Much more is known about al-Barbari's successor Abu 'Abdallah Muhammad az-Zanati who lived in the twelfth or thirteenth century, and who founded a school of geomancy: his followers are to this day called al-Zanatiyya. Not only has his work been reprinted many times from the thirteenth century to the present day, but a number of manuscripts are still extant purporting to be from his pen.

The work which is attributed to him bears different titles, the printed versions of which were issued in Cairo in 1863 under the title Kitab al-Fasl fi usul 'ilm al-raml, and again in 1908 under the title al-Akwal al-mardiyya fi'l-ahkam al-ramliyya.

Az-Zanati was also responsible for some of the earliest transmissions of geomancy into Greek, because his classic work was translated from Persian into Greek verse by the monk Arsenius in 1266.

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