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Ayurveda and the Three Bodies

In general, we could say that the physical body relates more to Kapha, the biological water humor of Ayurveda, because it is composed mainly of this element. The astral body relates more to Pitta, the biological fire humor, owing to its connection with our perceptual faculties. The causal body relates more to Vata, the biological air humor, owing to its power to energize the other two bodies with life and consciousness.10 The astral body is the subtle form or model, the life imprint, out of which the physical body arises. By changing its internal energies we can alter our outer physical functioning as well. Such 'working on the subtle body' is the basis of pranic or energetic healing that Ayurveda also employs.

Cancer The Sign Of Dizzy Heights And Profound Depths

Brahma represents this stage of manifestation. Me has been assigned four heads. This is very symbolic. In human constitution, the lower quaternary-comprising the physical body, etherio double, astral body and the lower mental body, is said to disappear alter every incarnation, whereas the higher triad constituting the causal body, the intuitive body and the spiritual body is the permanent repository of human monad. Cancer represents that stage of differentiation where the higher triad gave rise to the lower quaternary, Brahma's four heads are symbolic of this quaternary. But his heads also function on other levels they watch the four directions, and they contain the four Vedas, etc. Each level of manifestation has its own state of consciousness and its own presiding deity. As a result of this kind of lateral as well as vertical differentiation, the Cancer-ascendants are not only fundamentally different from one another even within the same group but their temperamem. natural faculties...

Neptune In The Ninth House

You are tolerant, religious, intuitive and impressionable. Interested in educational programs and social reform, you enjoy any kind of learning and have aptitude for foreign languages. You like to help the underprivileged and love to travel. Your imagination is boundless, and you relate well to foreigners. If Neptune is afflicted, you may be impractical and neglect your education. Use extreme care in experiments with astral projection.

Astrology and Healing

Vedic astrology is not only concerned with the diagnosis and timing of diseases, it also offers us various methods to either treat disease or increase our resistance to it. The treatment methods or remedial measures of Vedic astrology primarily aim at the astral body. Diseases reflect negative planetary influences, which are disruptive forces in our astral environment. Gems, mantras (words of power), yantras (power diagrams), special rituals (pujas and yajnas) and other yogic methods can help counter these influences and replace them with those that are positive.

Yoga and the Three Bodies

On this physical foundation, Yoga uses pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (control of the senses), and dharana (concentration of the mind) for working on the subtlaor astral body. Through developing more prana and through focusing the mind as in the practice of mantra, Yoga can help us change the energy pattern of the subtle body. Such yogic approaches are important remedial measures in Vedic astrology because they help to bring harmonious planetary energies into our minds.

Neptune and Psychic Abilities

When we begin to tap into the psychic levels of our being, perhaps under Neptune transits to our birth charts, it is a common temptation to want intensely dramatic, bigger-than-life connections to spirit guides to bolster self-esteem. I can't tell you how many people out there believe that they and they alone are channeling Princess Diana or Mother Theresa. You may very well be in contact with a spirit guide of some sort, but on the astral level, spirits can assume any form they like. We can also perceive them as anyone we want them to be, thus the strong capacity for deceiving ourselves or being deceived by beings on the astral level.

Edgar Cayce On The Soul

The record shows that psychic phenomena are a mysterious unknown occurrence that defies explanation, and manifests in strange and unaccountable ways. Often called ESP or extra-sensory-perception, such accounts involve telekinesis, clairvoyance, astral projection, and include religious episodes such as transcendental or mystical experiences. Such experiences are well known and highly sought in the East they have names such as Satori, Moksha, and Nirvana. Thought is always at the center of this activity, yet of a power that seems to reach beyond the fixed neural wiring of the brain.

How To Use Planetary Periods

The life cycle used in this main system of planetary periods (Vimshottari dasha) is 120 years. Naturally, most of us do not live that long and difficult periods limit our lifespan. Those periods coming after death, however, help us determine the nature of the after life state, the sojourn in the astral plane of the respective soul.


Sun through the chakras of our subtle or astral body (which reflects our birth chart). We will explore these themes further in our section on Yogic astrology. Nor is the Sun merely the luminary of our local solar system. The Sun is our local manifestation of the cosmic or universal light. It brings to us the light, the life, the love from all the stars, whose children we are. It reflects the light from the galactic center, the central Sun of our galaxy. It connects us with the heart of all life and all the forces of light, consciousness and intelligence. It is connected with the Suns in subtle realms as well as this physical world. It is a doorway to all the domains and powers of light.

Roell David R

Vatican II led Roell on a 30-year study of metaphysics, which eventually included theosophy, Alice Bailey, the seven rays, Gothic architecture, the esoteric church, the Great Ages, alchemy, reincarnation, pyramidology, astral projection, pranic healing, magic, UFOs, Gurdjieff Ouspensky, the Second Coming, and other subjects. In 1983, he bought his first astrology book. From 1986 to 1990, he worked at the New York Astrology Center. In 1993, on a dare, he and a friend established what eventually became the Astrology Center of America, in Ventura, California. In January 1996, the store moved onto the Internet as In 1998 he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since 2000, he has lived in New York City with his wife, Elizabeth, and their daughter, Veracity.

The Veil Of Saturn

In the 2nd house, Saturn may produce loss of landed property and wealth, impediments to speech and depressing conversation. In the 3rd house, there could be loss of brothers. In the 4th representing mother, home, education, and emotional satisfaction, Saturn may produce loss of mother, break in education, gloomy ring round the astral body leading to incestuous relationships and under this situation the person may be driven from one home to another, from one country to another.

Eighth House

Rules the psychic levels (the astral plane) and people with planets here have often brought over a legacy of sensitivity to invisible currents. If the planets in this house are afflicted the individual has been involved in the misuse of psychic facilities. This is particularly true if Mai's is afflicted to Neptune or in this house. Rules legacies and goods of the dead.

The Moon

The Sun shows the causal body which indicates the will of the soul to be achieved in incarnation. The Moon shows the astral body, the field of impressions or past karma operative behind the present incarnation. Hence the Moon is an important karmic indicator. be very difficult to overcome and may indicate severe imbalance or disruption of the astral body.

Water Signs

Water signs bring our planetary energies into the realm of feelings and emotions and often give love, affection and attachment. They can be instinctual or intuitive, depending on how we use them, and usually cause us to seek emotional regard and recognition. They can show much work to do on the level of feeling, with our psychology and with human relationship. They can give strong vital natures and promote the interchange of emotional energy between people. They indicate that our main fulfillment will come in relationship, which may be family, friends or social recognition, or even spiritual relationships. Charts with many planets in water signs usually have many people around them and they often provide a place in their house for people to come together or just hang out. They may find it hard to create boundaries between themselves and others and may lack clarity. Their lives may be in the sea, as it were. On a higher level, water signs give wisdom, faith, devotion and compassion....

Ygi c stro ogy

ASTROLOGY is more concerned with the subtle astral body than it is with the gross physical body. The astral forms the energy matrix for both body and mind and helps project the soul's karma into the material world. This 'astral' body or body of the stars reflects our 'astrology'. The planets and signs exist within us as the main energetic factors behind the astral body. Besides our 'outer birth chart' relating to the physical body is an 'inner birth chart' of the astral body that reveals the life pattern of our soul. The main factors that make up the astral body are the seven chakras from the root to the crown. The chakras have detailed astrological equivalents in Vedic astrology, which has its own special way of examining the astral body through the birth chart.30 Not only the Sun but all the planets move through our subtle body or inner zodiac. They can be located in the chakras of the subtle body and their corresponding signs of the zodiac. The six chakras or energy centers of the...

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

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