the Zodiac, and against which the planets move with complex motions. The Houses traditionally represent the departments of everyday life, and it is the Houses which contain the answers to the mundane questions with which geomancy deals: questions such as the number and sex of children, the outcome of a business deal, the success of a journey, and so on.

Therefore, the geomantic figures which have been derived by divination are to be put into this House grid system, and the figure which is allocated to the House most relevant to the question asked, becomes the major significator. With the addition of the seven planets and twelve Signs of the Zodiac to the House system, more information can be derived concerning the question.

The seven planets are the forces that act on human beings, the twelve Signs show bow they act, whilst the Houses show where they act, and in what department of life their action will be felt. In this manner the static answer of the plain geomantic divination is fleshed out with background information and associated causes and conditions.

Now, there are several systems for allocating the geomantic figures derived in an ordinary divination to the twelve Houses of astrology. It has often been said that the correct method of allocation is the real secret of geomancy which has never been published. Even Aleister Crowley, who was in the habit of 'telling everything like it is', admitted that a major key had been left out of his explanation of the technical side of astro-geomancy. That key was the House allocation system. Amongst the systems outlined in this book is the major key which was omitted. For the present we will simply use the House allocation system prescribed by the Golden Dawn. In Appendix III you will find the alternative systems. You may find, with practice, that one of those systems gives you more consistently accurate results. It is up to you to choose one system and stick with it.

Using the Golden Dawn system (Appendix III) and the example used in chapter 12, place the first Mother, Fortuna Major, into the Tenth House. Then mark in the second Mother, Cauda Draconis, in the First House. Follow through anti-clockwise with the two other Mothers in the Angular Houses. Then draw in the Daughters (in the Succedent Houses) and Nephews (in the Cadent Houses).

Figure 19 The geomantic figures distributed amongst the Twelve Houses of Heaven. House numbers are in Arabic numerals, geomantic figures designated by Roman numerals

One word of warning here, whichever House system you decide to use, remember always that if Rubeus or Cauda Draconis fall in the first House or Ascendant, the chart is not fit for judgment and it should be destroyed without any further calculation or consideration. You should not attempt divination again concerning this question for at least a couple of hours and preferably not for a day or so. Presumably the question is important for such a result to have happened, and therefore you should think about it very seriously before re-attempting the divination.

Why such an extreme reaction? Well, Cauda Draconis in the First House means a short life and bad fortune, in fact impending death for the person asking the question. Rubeus in the First House means the same, and it became the practice to destroy these two answers which occasionally crop up, on the principle that with these two particularly nasty outcomes, it is as well not to tempt fate by examining them in detail.

You will notice that only the first twelve figures are used in astrological geomancy, that is the Mothers, Daughters and Nephews. You may if you like, place the two Witnesses and the Judge in the central circular space to remind you of the general interpretation of the geomantic layout.

Having inserted the geomantic figures into the House framework it is now necessary to translate them into astrological terms of reference.

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