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Retrograde or adverse

Fortuna Minor







Caput Draconis Dragon's Head Cauda Draconis and Tail au

Figure 14 Planetary groupings of the sixteen geomantic figures

In each case, the geomantic figure is given first with its Latin name, planet, Element and astrological Sign. Following these are the various divinatory meanings which will 'decode' the answer given each time. The simplest form of decoding is simply to locate the Judge amongst these sixteen possible forms and read off the meaning of the figure, ignoring for the moment the associated astrological material. If more information is required, read off the meaning of each of the Witnesses which contributed to the judgment of the Judge.

One can either use geomancy to form a snap judgment from the Judge and two Witnesses, or at greater length to encourage your intuitive abilities by combining the more detailed meanings of these three figures from the following explanations of each figure, for a richer and more detailed answer.

Puer means 'boy' in Latin. The figure also means yellow, beardless, rash and inconsiderate. The nature of the figure depends upon its position in the geomantic spread. The figure is basically neutral, but is rather bad than good. The traditional description of Puer is 'evil in most demands, excepting those relating to war or love'. Puer is the malevolent and destructive side of Mars. Associated ideas include son, servant, slave, page and bachelor. More detailed meanings for this and the following figures, as found in various cultures, may be consulted in Appendix V.

Puer Mars Fire Aries

Cf A

Amissio Venus Earth Taurus

Amissio means 'lost', comprehended without, and that which is taken away: it is a bad figure. Although Venus is astrologically a benefic, the geomantic figure Amissio means quite the opposite. Traditionally it is 'good for loss of substance and sometimes for love, but very bad for gain'. Regardie gives a telling example of the action of Amissio: 'if a woman were seeking counsel as to whether she should divorce her husband, Amissio in the appropriate house would indicate a positive answer. On the other hand, so far as the possibility of alimony is concerned the figure would be negative.' This is also a warning to the inquirer to phrase his questions carefully. Amissio is the less fortunate side of Venus, or as it used to be put, it is 'retrograde or combust'. Associated ideas include that of loss through death.

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