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The four basic geomantic figures thus created now become the Mothers of all the rest. The remaining eight figures are generated from them without further recourse to the above technique.

(c) To do this, two figures are taken at a time, for example:

o o o o o o and o o o o o o first line second line third line fourth line

These are examined at each level and added together according to the formula:

o +00 gives o | i.e. an odd 00+ o gives o J number of beans

gives gives o o o o i.e. an even number of beans

Thus in our example above:

the first line yields o the second line yields o o the third line yields o o and the fourth line yields o

Thus the two geomantic figures add together to spawn a third.

By combination of the four Mothers, eight more boxes are filled with figures. These boxes are laid out:



Zatovo an-trano hafa Marina an-trano hafa Vehivavy an-trano hafa Firiariavana an-trano hafa

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