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Aries the Ram March 20April

The astrological year starts on the spring equinox, which is the first day of Aries, the sign of the Ram. Because you're ruled by Mars, the planet named after the Roman god of war, you're spirited, straightforward, courageous, and enterprising. Yours is the sign of new beginnings. The glyph (written symbol) of Aries appears in Figure 4-2. It signifies the head of the ram, a gushing fountain of energy, or the eyebrows and nose of a human being a part of the face that's well-defined and graceful on a typical Aries. The symbol of Aries the Ram.

Aries As Ascendant

ARIES stands for the beginning of the cosmic evolution. When the First Great. Impulse began and the Reality mysteriously created Moo Prakriti the Root Matter and reflected Itself in it, the drama of cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis started. That act was Maya the Creative Illusion without which subsequent manifestations could not take place. All the subsequent emanations were contained in an embryonic form in the very First Act. Lord Shiva represents the power at this level of creation. Aries describes that level of manifestation. Aries is the central noumenal point from which every form of manifestation at all levels of creation emanates. It is the vast ocean of Mool Prakriti which while veiling the Reality provides the possibility for all cosmic expansion. Aries symbolizes the first point in the ever-rising spiral of evolution which provides the specific incarnation of the individual all the potentiality for the future growth of the Ego, the specific incarnation itself being of a...

Causes Of Headaches In Aries

Aries rules the head in general, specifically the motor centers of the brain and the circulation of the blood through the skull region. The action of Aries is said to show epilepsy and sleeping sickness (encephalitis) that may infect the brain through virus. Aries is also involved with inflammation of the brain that may cause delirium, frenzy, vertigo, dizziness, sharp pains in the head along the course of a nerve and congestion. Those people with planets in Aries may suffer from frequent headaches caused by clogged or sluggish kidneys (Libra) that have a reflex action to the head, digestive disturbances (Cancer), resulting in headaches and sluggish gallbladders (Capricorn) other Cardinal Cross diseases. And various skin eruptions affecting the head or face as well as baldness plague some Aries people. Other diseases influenced by Aries are various forms of toxemia. By a reflex action to the kidneys toxemia may induce skin ailments, usually caused by poor diet. Uremic toxemia is also...

Aries Medical Astrology

The Son is in Aries from March 21st to April 21st The entrance Of the Sun in the various signs differs from year to year. The ephemerfs will show the exact time and date the Sun changes signs. Keyword for Aries 1 am.' Represento the *uprushing fountain of life. Fire of the head. Untamed fire of impulse.' Rules the head in the physical body. Aries is the point of all beginnings. TTte person with his Sun in Aries is in the process of building a personality. All the energies are self-centered and self-directed. Before one can give one's self away, there must be something to give. So, 1 am* (me first) is the Keyword of the self-assertive Arian. What are the qualities of the Ram that are the symbol of the Aries sign Leadership, strength, charging forth to butt their heads against any obstruction in their way such are the qualities of the undeveloped Arians. Impatient and unwilling to wait for events to mature they are apt to rush in where angels fear to tread. Arians...

Aries Through The Houses

If Aries is on the ascendant at birth, we have what is called the natural chart where the signs are in tune with the seasons and there is less friction. Aries can, as a rule, work faster than any of the other eleven ascendants. There are a great many people in the world's Hall of Fame with this ascendant. Aries gives us the people who think and the people who act. Aries the fire essence or the living flow of being, begins in the first house with Aries, is consolidated in the fifth house of self-expression, and is expressed in the ninth house of understanding. Aries people are very much alive within themselves. They are always the people who make the first move. However old they may be, Arians are never too old to start a new venture or to put something into action. The rest of the signs might wilt from stagnation but not Aries. ARIES ON THE FIRST HOUSE Aries starts head first. Born extroverts, Aries learns by putting everything he thinks into action. He has no physical fear. When he...

Ram Rising The Aries 1 Ascendant

Ram Rising is like taking the Aries training. This is someone who's learning to develop a strong, individuated self, learning how to play, and to become independent, spontaneous, and free of restrictions. It's also important for them to learn qualities of courage, trust especially in themselves and even innocence.

Description Of The Signs Aries

Aries is the positive sign of Mars, cardinal fire, the beginning of the zodiac and the head of the Cosmic Man (time personified), a ram. As sign no. 1, Aries gives independence, force, self-expression and a strong personal orientation in life. Aries types are dynamic, aggressive, competitive and possess much initiative. They often live in their heads and can have a penetrating power of perception. They have scientific and logical abilities and may be good at research and invention, the development of new ideas. They are independent, adventurous and skillful in what they do. They possess strong emotions and passions but usually remain in control of them. They are often willful, impulsive or headstrong and can be critical or opinionated. Yet they can make good psychologists once they learn to examine themselves. Less evolved Aries types may be angry, impulsive and manipulative, pushing their way in life and imposing their ideas and energies on others. They may be driven by their...

Midheaven signs for aries

The Midheaven signs for Aries birth charts set out below are the only possible combinations of Ascendant and Midheaven signs in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. To work out your own Ascendant and Midheaven signs at birth, see the charts on pages 344-7. ASCENDANT ARIES (WITH aries SUN SIGN) Capricorn Aries' ambition will be very strong identification with material progress and the aspiration to be very successful. Aquarius Independence of Aries will be increased there will be identification with the unusual and original, and perhaps an inner longing to follow an unusual profession.

2020 to 2040 Aries 1 to Pisces

The three fire signs are invited to bring their fiery enthusiasm to dialogue and relate with others. Aries 1 Sun signs need to initiate new ways to form community and take risks to manifest their dreams. Leo 5 Sun signs need to focus on fair and equal partnerships and restoring balance to their lives. Sagittarius 9 Sun signs need to explore new perspectives in their personal philosophy.

The Erection Of The Aries Horoscope

When this is done, we put our Signs on the Cusps, together with the proper Degrees and Minutes. When we make an Aries horoscope frame, however, we do not need any degrees since we place the 0* of each Sign on the Cusps in regular succession and begin at the First House with 0 T, followed by 0 y on the Cusp of the Second House, 0* 5 on the Cusp of the Third House, making the round until we finish with the 12th House as 0 See Fig. 12, page 48.

2060 to 2080 Aries 1 to Pisces

The three fire signs are invited to intensify their spirited natures and develop new forms to communicate their uniqueness. Aries 1 Sun signs need to discover how to best articulate their pioneering and courageous ideas. Leo 5 Sun signs need to create communities and friendships in which personal creativity and skills are mutually shared. Sagittarius 9 Sun signs need to release judgment and dogmatic stances in relationships and be willing to learn deeper truths from others.

2080 to 2100 Aries 1 to Pisces

Diesel Injection Timing

The three fire signs are invited to bring their fire to their world on an intellectual and relational level with others. Aries 1 Sun signs need to seek out friendships and group experiences that honor their courage and strong individuality. Leo 5 Sun signs need to seek balance and harmony in their lives. Sagittarius 9 Sun signs need to quest for new understanding about their personal truths.

2000 to 2020 Aries 1 to Pisces

Wealthy Aries Men Around The World

The three fire signs are invited to ground their fiery natures. Aries 1 Sun signs need to slow down, get rooted, and claim ownership of their life. Leo 5 Sun signs need to recognize their own authority and ability to maturely administrate their lives. Sagittarius 9 Sun signs need to focus on personal health and self-care in a consistent and supportive way.

The Ramifications of Being Aries

How many Aries does it take to screw in a light bulb One, but you better get the hell out of the way. It's no accident that Aries is the first sign if it hadn't been, it would have rearranged the zodiac to get there Aries is the sign of the pioneer, of the daredevil, of the person who just won't say No. In legend, the Ram often came to the rescue, and, in fact, that's how Aries ended up as a constellation as a reward from Jupiter for trying to save some children from the machinations of their wicked stepmother.

Aries Personality

In her relationships, in love, in work, the Aries Woman demands challenge. She is dynamic and energetic, and she usually feels impelled to make an impact, to create change. She likes to be influential as the head of a household or business and tends to be outgoing, with a zest for living. She is frequently competitive, expecting to be first and hoping to be best in any endeavor she undertakes. She possesses the courage to tackle most situations and may be able to turn what many would regard as failure into a critical lesson in growth. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, Cardinal Fire its planetary ruler is Mars. The Aries Woman, born in springtime, seems to possess the tough will of a seed that must push through the frozen ground, survive, and bloom. Like the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries tends to be optimistic, buoyant, fiery, dominant, gutsy, flamboyant, demanding, easily bored, inconsistent, foolish and irrational at times, usually charming, and inexhaustibly...

Aries Relationships

The Aries Woman usually makes a complex, demanding, passionate mate and partner. She has the potential to create a finely tuned, balanced, exciting, offbeat relationship. Like Don Quixote, she is forever searching for an ideal. Where romance is concerned, Aries believes in giving but also wants the moon. For the Aries Woman love is often a battleground. One can usually tell if she cares by the degree to which she argues. If she disagrees with her man over strategy, details, philosophy, love, life, and work, he can relax. This is her prelude to seduction. She more often than not gains energy from lovers' spats and the contest of wills. Watch out, however, for lack of interest or absent-mindedness, for they are signs that she is getting ready to move on. Aries often dominates her early sexual relationships. In the first part of her life, she tends to be assertive, even masculine, and may be out of touch with her receptivity, vulnerability, and tender side. Her dependencies are usually...

Aries Sexuality

The Aries Woman approaches sex as she does everything else in life zestfully, impulsively, and with total commitment. She gives all she has and takes all she can get in return. She is open to anything but don't ask about tomorrow sexual exclusivity is not her bag. The challenge of the hunt excites her. Aries is an exceptionally passionate, sensual, and sexual woman. Romantic, erode, and vain, she needs monumental reassurance from a sexual partner. When she feels insecure, she is jealous and possessive. When she feels secure, she is as loyal as any fixed sign (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) though still wildly unpredictable. Aries' sex secret is that while she enjoys being and frequendy is sexually dominant, she is secretly hoping for a partner who appreciates and flows with sexuality highlighted by extreme swings from dominance to passivity, an exceptionally live eroticism, and an equally strong need for mental stimulation to spark and parallel the physical turn-on. Sexual energy can...

Aries Anger

For the Aries Woman, anger is a time-tested coping mechanism that comes more easily than tears. She uses anger to attack when she feels defensive, to cover inner doubts and fears, and to manipulate her way to personal power. What she loses is intimacy. The Aries Woman usually knows when she's angry, and this puts her in a minority. Most people have trouble identifying anger, which is often called depression, masochism, or frustration instead. It is essential that people recognize and admit when they are angry and learn ways to share their anger constructively. The Aries Woman in her twenties thinks nothing of expressing anger explosively and manipulatively. She won't hesitate to leave the table in the midst of an argument, walk out, and slam the door especially if she realizes she is losing the fight. In short, she gets in a rage and runs, attempting to show the party who dared to arouse her who the real boss is. What is missing is the realization that she chose to get angry and the...

Aries Lifestyles

A woman may be looking for characteristics in a husband different from those she seeks in a lover. The Aries Woman is especially choosy when selecting a provider and father to her children. She knows herself to be capable of grand passions, but she also knows they need to be grounded. Thus, she may choose a husband who fulfills her needs for stability and respect in the eyes of the community, one who is an upholder of form and continuity (not an Aries forte). As a mate, the Aries Woman is ardent, loyal, sentimental, and practical. If she is satisfied with the choice she has made, she may direct her need for excitement into sexual passion with her husband, but the Aries Woman often carries on several pla-tonic friendships with men. Her need for people, stimulation, and challenge can be met in multiple relationships that celebrate her multiple selves. The following represent typical situations that could influence the Aries Woman to become nonmonogamous. 2. Boredom with husband. Sooner...

Summing Up Aries

In general, all the Aries woman wants is everything Her healthiest and most fundamental drive is to be totally in charge of herself and her own life. The Aries Woman is outstanding in courage and risk-taking ability. Her personality qualifies her to be a leader in the area of alternative lifestyles. Though she is jealous and possessive, she is also committed to adventure and social change. It is fascinating to reflect that in order to grow and be fulfilled the Aries Woman must work on many of the qualities of her opposite, Libra. The Aries Woman needs to develop cooperative attitudes, more respect for others, patience, a dash of sensuous self-indulgence, and a better appreciation of her environment. She must learn that John Donne said, No man is an island. No woman need try to accomplish everything proudly on her own. Aries must realize that she can slow down, enjoy each step on her path and share her joy. In life one cannot always accomplish a journey directly from A to C without...

Aries and careers

Obviously one finds Aries Sun-sign people in all professions, but it is all-important that they are able to enjoy the right working atmosphere, that the demands put upon them and the amount of challenge they face stimulate their will to move ever onward and upward in their chosen profession or career. A boring, regular, Aries needs and will enjoy a busy, even noisy, working environment -either a frantic office or an energetic factory floor. Even if the basic work is predictable, Aries will soon become aries types thrive on competition There is no doubt that Aries people are ambitious but more particularly it is the attainment of that ambition that is so important to them. once they have achieved their goal, they will say, okay, I've done that, so what's next The chances are that they will involved in union matters and do everything possible to improve working conditions. They also thrive on competition and relish rivalry between colleagues. If work is arranged in teams, it is likely...

Aries and money

The decision to buy something that is seen as absolutely vital to the Aries lifestyle will be taken in a flash - often to the surprise of astonished partners, who may have learned only a few minutes previously that a new, bigger, and faster car is really essential. Then there is the lawnmower last weekend Aries was cursing because it did not work, and having tried unsuccessfully to fix it, got angry and kicked it.

Sun In Aries Braver

Aries Glyph

Aries (from the Latin word for ram), the first sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal sign and a fire sign. It is a positive, masculine sign ruled by the planet Mars. Its symbol is the Ram, and its glyph is said to represent a ram's horns. It takes its name from the Greek god of war, making it one of the few signs with a well-developed mythology. Aries is associated with the head, and people with an Aries sun sign are prone to headaches and injuries to the head and face. The association of the head with Aries is the source of the word headstrong, which characterizes people with a strong Aries nature. As the first sign, the key phrase for Aries is I am, representing the birth of awareness. Although Zeus, king of the Greek gods, fathered many children, Aries was the only son by his wife, Hera. Aries ruled war and was said to delight in conflict. He was also impulsive, often defying the fates. According to most accounts, Aries never married but had many love affairs, best known of which was...

Moon in Aries

An Aries Moon indicates directness and spontaneity, an emotional nature that is energetic and sometimes excitable, a person who is both daring and independent. People with Aries Moons won't be long on patience as a rule, but they will have a knack for getting others to do what they want. Self-confident in love, they'll have little use for shrinking violets or those who seem to hesitate. Life for a person with an Aries Moon may hide a sense of insecurity, but it's also one that is always moving forward. More than any other sign, Aries feels with its head.

Saturn in Aries

Impetuous Aries is forced to slow down with Saturn placed here, and this may be manifested in a powerful father or authority figure. Saturn in Aries is learning independence, self-reliance, patience, and initiative and can become singularly self-reliant or headstrong, defiant, and defensive. Saturn in Aries

Venus In Aries

This combination bestows an original and artistic mind on the native. Venus here, tends to soften and restrain the driving impetuosity of Aries, except regarding love affairs where it often produces hasty marriage. The native has an idealistic, imaginative, and affectionate nature. He is very demonstrative and ardent, changeable in feelings and romantic in love. This position gives an ideal love nature where the native is anxious to obtain a mental if not a soul union.

The Sun In Aries

Aries is the exaltation-sign of the Sun and hence this is the most powerful position of the central orb. There it radiates a vital force of unexampled strength which gives to the person a wonderful fund of energy wherewith to withstand the onslaughts of disease and should be taken ill his powers of recuperation will quickly free him from the clutches of sickness. People having this position are principally liable to fevers on account of the fervent heat of the Sun in Aries. As Aries rules the head the excessive heat often dries up the scalp so that the hair

Sun sign Aries

Venus adds a mysterious glamour to individuals. Aries independence relates to relationships and other spheres. Often a final commitment to marriage or a relationship is delayed due to a need for independence. Individuals will be highly sexed, but may be emotionally distant. they often waste money on silly, trendy things. tired of a partner will hastily move on. Aries selfishness will emerge out of the need to put the self first and to always take the lead. a good measure of independence is vital within their relationships, and they spend freely. Aries selfishness will be considerably lessened, replaced by a loving and caring attitude. the passionate fire of the Aries sun and the sensitivity of the water element of Venus blend perfectly to make an ideal lover, one attuned to the partner's concerns and interests. Charity can sometimes be carried to excess. venus in aries A need for freedom occurs when Aries people have Venus in Aquarius. These people are likely to delay marriage and...

Aries in Love

II Aries + Aries Think of chili peppers, saxophones, and volcanoes everything hot. This fast-moving, action-oriented, competitive combo leads to fireworks both when you want them and when you don't. Example Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. 1 Aries + Taurus The impetuous Ram is feisty, motivated, and hot-to-trot the steady, stubborn, seductive Bull is unhurried and immovable. As with all next-door-neighbor combinations, the differences in style and tempo can drive you crazy. Example Spencer Tracy (Aries) and Katharine Hepburn (Taurus). 1 Aries + Gemini You're both high-spirited and easily bored, with a million interests and a love for activities of all sorts. Aries is straightforward and physical, while inconstant Gemini lives in his or her head. Nonetheless, this is a terrific combo. Example Warren Beatty (Aries) and Annette Bening (Gemini). 1 Aries + Cancer You're both dynamic and expressive. Cancer is sensitive and fearful, while hot-tempered Aries is dominating,...


Those who have their ascendant in the first degree of Aries if a benefic planet is in aspect will be born kings or generals and always lead armies successfully. If it is in the second degree of Aries, they will be persistent thieves who always attack their victims with monstrous fury they make their homes in foreign regions. If Mars is in opposition or square aspect to the Moon, these predicted crimes will be detected and punished. 2. Those who have their ascendant in the third degree of Aries will be deaf, one-eyed, and stupid. If it is in the fourth degree they will be thieves who will be caught in their crimes and punished by death. The one who has it in the fifth degree will be ruler of a great people, will judge important cases, and hold high office through his own merits. He will be just, upright, sober, and hold his native religious rites in veneration. He will die universally respected for good character. 3. The man who has his ascendant in the sixth degree of Aries will be a...

T Neptune In Aries

Neptune was last in Aries from 1861 to 1874. This transit brought with it the invention of dynamite, the machine gun and the typewriter. During this period the U.S. Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War took place and the first Women's Suffrage Law was passed in the state of Wyoming. Genetics were discovered and the great Chicago fire occurred. People born when Neptune was last in Aries pioneered

T Pluto In Aries

Pluto was last in Aries from 1823 to 1851. This was the era of the American pioneer, the exploration of the Wild West, the California Gold Rush and the invention of the Colt revolver. During this period, the first college degree was given to a woman, the first postage stamp was issued and ether was used as an anesthetic for the first time. Individuals born with Pluto in Aries have a tremendous desire to reform, an obsessive need for power or revenge if they feel attacked, great daring and much vigor. Their imagination knows few bounds, but they need self-discipline or they can deplete themselves physically. Writer Jules Verne, billionaire John D. Rockefeller, writer Horatio Alger, artist Paul Cezanne, outlaw Jesse James.

The Orientation Of The Sidereal Zodiac

Western astrology orients the zodiac to the point of the vernal equinox. This it marks as the beginning of the sign Aries, as we have indicated. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, according to my interpretation, orients the zodiac to the galactic center, to the central galactic Sun, whose influence comes to us through the fixed stars of the constellation Sagittarius. The galactic center is called Brahma , the creative force, or Vishnunabhi , the navel of Vishnu. From the galactic Sun emanates the light which determines life and intelligence on Earth and which directs the play of the seven rays of creation and the distribution of karma. It is the central point for determining the meaning of the signs of the zodiac, which reflect the twelvefold division of its light relative to our solar system. Aries, as cardinal or creative fire is the field in which the cosmic light is projected. Leo, as fixed fire, is the field into which it is sustained. Sagittarius, as mutable fire, is the field...

[it Was The Lord Coventry

In this Quere, I first considered the Sun Lord of the Ascendant, who being no ways unfortunated, or in any evill aspect with any Planet, which might impeach or impedite him, but on the contrary excellently fortified, I judged, he had the wide world to ramble in, (for a Planet strong, and in no aspect with others shewes a man at liberty to doe what he will ) and that for many yeers he might (quoad capax) live in a prosperous condition (according to the preceding limitation) and traverse much ground, or see many Countries because Aries, the Signe wherein the Sun is in, is moveable, placed on the cusp of the 9th, signifying long journeys, which prenoted many turnings and shiftings, variety of action in sundry parts. Secondly, feeling the Sun Lord of the Ascendant, during his motion through the Signe Aries, did not meet with any malevolent aspect, and had 26 degrees to run through of the Sign, ere he got into Taurus I gave in this nature of judgment, for every degree 1 moneth, and so told...

Age of Aquarius Aquarian

Due to the precession of equinoxes, the spring equinox moves slowly backward through the constellations of the zodiac, so that approximately every 2000 years, the equinox begins taking place in an earlier constellation. Thus, the spring equinox has been occurring in Pisces for the past several thousand years and will begin to occur in the constellation Aquarius in the near future. This is the background for current speculations about the so-called Age of Aquarius. The phenomenon of the precession of equinoxes also means that the spring equinox occurred in the sign Aries during the Hellenistic period (the period of Ptolemy), in Taurus several thousand years prior to the Hellenistic period, and so forth backward through the zodiac.

Energies Qualities and Elements You Thought This Was Gonna Be Easy

Now, each combination of energy, quality, and element appears in only one sign. Aries, for example, has a yang energy, a cardinal quality, and the element of fire. Once you understand what each of these characteristics represents, you also can begin to understand certain aspects of an Aries personality.

If One Shall Find the Party at Home He Would Speak Withall

In company, trying this experiment upon some of the company, and ever found it true, as many in this city well know. In November and December, when Signes of short ascenscions are in the Ascendant, you must be wary, for in regard many times the Sun is not then visible, and Clocks may faile, it's possible to be deceived, and misse of a right Ascendant, for Pisces and Aries doe each of them ascend in the space of 3 quarters of an hour, and some few minutes Aquarius and Taurus in 1 hour and some odde minutes but if you have the time of the day exact, you need not ever mistrust the verity of your Judgment which will infinitely satisfie any that are students herein, and cause them to take great pleasure in the ART, and make them sensible, that there is as much sincerity in all the whole ART OF ASTROLOGIE, when it is rightly understood and practized, which at this day I must confesse it is by very few.

Each House Is an Area of Your Life

Which house and sign a planet are in is where the story of you really begins. This is where the particular mathematics of astrology come into play Planets + Signs + Houses YOU. If you've got Mars in Aries in your first house, for example, you're always going to put yourself first

Impulsiveness is never far from the surface

The enterprising spirit of Aries is well known and, even if they are earning comfortable salaries, Ariens will very often decide to develop a second source of income. This can take the shape of a planetary influences a compulsion to gambling can be countered (the Aries spirit responds to them rather more readily than some other zodiac types). Both Sun-and Rising-sign Aries will be more than likely to listen to and take notice of their partners' opinions on financial matters.

Sun In The First House

Strong-willed, confident, optimistic and happy, this placement intensifies the Sun sign. You usually have a happy childhood, a strong constitution and good health. You have leadership ability and like to dominate. You are extroverted, courageous and enthusiastic, but with too many challenging aspects you can be dictatorial, egotistic and pompous. The Sun in the first house takes on many Aries characteristics. Governor Huey Long, President Lyndon Johnson, actress Lucille Ball, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, actor Warren Beatty.

Venus in Exaltation Detriment and Fall

I don't pay much attention to the traditional astrological categories of exaltation, detriment, and fall for the planets2, because these placements often seem to operate in ways contrary to those teachings. However, pondering these categories seems to clarify the nature of Venus and its proper role in our lives. Venus is in exaltation in Pisces, in fall in Virgo, and in detriment in Scorpio and Aries. 2 These terms represent a traditional method of evaluating the strength of planets in various zodiac signs. Exaltation is the sign where a planet is supposedly at its best, and detriment is a sign where the planet is ill at ease. A planet is in detriment in the sign opposite the one it rules e.g. Venus rules Libra and supposedly rules Taurus, and so Venus is in detriment in both Aries and Scorpio. A planet is in its fall in the sign where it is supposedly at its weakest or worst the sign opposite the one where it is exalted. Venus is in detriment in both Scorpio and Aries, again because...

Midheaven signs for taurus

Taurus Midheaven

Ascendant ARiEs with Midheaven signs Aries An assertive attitude, with a shrewd and clever approach to future prospects. Aquarius Identification with humanitarian problems medical profession or charity work are considered likely. Pisces Willingness to help others a caring profession, such as nursing, is a possibility. with Midheaven signs Aries Very ambitious for desired objectives possible ruthlessness. Taurus The Sun and Midheaven are shared signs, so a big achiever likely stubbornness a less admirable trait though.

Cancer On The Fourth House

Here we have the sentimentalist, for in the final analysis, Aries is notional, particularly in reference to family and the inherited pattern and responsibilities in life. He has a deep attachment to family tradition and home relationships. He may not be attached to his mother if the Moon is afflicted, but he is apt to talk sentimentally about the maternal relationship. He likes to feel that he has a home where he can feel he has roots and is centered. That he may have left the family roof as soon as he could has nothing to do with the sentimental attachment to the idea. As he grows older, he has a great yearning for a settled center. He is easygoing at home but inclined to be moody. He does a great deal of traveling from home in early life, but he wants a place to settle down when he is ready to come home, and he expects to find those he loves waiting patiently for his return.

Midheaven signs for gemini

Pisces Midheaven

Ascendant ARiEs with Midheaven signs Aries Will need speedy results in chosen career. A lack of tact, and impatience could mar progress. Taurus Could do well in self-employment - an agency or real estate maybe. Aquarius Technology, journalism, technical side of television, or film. A need to be ''on the scene'' in the career. Pisces May work in radio. Caring professions or charity work. with Midheaven signs Aries Chef, or the armed forces (choice of branch will be crucial). Taurus Will have a desire to entertain, perhaps as a stand-up comedian. Good teacher. with Midheaven signs Aries A force to reckon with. Big achiever and show off. Will win arguments. Taurus Stubbornness will pay off at times, but will learn the hard way. Will need challenge in career. Pisces Very creative. Writing ability. Excellent for media work.

Midheaven signs for cancer

ASCENDANT ARiES with Midheaven signs Aries Argumentative, restless criminal investigative journalism. Aquarius Will possibly make a lot of money from unusual sources. Career changes likely. Pisces Beauty professions, footwear trade. A talent for dance and poetry. with Midheaven signs Aries Determination and tenacity evident. Armed forces, engineering. Taurus Catering, chef, agriculture, or horticulture. Security is extremely important. Aquarius Excellent financial potential. Banking, detective work. Pisces Needs spiritual development. Possibly psychic charity work, beautician. with Midheaven signs Aries Good for self-employment. Hard worker, good organizer. taurus Determined. A secure and conventional career. Will be the boss.

2 The Nine Planetary Types

Sun types are created when the Sun is strongly placed in the chart. This can occur when the Sun is located in the Ascendant or in other angular houses (especially the tenth), particularly if it is also placed in its own sign (Leo) or sign of exaltation (Aries). Leo ascendants are usually solar types unless some other planet dominates both the Ascendant and its lord the Sun. Mars types are created by a strong Mars in the chart, like Mars located in the Ascendant or in other angular houses (Mars does well in the tenth house), particularly if it is also placed in its own sign (Aries or Scorpio) or sign of exaltation (Capricorn). Mars ruled Ascendants (Aries and Scorpio) usually create Mars types, unless another planet dominates both Mars and the Ascendant. Aries or Scorpio Moon or Sun signs are contributing factors, as is the aspect of Mars on the Ascendant and its lord.

The Moon in the Signs

Moon in Aries Instinctive and spontaneous, you form judgments instantly. Your enthusiasm is easily aroused, as is your anger. You may come across as self-absorbed because you're more insecure than you let on, and you're often remarkably competitive. You're feisty and decisive (sometimes foolishly so). You can also be selfish, irritable, impatient, and blunt. Quick-tempered and impetuous, you make sure your needs are acknowledged at the earliest possible moment. The chances are that, when you were a child, your mother reacted promptly to your insistent, fiery demands. She had no choice. As a result, you got what you wanted and you learned to be independent, direct, and courageous. Mary Beth Whitehead, one of the first surrogate mothers, was born April 7, 1957, with all the pioneering spirit you might expect of an Aries. Thanks to her bold Aries Sun and the detached, unconventional attitudes of her Aquarian Ascendant, she agreed to become the surrogate mother for William and Elizabeth...

Pisces Through The Houses

In the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, we come to the ending of the personality that started its pilgrimage in Aries. Freedom for Pisces does not lie in the valley of personality achievement but on the higher levels of spiritual growth and development. The symbol of Pisces, two fish tied together represents the two aspects of self the personality and the soul. If the personality becomes the servant of the soul, all is well with Pisces. Serve or suffer is the keynote of Pisces. Where Aries is concerned with beginnings, Pisces is concerned with endings. Pisces begins where Aquarius leaves off, in the second house of resources and values. The values gained through the journey through all the other signs must be brought into full consciousness in Pisces. ARIES ON THE SECOND HOUSE * Wherever Aries is placed in the blueprint is where the soul initiates its activity and begins to operate in the world of appearance. For Pisces, values and resources are of utmost importance. Not only must he...

Reading The Horoscope Introductory

We would also advise the younger astrologer not to bother too much with the descriptions of physical appearance indicated in the horoscope. It is foolish to spend hours in studying over a phase of the subject which is of limited value. We give descriptions of the different physical types, but do so for the purpose of aiding the student to determine at sight the probable sign and planet rising when a person comes who does not know his birth hour. There are people for instance, who have a face perfectly resembling that of a sheep. If such a one were in doubt about the birth hour, we would at once look to Aries and experimentally try how Aries rising would fit with the other characteristics of that person if we did so we should probably find our guess to be correct. Thus also the other signs and planets in signs exhibit distinguishing characteristics of valuable aid to the student in the direction mentioned.

Compliant Adaptive Selfprotective

The Libra Woman is usually raised to be a good girl. Her indecisiveness and delays may be the result of her wish not to offend, to abide by social regulations. She rarely says no, seemingly out of a desire not to hurt people, but her fear often covers the fear of being rejected herself. It is as if some Aries traits need to rub off on her to enable her to be more directly assertive (by the same token, it might be good for Aries to incorporate some Libra traits in order to be more diplomatic).

The Panic Op 18931895

The North Node was in 28 degrees Aries and moving backward over the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange during May, 1893. Pluto and Neptune were in conjunction in Gemini, the sign which is co-significator of the United States, and together they were forming an unfavorable semi-square aspect (45 degrees) to the North Node. These secondary factors indicated the financial crisis affecting this country during this period. The Business Cycle Curve had started downward and the unfavorable secondary factors present depressed the curve 20 . (All secondary factors, favorable or unfavorable, have the power to inflate or deflate the normal trend of the Business Curve from 1 to 20 depending upon the strength of the secondary factor involved.) From September, 1893 to April, 1894, the Business Curve rose from 20 points below normal to 14 points below normal. This was a total of six points rise as the unfavorable semi-square aspect (45 degrees) between the North Node in Aries and Pluto and...

Mars in the Signs and Houses

SHU'S Is the planet ruling Aries and Scorpio*In Aries, it is the beginning of all objective manifestation. Aries is the sign in which Mars initiates activity on the outer side. In Scorpio it rules the inner life and involves the emotional and mental levels as well. Without energy, being could not manifest. Motion is necessary to matter if a universe is to exist. This energy must be directed and controlled, and not allowed to dissipate or escape in ways unwilled. Mars is the dynamic in life that drives over and through obstacles. The character which is lacking in Martian aspects never comes to grips with life.

755 Final Solution for the Small Esna Zodiac May 68 1404 AD

MOON - in Aries, appearing as a shrinking moon crescent MERCURY - in Taurus, near its border with Aries 238.5 0.48 Aries 52.4 1.02 Aries The planetary configuration that fits the best the astronomical data shown on the Small zodiac, occured on May 7, 1404. On that day, the Moon in a shape of a shrinking narrow crescent was located in Aries. At that time, the mean distance from the best points was only 8o, which can be compared with a quarter of the length of an average zodiac constellation. Since even the mean discrepancy from the best points of magnitude 15o can be considered as acceptable (see section 6.11), this result should be considered as very good.

Mercury In The Twelve Houses

Mercury in the Ascendant, or First House makes the person quick- witted and sharp according to the nature of the sign rising and the aspects of the planets which he receives. The fiery signs and the airy signs have the strongest influence in that respect. In Aries or Leo he is more impulsive than when rising in Sagittarius, but Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are best. When Mercury is rising in the watery signs Cancer or Pisces the intellect is dull, but rising in Scorpio where it is fired by the martial energy and armed with the venomous sting of the scorpion it has a somewhat similar influence to that of Mars in Scorpio through not quite so pronounced.

Sagittarius Through The Houses

If Sagittarius is on the ascendant then Aries where the self projects itself into activity starts in the fifth house, the house of self-expression. This is the dramatization of the self and helps to plain why Sagittarius is self-concerned and self centered, in spite of his outgoing exuberance and enthusiasm for life. When we understand how the other fellow operates, we understand why he operates as he does. ARIES ON THE FIFTH HOUSE Ardor, enthusiasm, a zest for life, and independence, as well as a desire to be on the move continuously, are part of the Sagittarian's equipment A love for sports, horses, gambling, and a desire to take a chance on anything are inherent in his nature. There is a great love of the out of doors. Don't fence me in, is his motto. He wants to keep moving, although he may not know where he is going. The going is more important than the destination. The far horizons beckon him. In the first part of life, it is the physical horizons that call him. In the later...

Mars The Planet Of Action

From Mars we receive a number of our highly-prized virtues as well as some of our worst faults. When well-aspected he gives a strong constitution and physical endurance, a positive, independent and self-reliant nature, determined and proud, generous and energetic, resourceful and quick to learn, especially when in Aries, Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn, but when he is weak by sign as in Taurus, Cancer, Libra or aspected by squares or oppositions he makes the person quick-tempered, obstinate and spiteful, inclined to drunkenness and criminal acts, cruel and hard, a bully and braggart.

Signs In The 4th House

T Aries in the 4th House Aries in the 4th House suggests that home and family life will be productive of active and at times even of unsettled conditions. The domestic atmosphere is conducive to a considerable amount of arguments, disputes, especially between the male members of the family. Yet, beneath this hostile atmosphere, each member of the family will like and appreciate the other members. Various changes of residence will occur and during the first part of life certain of these can be of a disturbing or unpleasant character, inciting a feeling of personal rebellion.

Lesson 5 Delineating a Chart

Brujulas Antiguas

As explained in lesson 1, the flat wheel in astrology starts with Aries on the cusp of the first house, Taurus on the cusp of the second house, etc. Thus, the Sun in the first house will always reflect some qualities and traits of Aries, regardless of the sign in which the Sun is actually located. It is important that you keep this rule in mind. To illustrate, let us take an example the Sun in Cancer in the first house. A keyword for the Sun is the inner self. Some keywords for Cancer include devoted, maternal, domestic and sensitive. Keywords for the first house include identity, personality and self-expression. And, finally, keywords for Aries, the natural first house sign, include dynamic and active. These keywords can be put together to make an astrological sentence Aries

Strong Sense of Purpose and Direction Appetite for Life

If Scarlett O'Hara is the typical Aries fireball of the movies, we might say that the women Joan Crawford played in her most famous films were all Capricorn types. Her characters were clever and poised, regal, persistent, achieving, upwardly mobile they knew how to advance their ambitions, faced many obstacles, but in the end were successful, at least professionally. The common theme of these films is still relevant to women everywhere, and most especially to the Capricorn Woman Can a woman combine acute ambition with personal fulfillment How

The Signs on the House Cusps [continued

If libra is on the ascendant, then Aries, where the self projects itself into activity, is in the seventh house, the angle ruling sunset. When everyone else is ready to call it a day. Libra is ready to go into action. The power to relate to others should be his greatest concern. He comes into this sign to attain balance and equilibrium. If he had it already he would not be born in this Bign. The sign Libra stands half way between the strictly personal and material Aries and the impersonal and spiritual Pisces. ARIES ON THE SEVENTH HOUSE With Mars-ruled Aries on the seventh house, Libra represents high windstorms and hurricanes, followed by calm. The Libra tendency to stir up a storm where other people are concerned is related to the Mars rulership. The stirring up of the energies of the partner usually starts with the Libra, but bo sweet is the Libra personality that the partner is at a loss to account for actions into which he is goaded by Libra. When Libra's sense of justice is...

Aquarius The Father Of The New

Kumbha Lagna has the head of Kala Purusha in the 3rd house representing courage, prowess, heroism and mental power of which Aries is the sign and Mars the lord. From this, it is evident that the native can be happy and fulfilling the purpose of his life when his entire energy and interests are directed towards beginning a new cycle of evolution. For this, the native is admirably well suited. Two of the force-centres of Kala Purusha, namely, Brahmarandhra and Ajna chakra located in this house, do not only indicate considerable latent faculties for inculcating the idea of Divine Unity in every manifested form of the creation and the capacity for arousing metaphysical ideas in the hearts of the people, but this situation also suggests the fact that the destiny of such individuals lies in energising these force-centres without which they would not feel satisfied, Those Aquarius ascendants who do not mobilise all their energies for this purpose are naturally bound to feel their life...

Chart Basics Its All Greek to Me

Just as Mom, Dad, Junior, and Spot are much more than Mom, Dad, Junior, and Spot, astrological symbols represent much more than Aries, Mercury, the First House, or a sextile. For example, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Mars, a cardinal fire sign, and has a yang energy. All of that should come immediately to mind when you see the symbol 1. In turn, each of these symbols represents a larger meaning as well. Cardinal signs, for example, like to lead, to get things started, though they aren't always around to see things through to completion. By using the symbol for Aries, 1, these concepts are part of what's represented, too, plus a whole lot more. Aries

Chiron The Wounded Healer

Is it an asteroid A burned-out comet A planetesimal leftover from the creation of the solar system An errant moon of Neptune, long since torn away from its original orbit Or a particular type of asteroid called a Centaur Ever since November 1, 1977, when scientist Charles Kowal discovered Chiron hurtling around the Sun between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, scientists have been trying to make up their minds. Smaller by far than any planet (its estimated size is 200 miles across), Chiron has a peculiar orbit that causes it to spend more time in some signs (Pisces, Aries, and Taurus) than in others (Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio). A complete swing through all 12 signs of the zodiac takes 51 years. 1 Chiron in Aries Your efforts to express your personality have been thwarted. You suffer from a bad case of fear of failure, and taking the initiative isn't easy for you. Finding the courage to do so and you've got courage aplenty is the only way to overcome your fears and feelings of...

Aspects As Reflecting Planetary Nature

Vedic astrology does not ascribe any particular quality to different aspects. Aspects are distinguished only by their strength as major or minor. All aspects represent a relationship between planets. The nature of that relationship depends primarily upon the nature of the planets, not upon the type of the aspect. It does not regard oppositions or squares as being bad or difficult, or trines as being good or easy. It depends upon the planets involved. An opposition of a badly disposed Sun, say in its fall in Libra, may prove very difficult, but when well disposed, exalted in Aries, it may prove very beneficial. A square from Mars in Aries, its own sign, to Jupiter in Cancer, its sign of exaltation, can good, as both

Death Varieties Of Violence

In the part of the underworld reserved for those who die before their time, Virgil in the Aeneid has only a few categories those who had died as infants, those condemned to die on a false accusation, suicides, those who died from love and soldiers who had been killed in battle.37 The astrologers' various lists were far more extensive, again giving the impression of a methodical, thorough examination, in which predictions are related to predisposing conditions in a manner which conforms to logical arrangement. In Vettius Valens, the examination moves round the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, and within each sign there is a set of variants conforming to a precise classification of violent deaths. The major factor is one or more planetary aspect, and after that, the situation of the relevant planets or other astrological entities, the sign and Place in which it is found, which, interacting with the characters of the planets, determine the type of death. The first division is between those...

Four Pillars Divination

Astrological Glyphs

The earliest Chinese astrological reference to any part of the Four Pillars system is a division of the year into 24 parts. If one takes the Western tropical signs and divides them in half, the result exactly reproduces the 24 divisions of the old Chinese year. What the Taoist Chinese do with these divisions is very different from what is done in Western astrology. In the West, the year begins at the Spring equinox, also called Zero Aries. The Chinese year begins halfway between the Winter solstice and the Spring equinox, located where the Western zodiac calls 15 of Aquarius. Fifteen degrees of Aquarius is the proper derivation of the Western ritual day of Candlemass, or Groundhog Day. The Chinese regard 15 of Aquarius roughly February 4 as the beginning of Spring, and as the beginning of the astrological Chinese year. 15 Pisces to 15 Aries is Rabbit month. 15 Aries to 15 Taurus is Dragon month.

Woman of her Husband at Sea if alive where when returne

Mercury Lord of the ascendant doth personate the Querent, and as Mercury is in Conjunction with Moon and Saturn in Aries which doth signifie the Face, so was she extreamly disfigured therin by the smal-Pocks, had weak Eyes, &c. was full of griefe & sorrow for her Husband occasioned by Saturn his affliction of Mercury she also had a lisping in her speech, and spake but ill for usually Saturn afflicting Mercury in mute or bestiall Signes, causeth impediment speech.

Jupiter In Different Signs

Jupiter in Aries gives the person a good family life and makes him powerful, wealthy, refined, cultured and strict disciplinarian. The good effects of Jupiter will be felt when Jupiter is occupying the sign between 0 to 3 20 minutes, 10 to 13 20 minutes and 26 40 minutes to 30 .

The Signs As Mental Significators

When the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are on the angles, that is to say, the Ascendant, Midheaven, Fourth and Seventh Houses, it is a general indication that the person is mentally alert, quick to grasp an idea, active and enthusiastic in whatever work he undertakes one who has organizing and executive ability and is capable of carrying whatever enterprise he may start to success a bold, brave indomitable spirit. This is especially true when many

Astrological significance

There is never a time when living people have Neptune in each of the 12 signs. So while we interpret signs here for the very elderly and for those about to be born, do not be misled by our not covering Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. These people have long since departed, and Neptune will not be active in Aries again until 2025. For that reason we begin our interpretations with Cancer (below).

Different Methods Of Progression And The Reason For Them

The other system of progression is founded upon the orbital revolution of the earth, but in this system the positions of the planets are expressed in degrees of Longitude and measured on the ecliptic or Sun's path, from Aries 0 degrees to Pisces 29. The measure of time is the same as in the system first mentioned 1 degree equals 1 year, but there is this important difference, that while the earth takes only 4 minutes to turn 1 degree upon it axis, it requires 24 hours to move 1 degree in its orbit.

The Numbers and the Signs 1 Through

Number 1 is independent, pioneering, and headstrong and rules beginnings It is the Aries energy. A number 1 person has a purpose, wants results, and is impatient to get on with it. Number 1s meet challenges with courage and self-reliance and often have strong opinions. They are determined initiative takers. In fact, if you're around a 1, you might just have to get out of the way Number 1s like to have their own way

Of Government Office Dignity Preferment or any place of Command or Trust whether attainable or not

If the Lord of the 1st or the Moon be joyned to the Lord of the 10th or either of them, and he more weighty then either of them, and be in a good place of heaven, viz. either in the 10th, 11th, or 5th free from all manner of impediments, though he behold not the 10th, yet withstanding if the Querent be then in any Command or Office, he shall be transferred to some other place of trust or Command But if he behold the 10th house, then he shall continue where he is. If the Lord of the ascendant and the Moon be in Angles, and the Angles moveable Signes and Moon not joyned to the Lord of the exaltation of that Sign she is then in, it argues he shall goe from this present Command or Government or if the Moon be joyned to any Planet who is not in any of his essential dignities, though he be received, unlesse it be from a fortune by Sextile or Trine, and that fortune in the 3rd or 9th, the Querent shall leave his Government or Office. In like manner the same thing will happen unto him, if...

If his Majesty should procure Forces out of Ireland to harme the Parliament

Her Majesties Signifatrix is Saturn Lord of the 4th, for that is the 7th from the 10th, removing out of one Signe into another Saturn being a ponderous Planet, made me more confident her Majesty would move forwards with her Army, with intention to meet his Majesty, which I said she should do about 3 or 4 moneths from the time of the Figure, because the Moon wanted 3 or 4 degrees of the Trine of Saturn, I intimated a great desire in his Majesty to see her, because his Significator applyed, The truth is, she met him about the 14. of July 1643. in Warwick-shire. I judged that she would not prosper but decline, because Saturn her Significatrix was going into Aries his Fall, and that Jupiter, viz. good Fortune, was separated, and did separate from Saturn. Besides, I observed that Mars made haste to a Square of Saturn in Cancer, as if our Souldiery would quite destroy and bring to nothing her Army and that she would be crossed at or neer the time of that aspect, which was the 11. April,...

Natural House Natural Chart Natural Ruler

The signs of the zodiac refer to a person's nature, and astrological houses refer to a person's environment, and there is a natural association between each of the 12 signs and each of the 12 houses (e.g., Aries is associated with the first house, Taurus with the second house, Gemini, with the third house, and so forth). Thus, for example, the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, is associated with the home, while the fourth astrological house is also identified with the home and with property. To take another example, the third sign, Gemini, is a sign of communication, and the third house is associated with, among other things, communication. Such correspondences hold between all the signs and houses. This correspondence is what is referred to, for example, when it is said that a person with Aries on the ascendant (with the first sign on the beginning or cusp of the first house), and with each succeeding sign on the cusp of each succeeding house, has a natural chart The signs and...

The Controversy Between The Two Zodiacs

As Vedic astrology is sidereal this means that the signs will change in the Vedic chart from what we find in the more common tropical chart. A Taurus Sun sign person may find their Sun in Aries in the Vedic system. This shift of positions naturally causes some consternation, particularly for those of us who are familiar with or pleased with our chart in the Tropical system. An Aquarius Sun sign person may not be happy to become Capricorn in the Vedic system (even though there is some difference in the interpretation of the meanings of these signs). On the other hand, a Capricorn Sun in the western system may feel happier as a Sagittarius Sun in the eastern. (We should mention in passing that the Vedic system does not make such a big thing of Sun signs, it considers the Ascendant and the Moon to be more important). Hence it is crucial that we understand the two zodiacs and their differences so that we don't confuse one system with the other or try to judge one according to the...

Mars through the zodiac

Mars in aries Here is Mars in the sign it rules. The planet will be of increased importance and a focal point of the birth chart. It gives an energy force which will need to be burned positively through daily physical work, sport, and exercise. These individuals will in some respects show certain characteristics of Aries. They will want to be out in front and way ahead of any rivals. They are also likely to put themselves first, so an element of selfishness can sometimes emerge.

Low Selfesteem Hard Worker

She tends to work hard and play little. As a result, she may go through periods when she feels left out and prematurely aged. She may rebel at long last and perhaps experience a selfish Aries or Leo phase or a playful Sagittarius phase. She needs the buoyancy of the fire types and their inherent leaning toward self-confidence.

Finding and Understanding Your Descendant

1 If you have Aries rising Your Descendant is in Libra. Your ideal relationship is egalitarian, and your perfect partner, unlike yourself, is poised and balanced, a force for harmony the very quality you need the most. 1 If you have Libra rising Your Descendant is Aries, which suggests that the ideal mate for you is someone with an independent streak and a fiery personality who can stir up your enthusiasms, energize you, and help you deal with conflict.

Adding to What You Know about Astrology Going from Sun Signs to Moon Signs

Next to your Sun sign, the Moon in the chart is the strongest influence on who you are. In many cases, in fact, the Moon sign can be more dominant. For instance, given a fire sign Sun (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) with a Capricorn Moon, in my observation, the Capricorn Moon will outweigh the fire sign Sun. In many respects, these people often react to life's challenges more like a Capricorn driven to establish security through success. Unlike the typical fire sign Sun, they will be cautious, serious, even prone to depression, and hard on themselves and others with that typical Capricornian perfectionism.

Aspects Of Uranus To The Other Planets

Saturn conjunction or parallel to Uranus has an influence like the good aspects if the planets are unafflicted, elevated, in angles, essentially dignified or exalted, as Saturn in Libra and Capricorn or Uranus in Aquarius or Scorpio, but if the conjunction occurs in signs where either of the planets is weak or afflicted, like Saturn in Aries, Cancer or Leo, then the influence will be detrimental and should be judged the same as the square or opposition. Mars conjunction, parallel, square or opposition to Uranus gives an erratic and eccentric disposition, a violent temper of the worst nature, an unusual resentment of even the slightest restraint and gives the person a stubborn, headstrong and dogged determination to go ahead in any line of action upon which he has decided no matter what the outcome. He will listen to neither reason nor entreaty but follows his own course in defiance of all. People with these configurations very often become anarchists of the reddest type for they do...

The Ruler of the Ascendant

More imaginative, psychically sensitive, and absent-mindedly confused than a Gemini Rising with Mercury in Taurus, where the mind will function more slowly and practically. I call these Gemini Rising with a Pisces Subtone and Gemini Rising with a Taurus '' Subtone.'' For another example, a Cancer Rising with Ruling Planet Moon in Libra is likely to be more detached and more diplomatic than Cancer Rising with Moon in Aries, which is so impulsive and often tactless. (I would call these two examples a Cancer Rising with a Libra Subtone and a Cancer Rising with an Aries Subtone. )

The Zodiacal Signs as Energy Patterns

One way of understanding the various energy patterns represented by the zodiacal signs is to analyze them in terms of their modalities. The cardinal signs represent centrifugal radiating energy and correlate with the principle of action in a definite direction. The positive cardinal signs, Aries and Libra, are concerned with action in the present, based upon future considerations. The negative cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn, are more concerned with the past. (Witness, for example, Cancer's love of the home and antiques and Capricorn's concern with tradition and history.)

Sex Polymorphous Perversity

If Venus and Saturn are also in the common signs, that is, Capricorn or Libra, they portend sexual relations within the family. If the Moon is present with this aforesaid combination when it is at the Ascendant or Midheaven, she makes men have intercourse with their sons, their brother's sons, or their daughters' husbands. The Sun, particularly if the planets are setting, makes men have intercourse with their daughters, daughters' sisters, or sons' wives, and the women have intercourse with their fathers, fathers' brothers, or stepfathers. But if the aforesaid aspects do not happen to be composed of signs of the same gender, but are in feminine places, thus they produce lechers, ready for active and passive sex of every kind, and in some formations utterly obscene people, as for instance in the front and hind parts of Aries, the Hyades, and the Pitcher, and the hind parts of Leo, and the face of Capricorn. But if the configuration is angular, on the first two cardines, the eastern and...

Sagittarius the archer

Reading the preceding description of the signs, you probably noticed that both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Originally, when only the Sun, Moon and five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, were known, each was given the rulership over two signs. While the Sun and Moon are technically known as luminaries, they are commonly referred to as planets. The Sun ruled only Leo, and the Moon ruled only Cancer. However, Mars ruled both Aries and Scorpio Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces and Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. 1. Aries I think 16. Aries activity 23. Aries rules the feet 31. Aries ruled by Pluto

Health Potentials of the Nakshatras

00 00 Aries 13 20 Aries 26 40 Aries The first perspective is relative to the nature of the signs that they are a part of. The Nakshatras cover less than half a sign each (a total of 13 degrees 20 minutes). They reflect the portion of the signs that they constitute, adding specificity to the smaller area they cover but not contradicting the basic meaning of the signs and their ruling planets. For example, the first Nakshatra Ashvini will reflect the energies of the first section of the sign Aries in which it is located, and will further define the Aries qualities specific to this portion of the sign. This perspective is important for interpretive purposes.

Chakras and the Exaltation Points of the Planets

Scorpio, Aries The Sun is exalted in Aries, the sign of Mars and the navel center or solar plexus, well known as a site of solar and fire energy. The solar energy of the head must be integrated with the vital will in the belly. The Sun in Aries gives the power to align the ego or personal will (third chakra) to the inner Self or Atman. The exaltation status centers on the heart and the solar plexus, two energy centers that function as seats of the individual self. The sign ruling status, on the other hand, is a vertically oriented symbolism reflecting the flow of prana from the lower to the higher chakras. The exaltation order reflects how the planets function once their energy is integrated within us. The solar energy from the head needs to be integrated into the vital energy in our navel or fire center (Aries). The martial energy of the navel center needs to be made concrete in action in the root center (Capricorn). The lunar receptive mind from the head needs to be integrated into...

The Twelve House Reading

- Gemini House 1 -Capricorn House 2 -Leo House 3 -Aries House 4 -Libra House 5 Pisces House 6 - Taurus (her sign) -House 7 -Aquarius House 8 -Cancer House 9 - Virgo House 10 -Scorpio Now on to house four. This relates to home, property and one of your parents. Aries is a fire sign, so I assume that at least one of your parents was outgoing and sociable. It shows that you try to make your home a happy place, and you put a great deal of enthusiasm and energy into your home. Given the right relationship, and that seems to be not very far away, your home is going to be filled with more happiness and joy than you have ever known. You love your home and have a very warm, affectionate nature. If I was to make a guess at your star sign, I'd look at that, plus the stubbornness and the placement of Capricorn back here, and probably go for either Taurus or . . . no, I'd say definitely Taurus. What sign are you

Planet Ruler Exaltation

As explained by Ptolemy in the Tetrabiblos, the Moon and the Sun were assigned to the Rulership of Cancer and Leo because these are the most Northerly of all the Signs, and approach nearer than any others to the Zenith of this part of the Earth the Moon to Cancer because both are feminine, and the Sun to Leo, because both are masculine. This resulted in the division of the zodiac into a Solar semi-circle from Leo forward to Capricorn, and a Lunar Semi-circle from Cancer backward to Aquarius. In order that each planet might rule a Sign in each semi-circle, whereby it could be configurated with both Sun and Moon, Mercury, which is never more than one Sign distant from the Sun, was assigned to the rulership of Gemini and Virgo Venus, which is never more than two Signs distant, to Taurus and Libra Mars, because it is dry in nature, was assigned to two Signs of a similar nature, Aries and Scorpio, whose square relation to the respective Signs of the luminaries was appropriately discordant...

Houses By Quality And Element

In addition, houses can be correlated to the elements, just as the signs. Houses 1, 5 and 9, like signs of the same number, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, represent the element of fire. Houses 2, 6 and 10 represent earth. Houses 3, 7 and 11 represent air. Houses 4, 8 and 12 represent water. This, however, is a more secondary factor than house qualities and seldom deserves much weight. Yet a fiery planet in a fiery house will receive some boost thereby. Many planets in the twelfth, for example, are often found in the charts of those who drown.

Elemental Considerations

It is significant that this triplicity has its beginning in the Cardinal Sign Aries, ruling the Eastern Hemisphere or sunrise, the beginning of self. Hence the keyword of the Fire Sign is self. Although the word self may denote a vain egotistical person, it can also refer to one who is very refined and knows his place. It sometimes indicates a person who has matured

Astrology And Psychology

The same thing cannot be said about the Signs of the Zodiac that is, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. There is a distinction. The story goes that the early Greek shepherds would lie on their backs at night and gaze up into the sky while tending their flocks. The brightest stars seemed to make patterns in a band of space that the planets travel in their orbit around the sun called the ecliptic. This band of space was divided into twelve sections and named after the figures from their favorite legends. These myths were projected out into the heavens as a product of the human mind. Planets are objective the signs of the zodiac are subjective, and they are not considered to have

Introduction Astronomy And Astrology

Celestial Sphere

If you were to watch the sky at sunset over the period of a whole year, making a note of the stars which appeared just after the Sun, by the end of the year you would have made a map of a line through the heavens known as the ecliptic (Figures 2, 3). The planets can be seen to remain within about 8 degrees (measuring the celestial sphere as 360 degrees in circumference) on either side, though the Moon may move outside this band of the sky occasionally. This band on either side of the Sun's path is the zodiac, and is divided into twelve equal sectors of 30 degrees each, named after constellations identified by the Greeks, or in some cases by the Babylonians, which lay in the area of each sector. The 360 degrees of the zodiac are measured clockwise from the First point of Aries. The positions of the planets are plotted in relation to the ecliptic, in degrees of celestial longitude (Figure 4). The planets are seen to move in the same direction as the Sun at different speeds, Mercury...

The Signs and the Doshas

The twelve signs of the zodiac from Aries to Pisces represent the fields in which the nine planets operate. They are an extension of the qualities of their ruling planets, for example, with Mars-ruled Aries having a strong Mars energy in its qualities. Like the planets, the signs also correspond to the elements. Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Aries, Leo and Scorpio are ruled by fiery planets Mars and the Sun and partake of the fiery (Pitta) nature of these planets.

Phobos and Deimos Moons of Mars

Hall named the Martian moons after the sons of Ares (Aries), who was the Greek equivalent of Mars, the Roman god of war. Phobos and Deimos have no mythological tales of their own. Rather, they are simply mentioned in the context of other myths, where they serve as their father's chariot drivers. Developed myths are not necessary, however, to decipher the meaning of these brother moons unlike the names of many other celestial bodies, Fear and Panic are self-explanatory. Similarly, it takes little reflection to see why they should be associated with Mars As a psychological principle, Mars represents outgoing energy, assertiveness, courage, and aggression. This planet's placement in a natal chart indicates how, and in what area of life, this principle is expressed most readily. What is not usually mentioned, however, is that where one most tends to express one's self in acts of courage and aggression is also

Uranus in the Signs and Houses

Uranus in Aries ushered in a new world in 1928. The egos born into this planet since then have been of a different nature than those born before that year. Due to certain Cosmic initiations, changes began that were to change the scheme of things as they were. We were to be stepped up in consciousness and a new world was to be born. In 1968 the opposition point to Aries brought crisis after crisis and the end is not yet in sight All the established values are being tested. Humanity is on the march toward freedom but not knowing what real freedom is, there is chaos and confuaion. Until we will the Will of our Higher Will, there will be no peace on earth or any ending to the confusion. Until there is true brotherhood on earth there will be no ending to wars. Do not expect it The geographical disturbances, the tornados, the hurricanes and the earthquakes that co many are prophesying are the result of man's misuse of God-given energy. The atomic testings are disturbing the atmosphere and...

The Divisions Of The Twelve Signs

These signs are placed above, so that the student may most readily discern which are opposite to each other thus Aries is opposite to Libra, Leo to Aquarius, and so in due order, which is requisite to be perfectly known in casting a celestial theme of heaven, as the horoscope of a birth or other remarkable event. The Jirsttix signs are called northern, because they decline from the Equator towards the north pole and the latter six are termed southern, as declining the contrary way, to the south pole. . This zodiac cuts the equator in two opposite points, that is, ip the beginning of Aries and Libra, which are therefore called the equinoctial points.

Christian Attitudes Towards Astrology

It was not only sects defined as heretical who sought to follow Jewish precedent in investing the zodiac with a symbolic relationship to cherished religious concepts. Bishop Zeno of Verona, who died in 380 CE, has left us a sermon to new converts just baptised, which offers the first Christianised zodiac to survive.32 The theme is that the converts are born again under a new set of zodiac signs, destining them all to heaven. He links Aries and Taurus with Christ as sacrificial victim (lamb and calf) and Gemini with the Old and New Testament. Both Cancer and Capricorn represent the variety of vice. Virgo brings forth Libra, as Mary brought forward Christ as bringer of justice, while Leo is Judah the lion-cub and Christ resurrected. Scorpio recalled the passage where Christ was given authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and thus refers to the Devil, like Sagittarius, whose fiery arrows recall St Paul's description. Aquarius stands for baptism and Pisces for the unity in Christ of...

Masculine Signs Positive Signs

The 12 signs of the zodiac are classified in several different ways, including a division into positive, masculine signs and negative, feminine signs (using negative and positive in the neutral sense of opposite poles rather than as value judgments). The masculine signs are all of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and all of the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). The gender of the signs was originally determined by the Pythagorean notion that odd numbers were male and even numbers female. This caused the signs that came first (Aries), third (Gemini), fifth (Leo), etc., in the zodiac to be classified as masculine. By comparison with the feminine signs, the masculine signs tend to be more active and extroverted.

Capricorn Through The Houses

If Capricorn is on the ascendant, then Aries where the self projects itself into life starts in the fourth house. The fourth house in the horoscope represents the roots of the being, what we have inherited from the family tree, as well as what we have inherited as souls from a past the outer self does not remember. It is the midnight side of the blueprint. Midnight, in a psychological sense, means the deepest part of our nature. Does not this help to explain the deep reserve and seriousness of the one born with a Capricorn ascendant He is not a surface person, and it takes time (Saturn) to get to know him. Life is not easy for him, and it is difficult for him to approach life in an easygoing and free-flowing manner. ARIES ON THE FOURTH HOUSE Capricorn starts from the foundation of his being, and his ability to entrench and establish himself strongly in matter (earth material living) iB vital to him. A home is very important to him, even though he may not be in it much of the time....