Virgo Man Secrets

Virgo Man Secrets

Right, good or great love is not just about understanding the physical. You need to understand the whole person. People are made up of four elements. ie. Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. This guide is designed to provide directions on these four elements and how they relate to the inner workings of a Virgo man. Both as separate elements and as inter-related elements. The Virgo Man Secret is the program that will help you solve this problem. You will not be in the dark as you try to understand this type of men. If you get the book, you will get the complete guide on how to win the heart of a Virgo man and build serious relationships with him, regardless of your status now. Also, you would get special free bonuses. This e-book is available to all customers at its official website. You download the program directly into your computer after purchase. Continue reading...

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Virgo the Virgin August 23September

The mind of a Virgo is a wondrous thing. Thanks to Mercury, the planet named after the quick-witted god of communication, you're observant, insightful, capable, and articulate. You're also discriminating and critical, especially of yourself. Constantly in search of self-improvement, you consider yourself a work in progress. The symbol of Virgo the Virgin (see Figure 5-2) resembles an M with a closed-in loop. It signifies the female genitals, in contrast to Scorpio, which represents the male. The symbol of Virgo.

Virgo in permanent relationships

Partners of this zodiac group will be good friends and good talkers. The influence of Mercury is very strong, and Virgos are really good communicators who will freely express their opinions. They will do their best to encourage their partners to work hard and make rapid strides in their career or profession. This is wonderful when the exchanges are positive and constructive, but the main fault for Being great communicators themselves, Virgos will encourage their families to talk freely. Being great communicators themselves, Virgos will encourage their families to talk freely. Virgos in a permanent relationship or marriage is a tendency to nag and to be overcritical. They must learn to pull back, especially if a partner's little personal habits and mannerisms become disproportionately annoying to them. This can insidiously undermine and have a very disruptive effect on the relationship. After all, in most cases, the problems (even snoring) can be dealt with through practical action and...

Virgo in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

The lively activity of Virgos makes them fun, and also very useful. While they live extremely busy lives, we nearly always get a positive response if we ask for their help. Yes, they will manage to fit in feeding and walking our dog when we have to be out for longer than usual - even if their day is full of back-to-back appointments. If we are organizing a party or some event, they will again turn up trumps, and, provided they know exactly what we want them to do, their efficiency shows itself and blossoms. If they find a situation confusing, they can easily get rather worried and flummoxed, which causes them unnecessary strain. Probably the best turn we can do for our Virgo friends is to help them build up their confidence. We should encourage them to think more positively about themselves, and to acknowledge and feel good about the depth and breadth of their skills and achievements. Many Virgos are genuinely shy, and if they become overtalkative in company, Pleasing a Virgo friend...

Virgo in Education Jobs and Money

Parents of very young Virgos will find their children talking much earlier than seems possible, and making themselves, and their wishes and protests, thoroughly understood. They will be somewhat shy during early nursery school days, and every effort must be made on the part of parents and teachers to boost self-confidence. Sometimes, grown-ups tend to tease children who appear shy. This is not a good idea with little Virgos, because their shyness is inherent support, encouragement, and absolutely no teasing are very important. It is equally unproductive if the child hears parents say, of course, you know she's shy. Such comments will only reinforce the tendency, and, more likely than not, Miss or Master Virgo will run out of the room and who's to blame them Once there is an element of self-confidence present, Virgo children are at a considerable advantage at day school. Not only will their exercise books, course work, and handwriting be neat and tidy, but they will take to computer...

581 Symbols of the Autumn Equinox in Virgo

On Figure 5.66 we show the Egyptian symbols related to the autumn equinox. These symbols can be found on the Egyptian zodiacs only in the proximity of Virgo or possibly near Pisces, where the spring equinox occurs. Notice that the spring and autumn equinoxes are located symmetrically on the opposite sides of the ecliptic. From the astronomical point of view they are similar, so, it is not surprising that they share some of the symbols (but not all of them).

Midheaven signs for virgo

The Midheaven signs for Virgo birth charts set out below are the only possible combinations of Ascendant and Midheaven signs in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. To work out your own Ascendant and Midheaven signs at birth, see the charts on pp344-7.

The Virgo Ascendant

V1RGO ascendant is frustrated, lie is cut out for material prosperity and sensual pleasures. But, he does not feel happy. As the World Mother whom (he sign Virgo represents suffers the sins of the world, so does the Virgo individual suffer the sins of his past. Invariably the drama of crucifixion is mysteriously played as a result of which his life is fiill of thorns. In almost all cases he is dissatisfied. Though energetic he often fails in life and though intelligent he is frustrated. Virgo is difficult to comprehend. This sign is so much full of dangerous potential that in early periods it was not ai all made exoteric. The ancient seers had concealed this sign lest the profane misused the power gained by its knowledge. They did not take Virgo and Scorpio separately into consideration. They had dropped out Libra as well and instead of these three signs they had kept only one. It was done so in order to protect the common man from the dangerous knowledge of this sign which might...

Uranus in Virgo 6 b 1962196869

Uranus in Virgo is concerned with reforming work methods and attitudes toward health, and this is the time when computers were first being used in the workplace. Technical advances are right up Uranus in Virgo's alley, as is the renewed interest in ecology, natural foods, and environmental concerns that began during this time. Uranus in Virgo liberates discriminately.

Neptune In Virgo 19291948 Detriment

In these years labor anions were born and the common people began to have some power. New concepts concerning health and diet were promulgated. Psychosomatic medicine was born showing the relationship between negative emotions and disease. Tension strong between feelings and reason. Many of the egos born with Neptune in Virgo have become neurotic and fogged up because of an inability to face responsibility and reality. Psychiatry has flourished due to the nervous tensions generated when tne mind is choked by emotion. Those who have Neptune well as* pected in this sign have become humanitarians and servers and work to reduce tensions in human relationships. Neptune in Virgo says serve or suffer. Forget yourself if you would know the peace that goes beyond understanding. The tendency to criticism is strong when Neptune is In Virgo. This must be dissolved through lovingness or suffering. These egos were the first ones to begin the revolt against the establishment

How the Virgo Woman Relates Lovers and Other

Virgo is often irreproachably correct in her manners and interactions. She does all the right things, or at least looks as if she does. It is difficult for others to show disagreement or hostility in the presence of a paragon of virtue who seems to know it all, and perfectly at that. Like a good quarterback, the Virgo Woman usually has a game plan and generally evaluates things correctly. She is a staunch defender of her ideas, and a convincing debater. She frequently has control of her amorous relationships, but she is clever enough to disguise it. She is not above playing her woman-of-virtue role to the hilt, thus eliminating potential opposition but also creating guilt in her partner each time he feels he is being selfish. At the same time, the Virgo Woman is a true romantic. She usually tries her best to give she seeks love and passion pure and uncomplicated. What she often gets instead is a life so busy that it leaves her little time to relax and spend a passionate afternoon. She...

Y He Neptune In Virgo

Neptune last transited Virgo from 1929 to 1943. During this era the world experienced the Teapot Dome scandal over U.S. oilfields, the Stock Market Crash, the repeal of prohibition, entry into the atomic age, the dropping of the gold standard, the passing of the Social Security Act, World War II and race riots. The aerosol spray, computers, electric shavers, FM broadcasting and radar were invented during this period. The depression of the 1930's thwarted some of the creative and imaginative faculties of people born during this transit. If you were born with Neptune in Virgo you have new concepts about health and conditions of employment. You are among the first generation to accept psychiatry as part of your daily life. You probably experience a strong pull between reason and emotion, and may have trouble accepting responsibilities, which may lead to escape through drugs or other psychedelic means. With difficult aspects, you may have breakdowns and neuroses. You are critical and may...

Moon in Virgo Born Logical

A logical Virgo Moon may seem at odds with the illogic of intuition, but in truth, this is a very intuitive placement. With a Virgo Moon, you want to get to the bottom of everything, and sometimes intuition is the most efficient means to that end, as you well know. Trusting your logical gut instinct is second nature to a Virgo Moon, especially when it makes extra sense.

The Virgo Woman in Love

Virgo is a labyrinth, a paradox of feelings. She is romantic and conjures magic with her walk her body telegraphs a knowledge her mind may not catch. She may be a creature of ambivalence, a heated body with a cool mind. She makes the art of love into a craft, fashioning relationships slowly, with delicate fingers, body, and smiles backed by an incessantly active and practical brain. The Virgo Woman has a haunting, eternally youthful quality unless she mars it with skittishness or nagging. She is often love's servant and happily complies with her own desire to cater to her husband and to his whims. She arrives at dates ahead of time, She is flexible to a fault. Many a Virgo would accompany her man anywhere to a California hot-tub party, a disco, a hip-hop club, a nude beach. But she will draw the line at sharing her man with anyone else unless it is her last chance and her only way of holding him. She can overcome a lot of jealousy and inhibitions in order to do what she deems...

D nj Moon In Virgo

You prefer to earn everything by your mental ability and your fertile imagination. Despite the Virgo tendency to be picky and argumentative, you appear quiet, shy and unpretentious. Although you are basically proper and conservative, your religious inclinations


Now, we move to the next constellation of Virgo. On Figure 5.12, we show the representations of Virgo on the Egyptian zodiacs and on the A. D rer's picture. There is no problem with recognizing Virgo on Egyptian zodiacs. It is almost always represented by a female figure holding a spike in her hand. The only exceptions are the Inner Petosiris zodiac P1, where Virgo is symbolized by a woman holding instead of spike a scale, and the zodiac (OU) from Thebes, where Virgo has nothing in her hands. The spike in Virgo's hand is not just a decoration, but it symbolizes one of the most bright and famous in ancient astronomy star called today a-Virgo. This star in ancient astronomy was called Spike of Virgo or Spica in Latin. On the Upper Athribis zodiac Virgo holds, instead of a spike, the Leo's tail with a tuft on the tail tip. If we look at the D rer's picture, we will find a similar idea of showing the star Spica at the Leo's tail tip, which Virgo touches with her finger tip (see Figure...

Moon In Virgo

The influence of Virgo is related to matters concerning employment, health, self-reliance and concern for detail. The Moon indicates that from a personal standpoint the native's normal approach to people and affairs is realistic and in some respects analytical in nature. It is now that your client will better understand the relationship between employer and employee. Here he will also develop keen insight into the necessity of maintaining an efficient diet surrounded with daily exercise for his physical and mental health.

Virgo as a sun sign

Mercury, virgo's ruling planet, is shared with Gemini, and its influence on both signs is clearly visible. Here are excellent communicators they have bright, lively minds and are hardly ever still. In addition, virgoans have enormous reserves of nervous energy, which need constant and regular expression through lifestyle, spare-time interests and possibly the working life. The influence of the earth element makes virgoans very practical and industrious. They flourish when they have set out the pattern of their day and can work to it. it suits them to know exactly what they have to do, and when. They need order in their lives, and a sense of security. Unless other areas of the birth chart show that they have breadth of vision and can assess the overall picture, virgoans have a tendency to get bogged down in detail and sometimes miss out on the wider concept of a project or plan. awareness of this often helps them to balance what can be rather finicky over-planning with a view of the...

Virgo as ascendant

When Virgo is the Rising sign, the sign on the Midheaven (see p283) is quite often Gemini. In such cases, the links between the two signs are considerably strengthened, as is the influence of the individual's Mercury sign. for a virgo whose liveliness is more infectious than that of a Sun-sign Virgo. Rising-sign Virgos may become self-critical, sometimes to the point of undermining their confidence - which is not always particularly strong, whether the influence is from the Sun or Ascendant. We must remember that the nervous energy levels are extremely high when Virgo rises. Taking regular exercise is essential - tough workouts at the gym in the case of youngsters, and brisk walking, preferably in the country, if they are older. Interest in an active sport, such as tennis or netball, will be excellent it is important to their general wellbeing that they keep moving. The most suitable sport for them is one which makes demands on their mind and intelligence. A Virgo's health is strongly...

Pancreas For Virgo

Veins Portal, hepatics, umbilical and intestinal. Cell Salt Kali sulphuricum. Virgo's main job is to breakdown, analyze and organize. These functions are especially evident in the pancreas, which Virgo rules. This gland is concerned with the proper release of pancreatic juices that will digest all kinds of food. The internal secretion from the pancreas also includes the hormones insulin and glycogen, both of which play a vital role in the carbohydrate metabolism. Without Virgo's proper breaking down and utilization of these two products people can become prone to diabetes or hypoglycemia, both sugar-related diseases. Thought by many sources to be ruled by the Sun, the spleen also falls under Virgo's domain. Besides producing many types of blood cells, the spleen splits up the prana on an etheric level. Without proper trafficking of the vitality globules the body would degenerate. Both Virgo and Neptune are concerned with this important function. Integrally involved with absorption,...

Virgo in love

When Virgos realize they have fallen in love an all too common reaction is But what does he or she see in me The chances are that the admired one will see a very great deal that is lively, friendly, and - contrary to tradition -extremely sexy. What is also fascinating is Virgo's very natural and genuine modesty. It has a great deal of charm, but, like their initial self-questioning, can convince them that they are not really very attractive. They should remember that shyness can be a great aphrodisiac. Virgos will be very concerned to do good things for their lovers, making sure of their creature comforts and Virgos have genuine modesty and shyness, which can be very appealing. The Moon in Virgo adds a lively, colourful quality to the individual, whose talent and potential will be seen and expressed through his or her Sun and Rising signs. This placing will also give a tremendous intellectual boost which will increase the speed of understanding of subjects and areas where a Virgoan...

Virgo and careers

Here is the perfect and efficient personal assistant, the meticulous editor, the brilliant gardener, the hugely caring nurse, beautician, personal trainer, critic, and so on. The areas in which Virgos can find a rewarding niche are many and varied. Any job in which detailed work is called for, and where there is an element of service to others, will be rewarding. The immaculately dressed butler or housekeeper springs to mind, as does employment as an estate or any kind of agent. Acting as a go-between also has considerable attractions. Many are extremely bookish, and certainly there are more than a fair share of successful writers, librarians, and bookshop owners and assistants. Those connected with health, hygiene, and diet have also emerged from this zodiac group. Virgos do need to be aware that they can become hypercritical, and should try not to lash out at colleagues. They can express this tendency toward pupils and students if they are in the teaching profession. If it is...

Virgo Relationships

The Virgo Woman deeply needs to benefit her partner, to sustain him, to be his all-important lover, friend, and ally. Indeed, she is often attracted to people who are in trouble, on the fringes of society, or seriously handicapped. She tends to thrive on being a man's indispensable savior or at least his full-time helpmate. She is no clinging vine. Rather, the Virgo Woman is a commander of forces, both emotional and economic, marshaling them to attention and preparing them for action. She is strong but does not resent playing second violin if her husband is soloist or conductor. She is often at her best when her man needs her most. The Virgo Woman has a tremendous need to criticize. She seems to have undertaken a lifelong crusade on which she leaves no stone unturned. But her criticism is more a result of an overflow of anxiety than of a deep-seated wish to transform people. It is frequently more a symptom of her restlessness than an accurate indication of another's shortcomings....

Mars in Virgo

Cool, logical, and precise, Mars in Virgo works very hard to achieve its ambitions and may even be a workaholic. Mars in Virgo is good at separating its emotions from what needs to be done, bringing both discipline and industry to everything it wants to do. In addition, Mars in Virgo is highly skilled with fine motor skills or hand work, and surgeons and craftsmen often have this placement. Mars here can be strongly passionate, especially for what it sees as the right cause. Mars in Virgo is a systematic energy, clever and shrewd.

Vh Venus In Virgo

You are neat, even clinical, in your personal appearance and approach. You tend to analyze everything you do, and you may take every emotion apart until you have destroyed any natural or spontaneous feelings. With Venus in Virgo you may marry late or stay single, yet you have very good relations with your friends and co-workers. It is difficult for you to give of yourself emotionally you'd rather share work interests or intellectual pursuits with others. Soft-spoken, undemonstrative and shy, you have sympathy for the underdog. You can be a good nurse or doctor, and you are very interested in health or hygiene. With difficult aspects, this position can reverse itself. Instead of shying away from love, you may pursue sex as an obsession instead of being neat and clean, you may be slovenly and crude instead of being hardworking, you may be lazy and secretive.

Saturn in Virgo

Responsible Saturn and practical Virgo work well together Saturn helps Virgo achieve its goals. At the same time, Saturn in Virgo can be driven, letting nothing stand in its way, especially pleasure. This can Responsible Saturns in Virgo include former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox of World War II. Responsible Saturns in Virgo include former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox of World War II. make for a serious nature in this placement, and the lesson for Saturn in Virgo is to learn that it's possible to enjoy living simply.

ITr Jupiter In Virgo

You are able to gain the cooperation of others and you set high standards in whatever you do. You are a natural scholar with lofty ideals and you must watch your tendency to expect too much from others. You are analytical, practical and kind, however you may be too narrow in your affections. Virgo's concern with details can conflict with the natural expan-siveness of Jupiter so you may make mountains out of molehills. Cleanliness and order are very important to you unless Jupiter has difficult aspects then you can be sloppy, lazy, dissatisfied and bohemian. You do well in mental health, education, nutrition or hospital work. Senator Barry Goldwater, comic-strip artist Al Capp, poet Robert Frost, Prince Philip of Great Britain, singer Mick Jag-ger.

Sun sign Virgo

This influence increases Virgo's self-confidence, and adds determination and breadth of vision. These individuals will be far less inclined to worry, and will be optimistic in their outlook. The tendency to nag and carp, common to this sign, will also be less of a problem - but any hint of bossiness will have to be controlled. mercury in virgo mercury in virgo This placing will considerably help individuals to worry less and take life as it comes, but it will increase a tendency towards indecisiveness. The Virgo inclination to be querulous is not diminished - any accent on Libra encourages quarrels, just because of the pleasure of making up afterwards.

Vh Uranus In Virgo

Your approach to work is original, and you have enough practicality to gain most people's acceptance. This is the age of computers technical advances will be right up your alley. Those born when Uranus was last in Virgo (from 1962 to 1968) are still too young to have proven themselves and revealed their potential, but Uranus's entrance into this sign brought on renewed interest in ecology, natural foods and so on. Your nature is studious, inventive and humane you are a good teacher. Your down-to-earth approach and ability to analyze and discriminate are helpful in bringing about needed changes. Those born during this time period are builders. With difficult aspects you may tend to get involved in too many cults, or you may have unusual health problems. Uranus was also in Virgo from 1877 to 1884.

9 He Pluto In Virgo

Pluto was last in Virgo from 1957 to 1971 and previously from 1708 to 1723. These periods marked tremendous changes in labor and industrialization. Computers came into their own, which totally changed work patterns. New medical discoveries revolutionized the practice of medicine the birth control pill changed our attitudes toward sex. The realization of dangers inherent in food additives brought a return to natural nourishment, home gardens and vitamins. This was the time of teacher and student strikes and the demands of racial minorities for equal opportunity. This period also brought the first manned space flights. When Pluto was last in Virgo, Reaumur and Fahrenheit invented the thermometer, a very Virgoan invention.

Virgo Anger

The Virgo Woman's greatest problem with anger is that she seldom recognizes it. Her other main problem is that she fears expressing it. But she is not alone. Anger, in general, is considered socially unacceptable, and for this reason most of us are taught to repress it. Violence and poor emotional functioning often result. So-called sex crimes, such as rape, are extreme examples of the explosion of pent-up violent anger. Rape has nothing to do with sex. It is an act of rage. The Virgo Woman is likely to be ignorant of the basic steps to take in coping with anger the identification of anger and its proper expression. I came to this conclusion after interviewing a number of women who are Virgo types or who were going through a Virgo phase. Here are some of their comments, typical of the Virgo attitude toward anger The first woman has the quintessential Virgo attitude prior to enlightenment (the term my classes have used to denote the point of no return in a person's self-awareness)....

Pluto In Virgo

From 1957 to 1972 Pluto was in Virgo. These fifteen years saw tremendous strides where the rights of the worker and the little man have been concerned. Interest in health brought in the use of vitamins and interest in organic foods. The young people became health conscious. Health stores and macrobiotic restaurants sprang up in all the cities. New methods of healing in natural ways came into existence. Tremendous research in medicine began. Important breakthroughs occurred and the relationship between the mind and the body was recognized. Geetalt therapy came into being to break up the repressions, insecurity, and inferiority that Virgo all too often represents. Computers (a truly Virgoan product) mushroomed and have increased in every area of the business, scientific, educational and health world. Computers for chart calculation in astrology were born. The higher aspect of Pluto is involved here. With time saved and work cut down, the individual has time to tap into his inner...

Glyph For Virgo

Free Clip Art Black Angels

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, is a mutable earth sign. It is a negative (in the value-neutral sense of being negatively charged), feminine sign, ruled by the planet Mercury though some modern astrologers dispute this rulership, claiming that it is ruled by several of the major asteroids or by the planetoid Chiron an older generation of astrologers associated Virgo with the hypothetical planet Vulcan. Its symbol is a young woman, and its glyph is said to represent a serpent that was formerly linked to the serpent-like glyph of Scorpio since it is said that Virgo and Scorpio were once one sign. Virgo takes its name from the Latin word for virgin. Virgo is associated with the nervous system and, especially, with the bowels, and people with a Virgo sun sign are susceptible to bowel problems and ulcers. The key phrase for Virgo is I analyze. This sign has either a very simple or a very complex mythology, depending upon which mythological figure is taken to represent Virgo. The...

Summing Up Virgo

The Virgo Woman, with her keen insight and ability to tell the truth, can teach us a great deal about ourselves. She is a good model for loyalty, efficiency, analysis, and organization. She is valuable in a corporate context and is usually successful at anything she chooses to do. Personally, she has a great deal to learn. Virgo is usually a deeply loving person who, however, frequently finds it difficult to express love warmly. She is often anxious, but instead of learning to release her anxiety, she tends to overwork and to pick on others. She may be fussy, nit-picking, and demanding with her loved ones. Her greatest emotional task is to learn to love without criticism, to accept people as they are. She must also guard against a negative communication style. She often feels softer, more affectionate and vulnerable, more feminine and yielding than she appears. She is an actress when she wants to be, and many a Virgo woman makes acting her profession. She has lifelong youthfulness,...

Virgo as moon sign

Perhaps, rather more than with most signs, we find striking similarities between the influence of the Moon, Sun, and Ascendant in Virgo. As ever, the Virgo's response to situations will be coloured by the Moon-sign influence, and it is here that the three governing influences tend to come together. They possess enormous resources of nervous energy, which, if channelled positively, can enhance the individual's generous supply of practical ability. Because of the speed of their reactions and responses, these people are in an excellent position to keep ahead of rivals. Their repartee will have a sharp, critical edge, and they will, more than they actually realize at the time, put many an erring person thoroughly in their place. A vegetarian diet particularly suits Ascendant Virgos. A vegetarian diet particularly suits Ascendant Virgos. Sharing a common hobby with a Virgo can be a rewarding experience because of their natural enthusiasm. Sharing a common hobby with a Virgo can be a...

Virgo Sexuality

The Virgo Woman has learned our cultural messages about sex only too well. She tends to develop technical proficiency before she develops sexual soul. She is apt to be disciplined, strong, and high-minded, and she is often repressed. It is seldom easy for her to overcome sexual guilt or the fear of being inadequate. The Virgo Woman, because she is often a good girl and a perfectionist, frequendy absorbs a double dose of the messages passed on by her mother and by the times. Her sexual identity runs mostly along conservative lines her greatest goal is frequently a stable marriage to the most suitable man. She is probably better prepared to fulfill her marital duties in the nonsexual sphere, playing the role of partner-wife-hostess-matron, than she is to play out the fantasy of being her husband's whore in bed. At times, she may react to her repressive background by rejecting it and adopting a bohemian lifestyle. This may be her way to break out of confining stereotypes. She may join a...

Uranus In Virgo

From the seven years that Uranus has been in Virgo will come our new age scientists, inventors, advanced medical researchers and our new educators. Ability to analyze and to discriminate will be strong in them. Interest in natural foods and natural means of building a strong body is already manifesting. Back to the soil for organic foods will be the demand of the young people. Interest in natural means of maintaining health will be strong in those born with Uranus in Virgo. The power of the mind in regard to healing the body will be promulgated. An upsetting of the status quo in order to have a different set of values has been part of the transit of Uranus in Virgo. Virgo represents the little people and all over the planet they have demanded that their rights as individuals be recognized. This will not abate for Uranus is the planet of evolution as well as the planet of revolution. He will work constructively or destructively according to how the energy is used but, like a...


Whoever has the ascendant in the first degree of Virgo will be conspicuous for his high position, provided the Moon is full or is in favorable aspect. He will become a friend of a king or queen for his literary qualities and will have many in his power. But if Mars is in aspect he will be a male prostitute and he will die in humid places. Those who have the ascendant in the second to the sixth degree of Virgo will be priests, prophets, or haruspices, conspicuous for high position. 2. Those who have the ascendant in the seventh degree of Virgo, together with a waxing Moon or one located on the ascendant, will be priests or haruspices they will be powerful and always overcome their adversaries with their authority. But if Jupiter and Mars are in aspect to this spot, they will be generals who lead armies against the barbarians and die on the expedition. If Mercury is in aspect they will be in charge of treasures or be money-lenders. 4. Those who have the ascendant in the eighth degree of...

The Orientation Of The Sidereal Zodiac

LEO-VIRGO-LIBRA-SCORPIO The cardinal quadrant of signs is responsible for beginning movement, initiating activity, guiding and directing the manifestation, casting the seed forces. The second division of the zodiac is directed by the Sun, which through Leo, fixed fire, stabilizes the zodiacal emanation of energy. This is the fixed quadrant of signs. It consists of two fixed signs, Leo and Scorpio, one cardinal, Libra, and one mutable, Virgo.

[it Was The Lord Coventry

Thirdly, I found the Moon in the signe Virgo (Peregrine) it being a Diurnal Question, else she hath a Triplicity in that Trygon by night. Fiftly, feeling the Moon was applying to a Trine of Jupiter, of which signification I spoke before, and then before she got out of the Signe Virgo, did occur the Opposition of Mars I did aquaint the Querent, that after some yeers or times of pleasure, he would be in great danger of losing his Life, Goods, Lands and Fortune. His life, because Mars is in the 8th His Goods and Estate, because Moon is in the 2nd His Lands or Inheritance, because Mars is Lord of the 4th, now placed in the 8th. For the 4th house signifies Lands, & c.

Early Sex Experiences

At one extreme, perhaps due to the loss or incapacitation of her mother, she may assume a great deal of responsibility. When she shares the duty of rearing brothers and sisters, she develops such an adult posture that she has little time for childhood games and few opportunities for sexual experimentation. With the responsibilities of an adult thrust on her, she will assume corresponding habits and attitudes. She then grows up too fast and becomes too conservative. She is probably the last girl in her class to give up her virginity (after Virgo and Capricorn).

Sun In The Sixth House

You are a good worker and organizer, and you take pride in your achievements. Determined and faithful, you have a high regard for beauty, diet, health and hygiene. A regular routine is necessary for your emotional well-being. A positive attitude can help you overcome physical weakness or poor health. You would do well either in service fields or in sports. The Sun in the sixth house is similar to having the Sun in Virgo. Baseball player Jackie Robinson, film director Alfred Hitchcock, boxer Muhammad Ali, singer Glen Campbell, singer Eartha Kitt, basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

The Element Of Earth

The Three Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The Earth Signs emit a tremendous degree of stability. They, like the very earth itself, are dependable, reliable and possess a determined power to gather and collect, to discriminate and to build. The Earth Signs form the basis for supply in the world. The triplicity has its beginnings in the sign Taurus and it depicts life as seen by others and knowledge that the public has concerning public activities. The keynotes of this triplicity are those of possessions, materials, property, goods, information, tools, and servants. It is by such standards that the average person forms opinions concerning a person's basic substance.

[Quality of the ground

In consideration of the property of the earth, have respect to the 4th house and Signe of the 4th, for if Aries, Leo or Sagittarius be on the cusp of the house, it's hilly, mountainous, dry and hard piece of ground, or a great part of it is so if either Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn be on the cusp of the 4th, the ground is plaine, champion, and excellent Pastorage, or good for Grazing or Tillage. If Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, it's neither very hilly or very plaine (flat), but there is grounds of both types, and in nature part of it is good, and part not so if Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, then there is no doubt but there is some pretty River, Rivolet, or good store of Water.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Allotted To Which Signs39

We must explain what parts of the body the twelve signs control, for this is very useful for forecasting from the stars, especially when you wish to find the house of health or of defects. The head of man is in the sign of Aries, the neck in Taurus, the shoulders in Gemini, the heart in Cancer, the breast and stomach in Leo, the belly in Virgo, the kidneys and vertebrae in Libra, the sex organs in Scorpio, the thighs in Sagittarius, the knees in Capricorn, the legs in Aquarius, and the feet in Pisces. In this way all parts of the human body are divided among the signs.

Astronomical Observations

However, if these omens seem a long way from what we would recognise as astrology, the astronomical foundations for the art were being put in place. A text which perhaps reached its final form in around 1000 BCE, written down in about 700 BCE, known as Mul.Apin (the Plough-star), reveals these foundations. It lists the constellations in three broad bands running roughly parallel to the equator. Each band is envisaged as the path of one of the gods, who enter through gates on the horizon. Seventeen constellations along the ecliptic are set down. Though there are many unfamiliar stargroups, the origins of the modern zodiac are clearly here. The Bull of heaven, the Crab, the Lion, the Balance, the Scorpion, the Goatfish and the Tails (Pisces), the Barley-stalk (Virgo) and the Great Twins are all obviously ancestors of zodiac signs. The text also includes the dates of heliacal risings, simultaneous risings and settings of stars, an account of the Moon's path, some account of the planets,...

Venus in Exaltation Detriment and Fall

I don't pay much attention to the traditional astrological categories of exaltation, detriment, and fall for the planets2, because these placements often seem to operate in ways contrary to those teachings. However, pondering these categories seems to clarify the nature of Venus and its proper role in our lives. Venus is in exaltation in Pisces, in fall in Virgo, and in detriment in Scorpio and Aries. Venus is in fall in Virgo, and many unappealing qualities have been attributed to Venus in that sign. The sixth house, which Virgo is related to, provides an image to understand why. The sixth house rules servants, among other things, and if you are a servant to your loved one or if your loved one is a servant to you, there is no equality in the relationship and it suffers. Virgo has also been associated with virginal chastity and even of prudishness, though in practice, Virgos can be very sensual once their standards are met. However, each planet in each sign has its positive and its...

Midheaven signs for taurus

Taurus Midheaven

Ascendant ViRGo with Midheaven signs Cancer Attraction to the medical profession, finance, and the wine trade emotional involvement in career is essential. Leo Will aspire to become the boss of whatever chosen profession - especially if it is big business. Virgo An inner desire to be a researcher, detective, or analyst success in these professions. Virgo Aspirations to teach -probably at university level. Virgo Conventional career with Midheaven signs Virgo Good communicator with high aspirations must exert Taurus grit and discipline to achieve success.

Sun In First Decan Pisces

Decan Astrology

Of Gemini the first decan belongs to Jupiter, the second to Mars, the third to the Sun. Of Cancer the first to Venus, the second to Mercury, the third to the Moon. Of Leo the first to Saturn, the second to Jupiter, the third to Venus. In Virgo the first to the Sun, the second to Venus, the third to Mercury. In Libra the first decan belongs to the Moon, the second to Saturn, the third to Jupiter. Of Scorpio the first to Mars, the second to the Sun, the third to Venus. Of Sagittarius the first to Mercury, the second to the Moon, the third to Saturn. Of Capricorn the first belongs to Jupiter, the second to Mars, the third to the Sun. In Aquarius the first decan belongs to Venus, the second to Mercury, the third to the Moon. In Pisces the first decan belongs to Saturn, the second to Jupiter, the third to Mars.

General Fumes Of The Planets

The twelves Signs of the Zodiac also have their proper suffumigations, viz., Aries, myrrh Taurus, pepper-wort Gemini, mastich Cancer, camphire Leo, frankincense Virgo, sanders Libra, galbanum Scorpio, oppoponax Sagittarius, lignum aloes Capricorn, benjamin Aquarius, euphorbium Pisces, red storax. But Hermes describes the most powerful fume to be, that which is compounded of the seven aromatics, according to the powers of the seven planets for it receives from Saturn, pepper-wort from Jupiter, nutmeg from Mars, lignum-aloes from the Sun, mastich from Venus, saffron from Mercury, cinnamon and from the Moon, myrtle.

If one shall have Children yea or no

But if none of these testimonies concurre, and you find barren Signes and ill Planets to be in the former places, she neither is at present conceived, or will thereafter conceive. If good and bad Planets be mixed together, she may perhaps conceive or have Children, but they will not live If Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces be in the Ascendant or 5th, she may have Children but if Leo or Virgo be there, she neither is at present, or hardly after will be with Child. When women have been long without Children, and propound such a Question, see if their Nativity did not originally deny Children

Midheaven signs for gemini

Pisces Midheaven

Ascendant ViRGo with Midheaven signs Cancer Finance, wine trade, or engineering. Shrewd business sense. Must not be hasty. Leo Needs variety in career. Enormous drive and energy. Virgo Suited for medical profession, scientific research, alternative medicine, or nursing. Virgo Teacher, critic, dietician, or horticulturalist. Literary talent. Must avoid being too self-critical. Libra Publishing, law, travel industry, or language teacher. Will enjoy changes in career. with Midheaven signs Leo Will rise to a position of authority. Ambitious. Good sense of humour. Suited for politics. Virgo Capable of detailed work. Researcher, real estate, land management, or architect. Libra Will want fair play. Flair for fashion. Good business sense. with Midheaven signs Virgo Very critical - of self and everyone else. Will make many career changes. Should exploit considerable originality. Libra A glamorous combination. Will make most of self. Will aspire for the good life. Luxury trades. scorpio...

Taurus Girl Explosive Anger

Her greatest problem in this area is that her buried anger often gets translated into depression, self-hatred, and despair. She is once again caught on the horns of dilemma. She often idolizes her mother and remembers that she was always instructed to be a good little girl. Like her Virgo sister, she is preoccupied with doing the right thing. She still must cope with the illusions that are forced on women from childhood on good little girls do not talk back.

551 First Example Partial Horoscope of Autumn Equinox on the Long Zodiac

Zodiaque Denderah

On Figure 5.58, we show a fragment of the Long Denderah zodiac around the Virgo constellation. Recall that Virgo is the place for a partial horoscope of the autumn equinox, and indeed such a partial horoscope can be found there. In order to understand the astronomical symbolism shown on Figure 5.58, first of all we have to remember that on the Long Denderah zodiac every constellation is represented by three decans (see Section 5.2.1), one of each is the specific figure of the constellation, and two others are the female figures, which all look alike. The symbol of Virgo is a female figure holding a spike in her hand (see Figure 5.52) and the two decans are behind her (see Figure 5.21). In this way Virgo's symbol serves as her first decan. The partial horoscope of the autumn equinox is integrated into the second decan figure of Virgo, which on Figure 5.58 is shown enlarged. Immediately, one can notice that there is something different about this symbol. There are some planetary...

General Traits and Background

Her critical abilities are often resented, her modesty and caution scoffed at, her wit feared, her preciseness usually mistaken for lack of vision. Her sexual loyalty is frequently called prudish or interpreted as the latest sin uptightness. It seems she can't do right by us. Virgo mirrors our own negativities, illuminates our faults, reflects our own narrowmindedness and faultfinding. In sum, she does us all a great favor The Virgo Woman is often strikingly, hauntingly lovely. Her intelligence and cool, sultry beauty are ageless. She tends to be wise, practical, articulate, witty, devoted to good deeds, independent, trustworthy she is insistently curious, perceptive, honest, and sensitive. She is frequently a workaholic, suffers from lack of self-esteem, and is restless, compulsive, hypochondriacal, anxious, and usually impossible to please. The Virgo Woman seems born for responsibility, often of the mundane variety. She may tend her garden...

The Moon Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered

> Next, there's the waning last- or third-quarter Moon, associated with Virgo, the earth Goddess, who is responsible for the harvest. This Moon represents the mature woman who must release her child (like Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, or Mary and Christ) so the child can fulfill his destiny.

2 The Nine Planetary Types

Generally, Mercury types are created by a strongly placed Mercury in the chart, such as occurs when, Mercury is located in the Ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is also placed in its own sign (Gemini or Virgo) or sign of exaltation (Virgo). Mercury ruled Ascendants (Gemini and Virgo) usually create Mercury types, unless another planet dominates both Mercury and the Ascendant. Gemini or Virgo Moon or Sun signs are contributing factors. The aspect of Mercury upon both the Ascendant and its lord is most important as well.

Incisive Encyclopedic Honest Practical

The Virgo Woman has penetrating, trenchant mental powers, and she relies on them heavily. She dislikes artificiality and dishonesty. She can smell a sham a mile away and is the last person to be taken in by a con. She may dedicate herself to stamping out deception and dirt. She is, for example, an outstanding investigative reporter. She can solve Scorpio's enigmas, clarify the unconscious mysteries of Pisces, and order the muddled priorities of Libra, all for a real and pragmatic end. Because she knows where the bodies are buried, she is a dangerous foe.

Modest Undemonstrative SeIfeffacing Repressed

Middle-of-the-road in appearance, Virgo seldom wants a huge audience. She is more often the busy bee who gets things done behind the scenes than a shining cynosure. If she becomes famous, it is because she has done her homework thoroughly. She has probably learned all the basic details of her craft and analyzed all the ramifications of the network of power. She is often very shy and uncomfortable in public. She may want to cover up her assets. In the course of her life, she is often challenged to develop more openness, spontaneity, self-trust, and freedom of expression. Snow White's modesty and self-effacing fulfillment of duty prior to being discovered suggest a Virgo phase. The Virgo Woman may be the wife who shows her affection by patting her husband furtively on the arm instead of kissing him. She is apt to shake hands with her sons rather than hug them once they pass the first bloom of babyhood. She may envy people who consider touching intimates a natural part of social...

Compulsive Tidy Dedicated

The Virgo Woman is apt to feel that she must engage in perfect sendee, in love that is pure, self-sacrificing, conscientious. Her standards are very high, and she is on a determined lifelong quest for perfection. She may resemble the compulsive, driven half of the Odd Couple. Virgo is bound to have a medicine chest filled with ail varieties of drugs, herbs, and medical aids for any health emergency to have lists on prominent display throughout the house and in her handbag so as never to forget any detail of her responsibilities (and others') to feel compelled to read a three-week, post-vacation accumulation of newspapers prior to throwing them out. On the other hand, the Virgo Woman can also be impossibly sloppy. She can periodically swing from germ-free cleanliness to overflowing ashtrays, dying plants, and dirty dishes and do so just as compulsively. The Virgo Woman does not give her love easily. This is part of her discriminating nature. She studies her man carefully and sizes up...

Curious Mobile Hyper energetic Nervous

The Virgo Woman has an insatiable curiosity, so much so that it is not rare for her to read three books at once. She is usually in constant movement, both mental and physical. She may be a chain smoker or fidgeter. She needs to see things, to get around, to get the story. She wants to put things in perspective, to dig for the facts. She almost always likes to travel, see new lands, compare, analyze, dissect. She also likes to plan her adventures.

Healthconscious Organized Healer Worrier

Virgo tends to be impressively organized and may have a file for everything from recipes to child-care techniques. She may keep a diary of lovers and rate each one precisely on her own Kinsey scale. Because of her peculiar nervous system and her low self-esteem, the Virgo Woman tends to fret a great deal. She frequently attempts to guard herself against worry by organizing everything precisely. In this way she tries to eliminate the likelihood of confusion and the pressure of conflicting demands. The positive Virgo Woman can pioneer a holistic approach to health and self-healing. She is a healer herself, provided that she properly channels all her energies mental, spiritual, and physical.

Humane Responsible Good Teacher

The Virgo Woman is loyal and reliable. Whether in the context of home, hospital, or charity work, she is trustworthy and follows instructions to a tee. Thus, she may do an exemplary job admitting a patient or satisfying a client she is also unlikely to forget the human side, to neglect to wipe a brow or hold a hand. She is a stickler for the letter of the law, and she tries to follow its spirit as well. She is usually as good an instructor as she is a follower of rules. When the occasion arises, Virgo has no match in teaching the how-to to anyone. She has every tool at her disposal to be a brilliant debater, orator, or teacher.

Critical Efficient Has Character

Virgo is so busy teaching and carrying out the law that she is frequently intolerant of those unwilling to do likewise. She believes she is always right and would be hard put to remember the last time her criticisms missed the mark. She may be moralistic and preach a return to absolute simplicity the Rousseauian natural order would have appealed to her. The Virgo Woman must remember, or perhaps relearn, to love herself. No amount of accomplishment and good deeds can fill the hunger that plagues those who are not at peace with themselves. Virgo tends to learn a great deal in her life and to be an important member of society. She is most frequently an admirable person, a woman of quality. She has integrity and character. She must take care not to let her wish to conform bar her from standing out and shining as a glorious woman in love with life and with herself.

Planetary Aspects Influence Sun Sign Characteristics

For example, if someone is born a Virgo, and the person was also born with the Sun in conjunction or trine to any planet, then that person will most likely manifest the better facets of Virgos. This means that the person will be most likely to be orderly and meticulous, neat and discriminating, punctual and responsible, and loyal and stable. When someone has an enhancement aspect of any planet to the Sun, that person is said to have an enhanced sun.

Coping with Repression

The Virgo Woman needs to be as acutely aware of her value system as she is of many of her (and other people's) faults. What makes her believe, for example, that exercise and psychotherapy are beneficial while homosexuality and frozen foods are harmful Until she comes into her own, she may well base her judgments on adolescent thinking. Virgo, you must learn to evaluate the validity of your concepts of right and wrong, moral and immoral, in your life as it is now. I suggest the following exercise to help you become aware of why you feel as you do. It is a self-evaluative list of questions. A word of advice be honest with yourself, and expect to change your answers from time to time

What Kind of Lover She Needs

The Virgo Woman who wants to have a rich and exciting sex life needs a lover with a free mind and body. She seldom takes the initiative and usually needs a man to help her over the first blush of embarrassment. In particular, she needs a man who is subtle yet sophisticated. The head-on macho approach is likely to frighten her, and she dislikes boasting or vulgarity. She needs a lover who, despite his obvious range of knowledge, retains a charming air of innocence. She does not want to be outclassed, but she needs to be led. She is apt to dislike messy sex, though the line between acceptable and unacceptable tends to blur with experience. She may like oral sex in all its varieties. The ideal male for her would be the lover in the film The Piano. Virgo likes to be coaxed, opened, and perhaps possessed. Her favorite fantasy may be to be seduced against her will. She often imagines herself bound with silk stockings, spread on a bed, teased, caressed into semi-oblivion, reaching climax as...

Lesson 4 Planets in Zodiac Signs

Now that we have a basic idea what the planets mean we can start interpreting what a planet located in a sign would mean. It is a little like chemistry. For example a Sun (point of view) in the sign of Virgo (analysis) would cause that person to look at the world as a problem to be solved. A Mercury (rational mind) position in Scorpio (secrecy) would make a person want to solve mysteries. A Venus (love) position in Sagittarius (adventure) would incline a person to want to travel. A Moon (subconscious) position in Libra (partnerships) would incline a person to want and need companionship. A Mars (aggressiveness) position in Capricorn (Ambition) would incline a person to work very hard to achieve goals. Virgo Discrimination, Analysis, Practicality I ANALYZE

What She Needs to Learn

The Virgo Woman needs to learn that there is more to sex than intercourse. She must break through her limitations, first in her brain, then with her body. The most basic limitation she imposes on sexual loving is that she tends to equate it with genital sex. But she, like all of us, has a choice about her form of expressing love and of sex. The ecstasy of being in love stems from a feeling of loving life, of being in love with flowers, with the blue sky, with people, and with being silly. Virgo's love need not be limited to her mate or to her family, and sex need not be limited Here are some sensuous hints for the Virgo Woman who finds starting sex difficult Virgo, you must treat your whole body as a sex organ. Your attitude is crucial an attitude of awareness and curiosity is best. Sexuality involves your whole being. The average person in our culture lives out of touch with her or his body and sexuality. This need not happen to you. Do not live in your brain, or more precisely, in...

Alternative Lifestyles

SINGLE WOMAN INTIMATE NETWORKS There are some Virgo women who remain single all their lives, more or less happily they may substitute work for pleasure, and they may rise to dizzying career heights. This is not an unusual lifestyle for Lady Virgo, either on a permanent basis or from time to time. She tends to like her privacy and is basically self-sufficient. She may prefer to keep her female friendships separate from her male friendships, each category precise in its place. OPEN MARRIAGE The Virgo Woman tends to be too traditional for a sexually open marriage, though I have met a few who tried it as a last resort. Not one has stuck with it, however. This is an unlikely choice for her, but it may be an instructive experiment. M NAGE TROIS Virgo may try it, especially with her man and another woman if she has bisexual or homosexual leanings. GAY BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE I have met quite a few Virgo-type women who have tried one or the other. The Virgo lesbian tends to commit to one woman in...

610 Constellation Sized Scale of The Zodiacal Belt

To avoid these complications, we wrote the program Horos in such a way that the locations of the planets are specified with respect to the constellation-sized scale of the zodiacal belt, instead of degrees of latitude. This scale allows us to determine the planetary positions directly from the Egyptian zodiac, where we can see, for example, that a planetary figure is shown in Virgo or in the first half of Libra, which is next to Virgo, or that if this planet is located in Aries, probably on its boundary, possibly even in the next constellations, but not further from Aries than 1 3 of its length. < 0> ARIES < 1> TAUR < 2> GEMINI < 3> CANCER < 4> LEO < 5> VIRGO < 6> LIBRA < 7> SCORP < 8> SAGIT < 9> CAPRI < 10> AQUAR < 11> PISCES < 12 0>

Planetary Relationships Composite

Asc. 10 55 Libra Sun 18 23 Virgo Moon 29 38 Cancer Mars 27 51 Libra Mercury 13 13 Libra Jupiter 29 37 Aries Rx Venus 25 54 Libra Saturn 21 48 Scorpio Rahu 13 38 Cancer Ketu 13 38 Capricorn Uranus 1 06 Cancer Rx Neptune 27 50 Pisces Rx Pluto 27 04 Aries Rx The Sun is in Virgo, a sign of Mercury, a natural neutral. Temporally, it is in the twelfth, a friendly sign. Permanent neutral plus temporary friend equals friend. The Moon is in Cancer, its own sign.

Fignre 5 Todds Natal Chart

My eyes went immediately to Virgo rising. A Virgo Ascendant potentially means a highly sensitive metabolism. I next noticed Pluto retrograde in Libra in the First House, and I wondered if this placement meant endocrine imbalance. Furthermore, Pluto has four hard aspects quite an impressive number. Since Pluto rules the endocrine system, I felt there might be a problem with a gland. But which one With Saturn inconjunct Neptune I felt that either the parathyroid gland (Saturn) or the thymus gland (Neptune) was involved. So, on my Med-Scan worksheet I checked off tests for the parathyroid and thymus to be run by the doctor. I also reasoned that since Pluto was playing such a strong part in this chart I should first carefully check any other aspects from it to other planets. From long experience I decided to consider the opposite polarity, Jupiter in Libra, which indicates changes in blood circulation from the fluctuation of kidney regulation, cholesterol deposits in the kidney tubules...

[This concerns Goods immovable

Common Signs, as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, do signifie within the house, if it be dead things, as rings & c. but if it be quick or living things, or Cattle, it signifieth watry grounds, Ditiches, Pits, Rushes, a Market-place fixed Signes, the Goods are hid, or laid low by the earth, or neer it, in wals, or in hollow Trees movable Signs, high places, Roofs, or Seeling of houses watry Signes, in water, or under the earth, a Pavement, Foundation of houses, & c.

The Houses And Their Analogy To The Signs

The first house has a meaning like the first sign Aries, and shows the head, the ego and the self-sense in life. The second house corresponds to the second sign Taurus and relates to the gathering and holding of personal and material resources. The third house resembles the third sign Gemini and governs curiosity and research. The fourth house, like the fourth sign Cancer relates to the mother, home and emotional happiness. The fifth, like the fifth sign Leo, relates to our soul nature and creative intelligence. The sixth, like the sixth sign Virgo, relates to health and disease, work and service.

Interpreting Empty Houses

The sign at the beginning of each house determines your approach to the concerns of that house. For example, turn to Andy Warhol's chart in Chapter 19. Notice that his second house of money is empty, with Virgo on the cusp. (The cusp of the second house is at eight o'clock, the cusp of the third house is at seven o'clock, and so on.) Thus his approach to financial matters was Virgoan discriminating and detail-oriented. And, indeed, he made a habit of recording his daily expenses just like a Virgo. The position of that planet tells you a great deal. In Andy Warhol's case, Virgo, the sign on the cusp of his second house, is ruled by Mercury. It can be found in flamboyant Leo a perfect placement for an artist who literally painted money. Virgo

House Systems Using The Midheaven

If we use the Midheaven, the most simple method is to divide up the difference between the Ascendant and Midheaven equally. If, for example, the Ascendant is 20 degrees Libra and the Midheaven 2 degrees Leo, a difference of 78 degrees, then we divide that by three. In that case, we get an extent of 26 degrees for each house. The cusp of the eleventh house then is 28 Leo and that of the twelfth is 24 Virgo. This is the method most often used in Vedic astrology.

The Sixth House 9 to

The Sixth House is naturally ruled by Virgo, and its corresponding planet is Mercury. This translates into gaining fulfillment through skills that are of value to others If we don't develop our own special competence at doing something meaningful to us that also helps others, then we end up working at meaningless jobs.

[These rules are much followed by those that practice in the Country

If you will know the place where the thing stolne is in take Signification of the Place from the Signe the Significator of the Thiefe is in, and from the place of the Lord of the 4th House if they be both in one Signification it is well if not, behold then what place is Signified by the Lord of the 4th House, and judge by that Signe the nature of the place where the thing stolne is. If he be in a moveable Signe, it is in a place high from the ground if in a fixed Signe, it is in the Earth and if in a common Signe, it is under some Eaves of a House and helpe your judgment in these by the Terme of the Signes, as if the Significator be in Aries, it is in a place where Beasts doe use that be small, as Sheep, or Hogs & c. if he be in Leo, it is in a place of Beasts which bite as Dogs, & c. if he be in Sagittarius, it is in a place of great Beasts that are ridden as in a Stable of Horses, or such like if in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, it signifieth a House or place of great Beasts, as...

Venus The Planet Of Love

Venus is essentially dignified in Taurus and Libra, and exalted in Pisces, and therefore her influence is most powerfully felt when she is placed in those signs. She is weak and afflicted when placed in either of the martial signs, Aries or Scorpio, where she is in her fall, or when she is in the mercurial sign, Virgo. The best House position for her is the Seventh where her influence will make the marriage serene and blissful.

754 Partial Horoscopes and Supplementary Scenes on the Small Esna Zodiac

A Partial Horoscope of the Autumn Equinox On the Egyptian zodiacs the partial horoscope of the autumn equinox is located in Virgo and in the neighboring constellations of Leo and Libra (see section 5.8). The fragment of the Small zodiac containing Virgo and Libra was destroyed, however the part with Leo and the secondary Virgo standing on its tail was well preserved (see subsections 5.1.5 and 5.1.6 for more details on representations of Leo and Virgo on the Egyptian zodiacs). Therefore, the partial horoscope of the autumn equinox on the Small zodiac seems to be incomplete (see Figures 7.41 and 7.42). In the middle row, right above Leo and the secondary Virgo, there is a plate with a self-entwined snake a symbol of the autumn equinox. A little further to the right, between Leo and Cancer, there is a male figure (the size of the step is too long for a female figure) of a warrior holding a raised sword in one hand and some arrows in another. This is most likely a representation of Mars....

Venus In The Twelve Signs

Venus in Virgo, the Sixth House sign gives the person a deep and tender sympathy for the sick and people with this position make good nurses. This position also favors occupation as a chemist, or a dietitian who is concerned with the preparation of foods for the maintenance or attainment of health. If the person has employees or subordinates under his management his relations with those people will always be very pleasant, and they will serve him well.

Mercury In The Twelve Houses

Mercury in the Sixth House makes the mentality too active for the person's own good, for he is extremely ambitious and therefore liable to over-tax himself to the detriment of his health, and the disability of the nervous system is most likely to express itself by a digestive disorder in the region governed by Virgo, the sixth sign, viz., the intestines. Such people are supersensitive to the conditions of others which affects their health bringing much trouble and worry in dealing with servants and subordinates. They are fond of the study of hygiene and diet and meet with considerable success in the practice of the chemistry of foods, particularly if Mercury is well-aspected. Adverse aspects of Saturn to a Sixth House Mercury make a chronic invalid of a most melancholy mind. The adverse aspects of Mars and Uranus are fruitful sources of suicide through brooding over disease.

Of The Images Of Venus

FROM the operations of Mercury they made an image of Mercury, Mercury ascending in Gemini the form of which was a handsome young man, bearded, having in his left hand a rod, round which a serpent was entwined--in the right he carried a dart having his feet winged. They say that this image confers knowledge, eloquence, diligence in merchandise, and gain moreover, to obtain peace and concord, and cure fevers. They made another image of Mercury, ascending in Virgo, for good will, wit, and memory the form of which was a man sitting upon a chair, or riding on a peacock, having eagle's feet, and on his head a crest, and in his left hand holding a cock of fire.

Mercury In Aspect With The Other Planets

Mars conjunction or parallel to Mercury gives the same mental energy, enthusiasm and dexterity as the definitely good aspects, but whether these qualities are used for constructive and good purposes or for destructive and evil ends depends upon the sign, house position and other aspects. If the configuration occurs in a sign where either or both planets are strong and well-placed, as Mars in Aries or Capricorn, or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, or if they are fortified by good aspects from the Sun, Venus or Jupiter, Mars conjunction or parallel Mercury will operate similarly to the sextile or trine, as stated in the foregoing paragraph, which see. But if Mars and Mercury are in one of the watery signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), or if either or both are afflicted by Saturn, Uranus or Neptune, the conjunction or parallel of Mars and Mercury will give the same evil tendencies as the square or opposition which are defined in the next paragraph.

The Moon In The Twelve Signs

The Moon in Virgo increases the mental qualities if she is well-aspected she gives a retentive memory, a love of study along scientific or occult lines and an ambition to excel. Chemistry is the favorite of these people among the sciences and they excel as dietitians. They are rather reserved and of quiet demeanor, disliking flattery or ostentation. Unless they devote themselves to dietetics they are more successful as the servants or employees of others than in business for themselves.

Mars In The Twelve Signs

Mars in Virgo when well-aspected gives an ambitious nature and a quick intellect, able to grasp an idea and elaborate upon it. It strengthens the mental qualities and gives a scientific turn to the mind with an ability to apply this faculty either in research work or in business. The people with this position are therefore energetic and enterprising in many of the world's industrial affairs. There their shrewdness and quick- wittedness brings them success and preferment. This is a good position for people who are engaged in any of the industries connected with the sick, such as nurses, doctors, chemists, the science of sanitation and hygiene, preparation of health-foods and kindred occupations. If people with Mars in Virgo are themselves overtaken by disease this position gives them the ability to recuperate quickly and makes them less liable to become chronic invalids as so many other Virgo people When Mars is afflicted in Virgo it subjects the mind to worry and irritability, with a...

Uranus In The Twelve Signs

Uranus in Virgo, when well-aspected gives a keen, original, scientific and mechanical mind, a strong and well developed intuitional faculty and a keen business bent which will make for success in life, and financial gain by the employment of others. But if Uranus is afflicted in Virgo, the person is apt to become subject to strange ailments, a hypochondriac of a fractious and irritable turn of mind, a burden to himself and those who have to be around him. This position is also full of disappointment in the aims and ambitions of life, especially because of limitations in the employment or in dealing with employees, which the person seems unable to overcome.

Dogge missing where

The Signe of Gemini is West and by South, the quarter of heaven is West Mercury the Significator of the Dog, is in Libra a Westerne Signe but Southerne quarter of heaven, tending to the West the Moon is in Virgo, a South-west Signe, and verging to the Westerne angle the strength of the testimonies examined, I found the plurality to signifie the West, and therefore I judged, that the Dog ought to be Westward from the place where the Owner lived, which was at Temple-barre, wherefore I judged that the Dog was about Long-acre, or upper part of Drury-lane In regard that Mercury Significator of the Beast, was in a Signe of the same Triplicity that Gemini his ascendant is, which signifies London, and did apply to a Trine of the Cusp of the 6th house, I judged the Dog was not out of the lines of Communication, but in the same quarter of which I was more confirmed by Sun and Saturn their Trine, The Signe wherein Mercury is in, is Libra, an ayery Signe, I judged the Dog was in some chamber or...

Neptune In The Twelve Signs

Mercury, the planet of mind, reason and logic is exalted in Virgo, and the occult, prophetic, inspirational, spiritual, devotional and musical Neptune is the octave of Mercury, hence the blending of the Mercurial and Neptunian qualities produced by Neptune in Virgo gives exceptionally fine mental faculties with the addition of inspiration, prophetic ability, devotion to high ideals when Neptune is well aspected, for Neptune adds gentleness and sympathy to the cold Mercury though such people are rather odd in their ideas and inclinations, especially with respect to marriage, which they usually regard from the platonic standpoint. If Neptune is afflicted in Virgo it gives hypochondriac tendencies and an imagination of having all the ills and ailments in the universe which makes the person's life miserable. There is also a tendency to become the plaything of spirit controls, not only with respect to mediumship but such people are liable to direct obsession and when this...

844 Constellations Symbols Equinoctial Break on the Zodiac P2

On the zodiac (P1), the order of the constellations is the same as observed on the real sky. However, on the zodiac (P2), the zodiacal constellations are arranged in a very unusual way. The ecliptic on the zodiac (P2) is cut in half through the equinox points and, then, the order in one of the halves is reversed (or simply it is reflected) before they are again put together (see Figure 8.28). In this way Virgo becomes a neighbor of another equinox constellation Pisces, while at the top of the zodiac, Libra follows Aries. Notice that there is a large supplementary scene on a boat inserted between Libra and Aries. It is clear that the correct order of the zodiacal constellations was twice violated. The idea behind this unusual transformation is rather obvious to put the two equinox constellations together in the main spot on the zodiac. In this way Virgo (the autumn equinox) and Pisces (the spring equinox) appear on the zodiac (P2) one next to the other On the outer zodiac (P1), this...

Chiron The Wounded Healer

Is it an asteroid A burned-out comet A planetesimal leftover from the creation of the solar system An errant moon of Neptune, long since torn away from its original orbit Or a particular type of asteroid called a Centaur Ever since November 1, 1977, when scientist Charles Kowal discovered Chiron hurtling around the Sun between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, scientists have been trying to make up their minds. Smaller by far than any planet (its estimated size is 200 miles across), Chiron has a peculiar orbit that causes it to spend more time in some signs (Pisces, Aries, and Taurus) than in others (Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio). A complete swing through all 12 signs of the zodiac takes 51 years. 1 Chiron in Virgo You grew up with extraordinarily rigid rules. Now you struggle with anxiety. Seek relief by focusing on wellness, by serving others without sacrificing yourself, and, above all, by refusing to be a martyr. Or try another approach entirely by taking up a craft where your...

553 Third Example Partial Horoscope of Summer Solstice on the Lower Athribis Zodiac

On Figure 5.60, we show a fragment of the Lower Athribis zodiac around the constellations of Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Gemini and Taurus. On Figure 5.60, one can easy recognize all the figures representing these constellations, which we colored in red for more clarity. They form the upper row of symbols, under which one can see two birds (in yellow) representing planets in the main horoscope, and further below them, there is another row of symbols (in blue), which is the partial horoscope of summer solstice. Let us notice that there is no partial horoscope of autumn equinox present on the Lower Athribis zodiac. It should be located under Virgo, but the whole space here is occupied by the symbols of the partial horoscope of summer solstice. In fact this is the only (nontrivial) partial horoscope on the both Athribis zodiacs (see Chapter 8 for more discussion).

The Signs As Mental Significators

When the Common Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, are on the angles the mind is flighty and superficial, wavering and versatile. These people are often very quick to grasp a point and form a decision, but just as ready to forget and change their minds. They are adepts at imitation and often pretend to virtues or abilities entirely foreign to their nature. They are easily swayed by the winds of emotion one moment they may be highly elated over some small matter and the next a trifling trouble bows them down to earth. They are inconstant and unreliable in all their dealings with others because they do not know their minds two minutes in succession. They constitute the agents and middlemen of the world, where they occupy a subordinate or serving position. These delineations are particularly apt when many planets are in Common Signs.

Mental Effect Of The Rising

Virgo gives a critical, scheming and ingenious mind, able to evolve ideas galore but usually lacking the initiative to carry them out unless prodded by others. These people are very selfish, self-centered and reserved. They do not take other people into their confidence and they seldom become really familiar with anyone.

511 Beginning of the Year on the Egyptian Zodiacs

Egyptian Zodiac Signs

In order to tackle this problem we need to examine the structure of the available to us Egyptian zodiacs. On most of them, it appears that the beginning of the year was taking place in September. Let us consider first the rectangular zodiacs, i.e. the Long Denderah, Big and Small Esna zodiacs. For example, on the Small Esna zodiac (see Figure 2.18) the constellations and planets are shown in a form of a one long procession starting in Virgo. Although the beginning of the zodiac was destroyed, from the remaining parts we can deduct that it was Virgo, i.e. the new year was taking place in September. In the case of the Long Denderah (see Figure 2.8) and Big Esna (see Figure 2.16) zodiacs, this situation is more complicated. Each of these zodiacs is divided into two parts, for each one of them we have two possible variants for the starting point of the procession, and consequently, for the beginning of the year. On the Long zodiac the procession begins either in Leo or Aquarius, but...

15 Astrogeomantic examples

These in turn can be translated to the astrological chart form placing the figures I-XII in the twelve Houses, with the Witnesses and Judge in the centre. Using the Golden Dawn system of figure to House allocation (Appendix III), the figure in the First House is Fortuna Major, which is Leo. Therefore the zodiacal signs may be inserted from the First House as Leo, in their proper order, through the Second House as Virgo, Third House as Libra and so on to the Twelfth House as Cancer. The planets, of course, are simply the translation of each figure into its appropriate planet (Appendix I). The resulting astrogeomantic chart can be seen in Figure 24. 2. Noting planets in Signs we have Sun in Leo, Capricorn and Taurus Venus in Virgo Puella in House 2 (Venus in Virgo) No increase of riches nor greater poverty.

Consideration Of Ascendant Sign

The planet which rules the Ascendant Sign is considered the ruler of the whole chart, and it's position must be intricately studied. The most striking point here is that Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. In other words, Mercury rules Gemini (the natives Sun sign) and the Sun rules Leo (the natives ascendant). Therefore the Sun's influence here is intensified and The only planet which is posited in the ascendant is Saturn 0 Virgo 30'. For the square aspect between Saturn in 0 Virgo 30' in the 1st House and Mars in 28 Taurus 30' in the 1 0th House we merely apply our aspect interpretation. (The steps are on page 8 of Lesson XV) Both Taurus and Virgo are of the earth element and cosmically signs of the same element mix harmoniously. So there is immediate agreement within the aspect and this is excellent. Before proceeding, we must estimate the impact of the sign positions of each respective planet. Lesson 9, P. 37, informs us that Mars is detrimented in Taurus hence, the power of the...

55 Planetary Symbols in Partial Horoscopes

The partial horoscopes on the Egyptian zodiacs are associated with the solstice and equinox points. In particular, all of them are located around the symbols of the same four zodiac constellations, which contain these four points. Recall, that the equinox point is a position of the Sun, when day and night are of equal length, and a solstice point is Sun's location when day or night is shortest. These four points move along the ecliptic, but their movement is very slow. It needs thousands of years to travel across one zodiac constellation. Therefore, it is not surprising that on every investigated by us Egyptian zodiac the autumn equinox is always shown in Virgo, the winter solstice in Sagittarius, the spring equinox in Pisces, and finally, the summer solstice in Gemini.

Some Important Points

When judging the effects of directions it is of the greatest importance to bear in mine the tenor of the nativity, for even weak aspects which are in harmony with the tendencies foreshown in the natal figure will be much more active than a strong aspect which is contrary to the radical indications. Supposing, for instance, that there are strong testimonies of sickness and accident, as Mars in Sagittarius in the Midheaven square the Sun in Pisces in the Twelfth House and square Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House then the progression of Mars to square of the radical Ascendant would undoubtedly precipitate an accident or a fever of a serious nature, but if the Sun were trine Mars and Jupiter the effect of Mars square Ascendant would produce little if any discomfort. Similarly with all the other directions, and if the student neglects to take into consideration this all-important point, he is likely sometime to make a great mistake and wonder why a seemingly powerful direction produced no...

Whether a King expulsed his Kingdome or an Officer removed from his government shall returne to his Kingdome or Office

The Moon joyned to a Planet in the 9th, signifies the King so expulsed (Or hath little desire to returne.) recedes from his Kingdome, unlesse the Planet be a Fortune if the Planet to whom the Moon is joyned be a Fortune, and be in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, the forlorne King or dejected Officer returnes if the Planet to whom the Moon is joyned, be in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, the King obtains Soveraignty in another place, or the abjected a Command or Office in some other Country.

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