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Friendship is often based on mutual support along with elements of trust and understanding. The archangels play significant roles in this regard. These are God's topmost angels who often captures people's attention and admiration. It is believed that Gabriel frequently communicate with God and thus considered the most powerful of all. Your guardian angel may sometimes try to send you an urgent message in relation to guidance and insight into the past, present and future. Questions regarding love, relationship or money will be addressed instantly if you connect with your angel today. As a being, you are entitled to love and care, you need to develop your prevailing relationship by means and harmony in the balance you aspire for and permit healing to occur where necessary. You need to open with regards to new dimensions to the relationships you have already have with others. Angels have special plans for you, with essential lessons and a bright down. Your guardian angel is watching over you, waiting for you to begin listening. In whatever circumstance you face, take note there is always an angel besides you for support More here...

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Babylonian Astrologers Looked for Celestial Signs

The Babylonian astrologers believed that any event really important and historic would be worthy of having its own celestial sign in the sky This is an interesting belief of the ancients. So pervasive was this belief that the Old Testament of the Bible even talks about and supports this viewpoint. For example, in Genesis 1 14, it says And God said, Let there be lights meaning planets and stars in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs authors' emphasis and for seasons, and for days and years. Nowadays, most scientists pooh-pooh this belief about heavenly signs as nonsense. But most scientists have never actually investigated the idea. This book will show you that there is an enormous amount of truth to the belief in celestial signs. It was true then when Genesis was written thousands of years ago, and as you will learn in this book, it is equally valid and true now. Maybe even more so. The Babylonians believed that MEGA-EVENTS were...

That The Passions Of The Mind Are Assisted By Celestialsand That Constancy Of Mind Is In Every Work Necessary

THE passions of the mind are much helped, and are helpful, and become most powerful, by virtue of the heaven, as they agree with the heaven--either by any natural agreement, or voluntary election for, as Ptolemy says, he who chuseth that which is the better, seems to differ nothing from him who hath this of Nature. It conduceth, therefore, very much for the receiving the benefit of the heavens, in any work, if we shall, by the heaven, make ourselves suitable to it in our thoughts, affections, imaginations, elections, deliberations, contemplations, and the like. For such like passions vehemently stir up our spirit to their likeness, and suddenly expose us, and our's, to the superior significators of such like passions and also, by reason of their dignity and nearness to the superiors, do partake more of the celestials than any material things for our mind can, through imaginations or reason by a kind of imitation, be so conformed to any star, as suddenly to be filled with the virtues...

65 Celestial Calendar and Its Principles

Let us explain in detail how works the so called celestial calendar, which was used to record special dates on the Egyptian zodiacs. As we already explained, a date on an Egyptian zodiacs was indicated by a horoscope showing the locations of the seven ancient planets (including the Sun and Moon) among the zodiacal constellations.

Of The Observation Of The Celestials Necessary In Every Magical Work

EVERY natural virtue works things far more wonderful when it is not only compounded of a natural proportion, but also is informed by a choice observation of the celestials opportune to this (viz. when the celestial power is most strong to that effect which we desire, and also helped by many celestials), by subjecting inferiors to the celestials, as proper females, to be made fruitful by their males. Also, in every work there are to be observed the situation, motion, and aspect of the stars and planets, in signs and degrees, and how all these stand in reference to the len gth and latitude of the climate for by this are varied the qualities of the angles, which th e rays of the celestial bodies upon the figure of the thing describe, according to which celestial virtues are infused. So when you are working any thing which belongs to any p lanet, you must place it in its dignities fortunate, and powerful, and ruling in the day hour, and in the figure of the heavens. Neither must you...

Virtue From The Celestial Bodies

SO great is the extent, power, and efficacy of the celestial bodies, that not only natural things, but also artificial, when they are rightly exposed to those above, do presently suffer by that most potent agent, and obtain a wonderful life. The magicians affirm, that not only by the mixture and application of natural things, but also in images, seals, rings, glasses, and some other instruments, being opportunely framed under a certain constellation) some celestial illustrations may be taken, and some wonderful thing may be received for the beams of the celestial bodies being animated, living, sensual, and bringing along with them admirable gifts, and a most violent power, do, even in a moment, and at the first touch, imprint wonderful powers in the images, though their matter be less capable. Yet they bestow more powerful virtues on the images if they be framed not of any, but of a certain matter, namely, whose natural, but also specifical virtue is agreeable with the work, and the...

Important Days Have Celestial Signs

The Engagement Chart is the chart of the day that an engagement is publicly proclaimed, or when the announcements are sent out. This is an important day, and the Planetary Geometry of this day often gives us signs as to whether the couple will actually get married. If they are engaged but not meant to be married, there will usually be a detectable celestial sign to that effect on the announcement date.

Celestial Coordinates

Celestial (sky) coordinates are most easily understood by comparing them to terrestrial (earthly) coordinates. Terrestrial coordinates allow a location to be specified in terms of degrees of longitude and latitude. Celestial coordinates similarly specify location in terms of two measurements of distance, expressed in terms of degrees of a circle. Rather than measuring degrees along the surface of planet Earth, however, celestial coordinates are measured against the celestial sphere, which is the sphere created by imagining that all of the objects in the sky are stuck against the inside of a gigantic, hollow sphere, with Earth located at the exact center. There are several systems of celestial coordinates. The altitude-azimuth system begins from any given location on the Earth's surface, and uses the horizon, the zenith, and the north-south axis as points of reference. The equatorial system uses the celestial equator and the vernal point as its primary reference points. Astronomers...

Of The Seals And Characters Impressed By Celestials Upon Natural Things

ALL stars have their peculiar natures, properties, and conditions, the seals and characters whereof they produce through their rays even in these inferior things, viz. in elements, in stones, in plants, in animals, and their members whence every thing receives from an harmonious disposition, and from its star shin ing upon it, some particular seal or character stamped upon it, which is the significator of that star or harmony, containing in it a peculiar virtue, different from other virtue s of the same matter, both generically, specifically, and numerically. Every thing, therefore, hath its character impressed upon it by its star for some peculiar effect, especially by that star which doth principally govern it and these characters contain in them the particular natures, virtues, and roots of their stars, and produce the like operations upon other things on which they are reflected and stir up and help the influences of their stars, whether they be planets, or fixed stars and...

Celestial Bodies

THE ancient magicians taught an art of finding out the name of a spirit to any desired effect, drawing it from the disposition of the h eavens as, for example, any celestial harmony being proposed to thee, to make an image or a ring, or any other work to be done under any constellation, if thou wilt find out the spirit that is the ruler of that work, the figure of the heaven being erected, cast forth letters in their number and order, from the degree of the ascendant, according to the succession of signs through each degree, by filling the whole circle of the heavens then th ose letters which fall into the places of the stars, the aid of which you would use, being according to the number and power of those stars marked without into number and order, make the name of a good spirit. But if thou wilt do so from the beginning of a degree falling against the progress of the signs, the resulting spirit shall be evil. By this art some of the Hebrews and Chaldean masters teach that the,...

Celestial Sphere

Astrology Glyph

The celestial sphere can be understood by imagining that all the objects in the sky are stuck against the inside of a gigantic hollow sphere, with Earth located at the exact center. The basic notion of the celestial sphere is assumed in various systems for locating celestial bodies in terms of celestial coordinates. Very much like terrestrial coordinates, which involve specifying a location in terms of longitude and latitude, celestial coordinates require two measurements of distance, expressed in terms of degrees of a circle. The altitude-azimuth system begins by situating itself at a specific location on the Earth's surface, and uses the horizon, the zenith, and the north-south axis as points of reference. The equatorial system uses the celestial equator (Earth's equator extended out into space and projected against the backdrop of the celestial sphere) and the vernal point (where the Sun is located at the point of the spring equinox) as its points of reference. Astronomers most...

Steering by the Stars

You guessed it again They steered by the stars. Ancient astrologers drew maps of the sky, and, just as we notice the Sun rising and setting in slightly different places at different times of year, those maps showed where certain constellations would be at certain times of year. This was called celestial navigation Those ancient ship captains could just point toward Orion and sail toward Cairo (or wherever it was they wanted to go). And while celestial navigation, the most ancient way to plot a course, can be limited by the weather (you can't see the stars if it's cloudy, after all), it is still used today.

The Practical Value Of Astrology

In all religions we hear of the seven Planetary Genii the Hindu tells of Seven Rishi, the Parsi of Seven Ameshaspentas, the Mohammedan of Seven Archangels and our Christian religion has its Seven Spirits Before The Throne. The modern astronomer divorces the spiritual aspect of the celestial science, Astrology, which he pooh-poohs an an exploded superstition, from the material phase, Astronomy, counting eight primary planets plus Pluto in our solar system-Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury. He shows through the telescope that they exist and thinks he has proved that religion knows not whereof it speaks when it asserts that there are seven planets in the solar system. The Mystic, however, points to Bode's Law as vindicating his assertion that Neptune does not really belong to our solar system.

Of The Influence S Of The Stars

Heavens without spot, and pronounced them good, therefore it is the greatest absurdity to suppose the stars, by a continual inclining of us to this or that misdeed, should be our tempters, which we eventually make them, if we admit they cause inclinations but know that it is not from without, but within, by sin, that evil inclinations do arise according to the Scriptures, Out of the heart of man proceed evil cogitations, murmurs, adulteries, thefts, murders, &c. Because, as the heavens and apprehension of all celestial virtues are scaled by God in the soul and spirit of man so when man becomes depraved by sin and the indulgence of his gross and carnal appetite, he then becomes the scat of the Infernal Powers, which may be justly deemed a hell for then the bodily and fleshly sense obscures the bright purity and thinness of the spirit, and he becomes the instrument of our spiritual enemy in the exercise of all infernal lusts and passions. Therefore our astrologers in most of their...

The Geographical Latitude And Longitude Of A Place On The Earth

The truth of this principle is easily established. In the first place we remark, that the Longitude of a Place contains the same number of degcees and parts of a degree, as the arc of the celestial Equator comprises between the Meridian of Greenwich and the Meridian of the Place. Ir is Oh. Om. Oj. of Mean. Solar Time or Mean Noon, at any place, when the Mean Sua* is on the Meridian, of that Particular Place. Therefore, as the Moin Sun moves in the Equator, it recedes from the Meridian towards the Wesc at the rate of 15' per Mean Solar Hour. When it is Mean Noon at a place to the West of Greenwich it will be as man hours and parts of an boar past Mean Noon at Greenwich, as it expressed by the quotient of the division of che arc of the Celestial Equator, or its equivnEent Longitude divided by 15- We assume that it is just Mean Noon there, then it will be as much before Mam Noon at Greenwich, as is expressed by the Longitude of that place, converted into time. In either way the principle...

The Babylonians Make Monumental Discoveries

All celestial signs were either visible eclipses, comets, or NEW STARS, such as a nova. For example, it is now known that around the time that Jesus of Nazareth was born there was a nova, but such celestial events were very rare and unusual. After the nova that heralded the birth of Christ, there was not another one for over 1,000 years. Even comets and visible eclipses were so rare that to limit the definition of celestial signs to only such occurrences rendered astrology virtually useless as a predictive methodology. This was because by using only such criteria, celestial signs occurred far less often than the actual mega-events they were meant to predict. Fortunately for astrology, though, the Babylonian astrologers were much better at research than their counterparts in other cultures. During the time that the Babylonians were improving and developing the way that they drew maps of the sky, they were already drawing and storing these daily maps. In addition, they were recording...

Babylonians Discover the Power of Conjunctions

About 4,000 years ago, the Babylonian astrologers began to make their monumental discoveries. Their first such discovery was that a CONJUNCTION of two planets was a celestial sign. On rare occasions, as the planets move around and around in the sky, two planets can come very close together in the sky such that the two planets appear to be right on top of each other. Such an alignment of two planets was given the name CONJUNCTION, and the Babylonians discovered that a conjunction of two important planets was often a celestial sign that a mega-event was going to happen. Figure 3E is an example of what a conjunction looks like in a Babylonian Alignment Chart. It shows that both Venus and Mars are at 15 degrees of Taurus this means that the two planets form a conjunction, and are CONJUNCT to each other. When this happened, the Babylonians believed that it was probably a celestial sign that something out of the ordinary was about to occur. The Babylonians' idea that a conjunction was a...

Babylonians Discover the Power of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry

Symmetrical Signs

As the centuries passed, the Babylonians made another very important discovery. They learned that as the planets move around and around in the Earth sky, an important heavenly sign can come from the shape of the figure, that was created by connecting lines between the positions of some of the planets. (This forms the Planetary Geometry of the day.) They learned that whenever three or more planets formed a symmetrical pattern in the sky, the chances of a mega-event occurring were high. From this they deduced that when planets formed a symmetrical pattern, it was a celestial sign that some significant event was about to take place. Examples of the types of symmetrical patterns the Babylonians considered to be celestial signs are shown below.

Ephemeris plural Ephemerides

The earth's equator is an imaginary line in a plane at right angles to the axis of the earth, and midway between the North and South poles. It divides the earth into two hemispheres, the Northern and Southern. If a pole hundreds of millions of miles in length were thrust through the earth from the equator to the center of the earth, the outer end would inscribe a line on the firmament, when the earth rotates on its axis, and this imaginary line is called the celestial equator, or equinoctial. The latter name is given it because when the Sun is at the points where the ecliptic or Sun's path crosses the celestial equator we have the equinoxes, the times when the days and nights are of equal duration.

Midheaven signs for taurus

Taurus Midheaven

The influence of the Midheaven stems from the part of the zodiac that was immediately overhead at our birth - that is, the sign that was at the top of the celestial sphere (ffor more detail, see PP304-6). We relate to, aspire to, and identify with the qualities of the sign on the Midheaven, especially in

Abracadabra Bracadabra Racadabra Acadabra Cadabra Adabra Dabra Abra Bra Ra A

WHEN the soul of the world, by its virtue, doth make all things (that are naturally generated, or artificially made) fruitful, by sealing and impressing on them celestial virtues for the working of some wonderful effect, then things themselves not only applied by collyry, or suffume, or ointment, or any oth er such like way but when they are conveniently bound to, or wrapped up, or suspended about the neck, or any other way applied, although by ever so easy a contact, th ey do impress their virtue upon us by these alligations, &c., therefore, the accidents of the body and mind are- changed into sickness or health, valour, fear, sadness or joy, and the like they render those that carry them, gracious, terrible, acceptable, rejected, honoured, beloved, or hateful and abominable.

An Explanation Of The Above Diagram

Now at the equator, where the sun is vertical, and all celestial arcs are measured by rectangles, equal parts of the zodiac pass through the great circle of the equator in equal times, or in other words, every house of heaven would contain just thirty degrees but in every other part of the globe, the oblique inclination of the earth in her orbit, (which causes the length and shortness of our days) causes the Sun apparently to rise earlier, and set later atone period of the year than another and this causes his semi-diurnal arc, or the apparent space be-tween sun rising and noon, to be greater or less, as the year advances or decreases therefore, When the time of sun rising is obtained, and subtracted from noon-day, it is self-evident the difference will give a certain space of time, which in hours and minutes, constitutes ha f the day. This space of time the As trologer next turns into degrees and minutes, (by multiplying each hour by fifteen degrees of the equator, and the minutes in...

Of The Properties And Wonderful Nature Of Fire And Earth

THERE are two things, (says Hermes) viz. fire and earth, which are sufficient for the operation of all wonderful things the former is active, and the latter passive. Fire, in all things, and through all things, comes and goes away bright it is in all things bright, and at the same time occult, and unknown. When it is by itself (no other matter coming to it, in which it should manifest its proper action)' it is boundless and invisible of itself sufficient for every action that is proper to it --itself is one, and penetrates through all things also spread abroad in the heavens, and shining. But in the infernal place, straitened, dark, and tormenting and in the midway it partakes of both. It is in stones, and is drawn out by the stroke of the steel it is in earth, and causes it, after digging up, to smoke it is in water, and heats springs and wells it is in the depths of the sea, and causes it, being tossed with the winds, to be hot it is in the air, and makes it (as we often see) to...

An Example of the Power of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry

Napoleon Bonaparte was certainly a historic personage. His birth chart is Figure 3G at the end of this chapter. (Please note that all birth charts referred to in a chapter can be found at the end of that chapter.) Obviously, someone like Napoleon would fit the criteria of the birth of a very historic person. He impacted the history of Europe for decades. On the day that he was born, there was a symmetrical pattern, a Grand Trine, formed by three of the planets Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. This pattern is very rare and is an example of the type of symmetrical pattern that the Babylonians believed was a celestial sign that something significant was going to happen. In this case, it was the sign of the birth of the most important man in Europe in the early 19th century. Virtually everyone in Europe during the early 1800s felt the impact of Napoleon's actions.

Humanistic Psychology Humanistic Astrology

This is the kind of humanistic astrology that Dane Rudhyar has been developing for the past forty years, an astrology which is person-centered, rather than event-centered, an astrology conceived essentially as a language using the cyclic motions of celestial bodies as symbols which convey to human beings a direct and practically-applicable understanding of the basic patterns which structure individual and collective existence. Such an astrology, i.e., one dealing primarily with form and structure of the whole, provides a meaningful foundation for a psychology which deals mostly with the contents of personal experience. Within such a broad context, and seen in perspective against such a universal background, the everyday experiences of normal life and the occasional crises which shape new phases of growth are seen as more understandable and inherently more meaningful. As Rudhyar (1971) writes

Babylonian Horoscopes

Since the first horoscope had not been published, the editor of this one doubted the evidence of his computation, since most Babylonian horoscopes could be dated to the period of the Seleucid dynasty which succeeded to this part of Alexander the Great's empire in 312 BCE. Now, however, that a fifth- or early fourth-century date is confirmed, it seems difficult to justify the old view that the Greeks could have invented the casting of nativities. Certainly in Babylon the conditions were ideal for such a practice to be started, since, as we have seen, there had long been an active pursuit of a system for predicting the future from celestial events, there had equally long been systems for producing predictions for individuals, and the zodiac had recently been invented. Moreover, the earliest surviving Greek horoscope (found in a literary source) was only cast for a birth in 72 BCE (see below).

Combined Planetary Geometry Is the Astrological Key to Love

The combining of the natal planets of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard formed a Grand Trine. So did the natal planets of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Both of these symmetrical patterns are celestial signs of a lifelong and historic romance. That is why we still hear about Gable and Lombard, and about Bogie and Bacall.

Early Mesopotamian Evidence

The mention of the lamb's entrails refers to the practice of sacrifice and the related form of divination, inspection of the entrails, or extispicy. This was the dominant method of seeking messages from the gods during the second millennium BCE. The secondary status of divination from celestial phenomena in relation to extispicy is suggested by a letter from a diviner found in Mari, on the middle Euphrates, which dates back to the time of Hammurabi (around 1780 BCE. The writer reports an eclipse of the Moon, which he suspects is a bad omen. However, he is not content to interpret it on its own terms, but checks it by means of extispicy.4 Also from the Old Babylonian period (probably the first half of Hammurabi's dynasty), we find a short manual of celestial omens, some of which is included in the great omen series known as Enuma Anu Enlil. An example is the following statement. 'If, on the day of its disappearance, the god Sin the Moon slows down in the sky instead of disappearing...

Chiron Has a Special Impact on Personal Relationships

Note that when Chiron is included, the chart for the Pearl Harbor attack clearly has a Grand Trine formed by Chiron, Mars, and Sun So the ancient Babylonian laws of astrology were right again. On both of the most important days that started World War II, there was a Grand Trine in the sky. A Grand Trine is one of the most powerful symmetrical forms of Planetary Geometry, so this is another indication that symmetrical Planetary Geometry is a celestial sign that a mega-event could occur. (The shape of the Planetary Geometry by itself does not tell us if the event is good or bad, but you will learn later on how to use other tools of astrology to foretell or explain the actual nature of the mega-event.)

63 Movement of Planets Among Zodiac Constellations

When observing the night sky, we have an impression that we are surrounded by an imaginary sphere (called celestial sphere) extending outward from the Earth for an infinite distance and whose surface is filled with fixed stars. It is not difficult to notice that this sphere appears to rotate slowly. Today we know that this effect is created by the rotation of the Earth around its axis, around which the celestial sphere also seems to revolve. However, for the early astronomers the Earth was in the center of the universe surrounded by this slowly revolving celestial sphere, on which the stars seem to be fixed. The term celestial sphere is still used in the modern astronomy in spite of the fact that it doesn't exist Nevertheless, it is convenient for the astronomical analysis of the observable planetary motions and it also is used to make the astronomical maps, or sky charts showing the configurations of celestial bodies on the sky in the way how they are exactly seen by an Earth-based...

Attttg tte battre of a atMtp

The theme, or figure of the heavens, (which like a celestial map ives at one view the ascending1, descending-, and culminating constellations,) maybe erected four different ways viz. by a celestial globe, by the zodiacal planisphere, by trigonometrical calculations, or by Tables of Houses ' calculated for the pole or latitude of birth. These are perpetual and the latter method, which uses these tables, being by far the most easy of the whole, (especially to those who dislike laborious calculations,) we shall adopt it in the present instance. In cfestfrig (or erecting) a figure of the heavens, which is also termed n a horoscopethe first thing to be done, is to find the right dscension of the Sun, in hours and minutes, for the noon of thert day on which it is erected. This in eases of great correctness must be done by referring to an Ephemeris, of which White's is the best, for that year, wherein the Sun's trtoe longitudinal place in the zodiac is found in the second column, headedO'*...

The Scale Of The Number Eight

THERE are nine orders of blessed angels, viz. Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Powers, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels, which Ezekiel figures out by nine stones, which are the sapp hire, emerald, carbuncle, beryl, onyx, chrysolite, jasper, topaz, and sardis. This number hath also a great and occult mystery of the cross for the ninth hour our Lord Jesus Christ breathed out his spirit. The astrologers also take notice of the number nine in the age s of men, no otherwise than they do of seven, which they call climacterical years, which are eminent for some remarkable change. Yet sometimes it signifies imperfecta ess and incompleteness, because it does not attain to the perfection of the number ten, but is less by one, without which it is deficient, as Austin interprets it of the ten lepers. Neither is the longitude of nine cubits of Og, King of Basan, who is a type of the devil without a mystery.

Number And Automatism

The celestial motions are part of the symbolism we are considering each of the planets is a symbol of some special focal centre of deific force. The Moons are symbols, and so are comets. The Sun has been used by us as a symbol of the deific Power for ages. It is probably so used throughout the humanities of all its satellites. It is the first and greatest revelation of God to man.

Jupiter In The Twelfth House

Unseen help that acts as a guardian angel. Should work in hospitals or institutions. Reversals (if afflicted) followed by success. Good position for research or working behind the scenes. Ideas should be worked out in private before presentation. If afflicted, haste may hurt chances of success due to poor judgment and bad timing. Gain directly or indirectly through enemies who will be turned into friends. Success in middle life. Help comes from friends even when Jupiter is afflicted.

Electional Astrology Explains a Baffling Mystery

By employing the theory of natalization, a good astrologer can explain how Hitler somehow was able to lead his whole country into a lunatic war. This is because the chart of the day Hitler became Germany's chancellor was extraordinarily powerful and was preserved through natalization. Hitler's own chart was not powerful, but the chart of the day he became chancellor was powerful enough to be able to lead a whole nation almost unquestioningly into a devastating war. That chart had two symmetrical patterns-it had two grand trines There were two very significant celestial signs in the sky, which was just like Napoleon's birth chart. Napoleon was also able to lead his nation in a lunatic war. In both cases, there were celestial signs in the sky that warned us of this possibility. Also, in both cases, there were two Grand Trines in the sky with Mars as the key planet. The odds against this being a coincidence are well over ten million to one.

O Calculate fbt Zimtti of ftestttf

In calculating the peculiar times when good or ill fortune will occur, the ancient and modern Astrologers have made use of various different methods thus the followers of Ptolemy, still make use of the system of zodiacal directions, which is the art of computing the length or shortness of the celestial arc or space of the-heavens intercepted between two signifieators thus for instance, were a star in four degrees of r * and another in eight degrees of Q, the celestial arc intercepted between these (or the distance between each) would be what is termed an arc of direction, which measured either by right or oblique ascension according as the star should be posited, ascendant, or vertical, would give a certain number of years and months, when the event signified by the meeting of these stars might be expected to happen.

Of The Images Of The Mansions Of The Moon

THE celestial souls send forth their virtues to the celestial bodies, which transmit them to this sensible world for the virtues of the terrene orb proceed from no other cause than celestial. Hence the magician, that will work by them, uses a cunning invocation of the superiors, with mysterious words and a certain kind of ingenious speech, drawing the one to the other yet by a natural force, through a certain mutual agreement between them, whereby things follow of their own accord, or sometimes are drawn unwillingly. Hence says Aristotle, in his sixth book of his Mystical Philosophy, that when any one, by binding or bewitching, calls upon the Sun or other stars, praying them to assist the work desired, the Sun and other stars do not hear his words but are moved, after a certain manner, by a certain conjunction and mutual series, whereby the parts of the world are mutually subordinate the one to the other, and have a mutual consent, by reason of their great union as in a man's body,...

That The Knowledge Of The True God Is Necessary For A Magician

The Cabalists most learned in divine things have received the ten principal names of God, as certain divine powers, Or, as it were, members of God which, by ten numerations, which we call Sephiroth, as it were vestiments, instruments, or exemplars of the Archetype, have an influence upon all created things, from the highest to the lowest yet by a certain order for first and immediately they have influence upon the nine orders of angels and quire of blessed souls, and by them into the celestial spheres, planets and men by the which Sephiroth every thing receiveth power and virtue. The eighth is called also Elohim Sabaoth, which is likewise the God of Hosts, not of war and justice, but of piety and agreement, for this name signifies both, and precedeth his army the numeration of this is called Hod, which is, praise, confession, honour and fame the left column is attributed to it it hath his in fluence through the order of the archangels, which the Hebrews call Ben Elohim, that is, the...

The Signs on the House Cusps [continued

With Mars-ruled Aries on the seventh house, Libra represents high windstorms and hurricanes, followed by calm. The Libra tendency to stir up a storm where other people are concerned is related to the Mars rulership. The stirring up of the energies of the partner usually starts with the Libra, but bo sweet is the Libra personality that the partner is at a loss to account for actions into which he is goaded by Libra. When Libra's sense of justice is outraged, he will fight to the death. Many of the war leaders are Librans. It is the angular Mars rulership that is responsible. Hitler and Mussolini had Libra ascendants, and former President Eisenhower is a Libra. In relationships, he has to learn to adjust but if the other fellow doesn't want to, there is war. Aries on this cusp brings strife and difficulties in relationships. Early marriages contracted impulsively in which there are many lessons to learn (Saturn, the celestial schoolmaster, is exalted in Libra) can be part of Libra's...

Of The Calculating Art Of Such Names By The Tradition Of Cabalists

THERE is yet another art of these kind of names, which they call calculatory and it is made by the following tables, by entering with some sacred, divine, or angelical name, in the column of letters descending, by taking those letters which thou shalt find in the common angles under their stars and signs, which being reduced into order, the name of a good spirit is made of the nature of that star or sign under which thou didst enter but if thou shalt enter in the column ascending, by taking the common angles above the stars and signs marked in the lowest line, the name of an evil spirit is made. And these are the names of spirits of any order of heaven ministering, as of good, so of bad, which you may after this manner multiply into nine names of so many orders inasmuch as you may, by entering with one name, draw forth another of a spirit of a superior order out of the same, as well of a good as a bad one yet the beginning of this calculation depends upon the names of God for every...

Of The Characters And Seals Of Spirits

AMONG the Hebrews I find more fashions of characters, whereof one is most ancient, viz. an ancient writing which Moses and the prophets used, the form of which is not rashly to be discovered to any for those letters which they use at this day were instituted by Esdras. There is among them a writing which they call celestial, because they shew it placed and figured among the

History of Western Astrology

Ptolemy, one of the most influential intellectuals in the history of Western astrology, also lived in Alexandria in the second century. His main works were the Almagest (Greek, meaning greatest ) and the Tetrabiblos (Quadripartitum in Latin). The Almagest was an astronomy work that taught how to predict celestial phenomena, mostly through the use of mathematics. The Tetrabiblos became a major text for astrologers and occultists in the western world for several centuries. Ptolemy gathered the knowledge of Egyptian and Chaldean astrology and interpreted it in the light of Greek philosophy, Stoicism in particular. The Stoic idea that all matter is bound together in a cosmic sympathy became a rational explanation for the relationship between the changes in the universe (macrocosm) and in man (microcosm). Magic and such traditions as number symbolism, chiromancy, and geomancy became attached to astrological divination, although these did not change the basic principles of astrology.

The Kabalism Of Cycles

Celestial region at the end of every successive period of 79 years and similarly with the other planets, as Saturn and Mars in 30 years, Jupiter and Saturn in 60 years, and so of the rest, some being of greater frequency and less effect, others of less frequency and proportionately greater effect, according to their distances from the Sun and their consequent velocities. Now, since the periodic times of the planets bear a definite known ration to their distances from the centre, Nature is seen to observe quantitive relations which is actually what we look for in, as define as, cosmic law. Without this regard to numbers, the cosmos would be chaotic and unintelligible to us. But it is so well sustained by its laws, and so thoroughly harmonious in its relations, that we are able to say to within a minute of space where any celestial body will be found hundreds or thousands of years hence, and where it was as many years ago.

Every Personal Aspect Includes a Gift from

As we mentioned in Astrology Really Works , the Magi Society believes that every Personal Aspect is a gift from a Benevolent Providence, endowing a special talent to the native. When we came into this world, God gave each of us gifts of special talents. Our Planetary Geometry is a celestial sign to tell us the nature of the special talents that we are blessed with. The last chapter of this book provides irrefutable proof of the validity and power of planetary aspects and other forms of Planetary Geometry, and shows that they are signs of great abilities. We provide proof in both a scientific way and in a way that the average person can understand. Astrology is a system of celestial signs, but why are there such signs We believe the reason is that astrology was designed by a Benevolent Providence. If this is the case, there should be other evidence of Benevolent Designs of a Benevolent Providence-and there is plenty of that. You just have to notice the signs of such designs. Here is...

Water Water Everywhere

The only way to get drinkable water is the way we get it on Earth- through the cycle of evaporation and rain. It so happens that the amount of water on Earth is enormous enough, and the temperature and atmospheric pressure of Earth is favorable enough, so that contaminated water is constantly being purified through the process of evaporation, condensation into clouds, and then the return to Earth as pure and drinkable rain. We call this the RAIN CYCLE. Without this cycle, even the most primitive and basic life forms could not have possibly developed. We believe that this Rain Cycle is so unique to Earth and so efficient at providing us with life-sustaining drinkable water that it is also some kind of celestial sign. It is a sign of God's presence, and of his love and Benevolent Design.

Different Methods Of Progression And The Reason For Them

Suppose a pole billions of miles long stuck into the earth at the Equator, and at right angles to the poles, then, as the earth turns upon its axis, the end of the pole would describe a circle in the heavens this the Astronomers call the Celestial Equator, and the position of a heavenly body on this line is measured in degrees and minutes of Right Ascension, from the point where the sun crosses the equator at the vernal equinox. This axial rotation of the earth brings a new degree to the zenith, or Meridian about every four minutes, and by the rules of one system of progression we may calculate how many degrees of Right Ascension

Using the Moon in the Signs

Although the Appendix has the minimum amount of information you need to follow the Moon through the signs, astrological calendars contain a great deal more. Two of the best are Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide and Jim Maynard's Celestial Guide or Celestial Influences Calendars. These calendars, both of which are available in a variety of sizes, also tell you the phases of the Moon, the aspects it forms with other planets, the timing of eclipses, and the exact moment when the Moon enters each sign of the zodiac. If you can't find these calendars in your favorite bookstore, visit The Astrology Center of America at to order them.

Chap Lxxxi If attaine the Philosophers Stone

Earth, so I hold, that it is given but to very few, and to those few rather by revelation of the good Angels of God, then the proper industry of man. This Question must admit of this manner of proposall Whether the Knowledge of the querent is so able, or he so cunning, as to produce to effect by his Art what he desires

The Conjuration for SUNDAY

I CONJURE and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy angels of God, in the name Adonai, Eye, Eye, Eya, which is he who was, and is, and is to come, Eye, Abray and in the name Saday, Cados, Cados, sitting on high upon the cherubim and by the great name of God himself, strong and powerful, who is exalted above all the heavens Eye, Saraye, who created the world, the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that in them is, in the first day, and scaled them with his holy name Phaa and by the name of the angels who rule in the fourth heaven, and serve before the most mighty Salamia, an angel great and honourable and by the name of his star, which is Sol, and by his sign, and by the immense name of the living God, and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure thee, Michael,

The Conjuration of MONDAY

I CONJURE and confirm upon you, ye strong and good angels, in the name Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, Eye, Eye, Eye Cados, Cados, Cados, Achim, Achim, Ja, Ja, strong Ja, who appeared in mount Sinai with the glorification of king Adonai, Sadai, Zebaoth, Anathay, Ya, Ya, Ya, Maranata, Abim, Jeia, who created the sea, and all lakes and waters, in the second day, which are above the heavens and in the earth, and scaled the sea in his high name, and gave it its bounds beyond which it cannot pass and by the names of the angels who rule in the first legion, and who serve Orphaniel, a great, precious, and honourable angel, and by the name of his star which is Luna, and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure thee, Gabriel, who art chief ruler of Monday, the second day, that for me thou labour and fulfil, &c.

The Conjuration of Wednesday

I CONJURE and call upon you, ye strong and holy angels, good and powerful, in a strong name of fear and praise, Ja, Adonay, Elohim, Saday, Saday, Saday Eie, Eie, Eie Asamie, Asamie and in the name of Adonay, the God of Israel, who hath made the two great lights, and distinguished day from night, for the benefit of his creatures and by the names of all the discerning angels, governing openly in the second house before the great angel, Tetra, strong and powerful and by the name of his star which is Mercury and by the name of his seal, which is that of a powerful and honoured God and I call upon thee, Raphael, and by the names above mentioned,, thou great angel who presidest over the fourth day and by the holy name which is wr,itten in the front of Aaron, created the most high priest, and by the names of all the angels, who are constant in the grace of Christ, and by the name and place of Ammaluim, that you assist me in my labours, &c. &c.

The Conjuration of Thursday

I CO NJ U RE and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy angels, by the names Cados, Cados, Cados, Eschercie, Escherei, Eschercie, Hatim, Ya, strong founder of the worlds Cantine, Jaym, Janic, Anic, Calbot, Sabbac, Berisay, Alnaym and by the name Adonai, who created fishes and creeping things in the waters, and birds upon the face of the earth, flying towards heaven, in the fifth day and by the names of the angels serving in the sixth host before Pastor, a holy angel, and a great and powerful prince and by the name of his star, which is Jupiter, and by the name of his seal, and by the name of Adonai, the great God, Creator of all things, and by the name of all the stars, and by their power and virtue, and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure thee, Sachiel, a great Angel, who art chief ruler of Thursday, that for me thou labour, &c.

The Conjurati On of FRIDAY

I CONJURE and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy angels, by the names On, Hey, Heya, Ja, Je, Saday, Adonai, and in the name Sadai, who created four-footed beasts, and creeping things, and man, in the sixth day, and gave to Adam. power over all creatures wherefore blessed be the name of the Creator in his place and by the name of the angels serving in the third host, before Dagiel, a great angel, and a strong and powerful prince, and by the name of his star, which is Venus, and by his seal which is holy and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure upon thee, Anael, who art the chief ruler this day, that thou labour for me, &c.

61 Seven Planets of Ancient Astronomy Zodiacs and Horoscopes

In primitive astronomy, the term planet was applied to the seven celestial bodies that were observed to move appreciably against the background of the apparently fixed stars. These included the Sun and Moon, as well as the five true planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). Let us explain that until the heliocentric theory of Copernicus was established in the 16th century, the Sun and Moon were also considered as planets. Before that time, it was a common belief that all the celestial bodies revolved around the Earth. For an observer on the Earth, the trajectory of the Sun or Moon looked the same as trajectories of the real planets and they were also treated to be the same. Probably, at the early stage of the astronomical knowledge people thought that the Earth was surrounded by a gigantic sphere, which we call today the celestial sphere, covered by immobile stars. On this sphere there were also visible moving lights of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars and...

Become A True Magician

IT is fit that we who endeavour to attain so great a height should first study two things viz. First, how we should leave vain and carnal affections, frail sense and material passions Secondly, by what ways and means we may ascend to an intellect pure, and joined with the powers of the celestials, without which we shall never happily ascend to the scrutiny of secret things, and to the power of working wonderful effects, &c. Now, if thou art a man perfect in thy understanding, and constantly meditating upon what we have in this book written, and without doubting, believeth, thou shalt be able, by praying, consecrating, deprecating, invocating, &c. to attract spiritual and celestial gifts, and to imprint them on whatever things thou shalt please and by it to vivify every magical work.

Of The Wonderful Virtues Of S Ome Kind Of Precious Stones

IT is a common opinion of magicians, that stones inherit great virtues, which they receive through the spheres and activity of the celestial influences, by the medium of the soul or spirit of the world. Authors very much disagree in respect of the probability of their actually having such virtues in potentia, some debating warmly against any occult or secret virtue lying hid in them others, as warmly, shewing the causes and effects of these sympathetic properties. However, to leave the se trifling arguments to those who love cavil and contentions better than I do, and, as I have neither leisure nor inclination to enter the lists with sophists, and tongue-philosophers I say, that these occult virtues are disposed throughout the animal, vegetable, an d mineral kingdoms, by seeds, or ideas originally emanating from the Divine mind, and through supercelestial spirits and intelligence always operating, according to th eir proper offices and governments allotted them which virtues are...

Genetics and Astrology

Instead of conceiving celestial influences as external forces that affect Earth like some kind of extraterrestrial radiation, most astrologers view the universe as an interconnected whole, and astrological forces as working in synchronicity. Synchronism refers to the occurrences of events at one place simultaneously with those in another part of the universe, even though there is no causal link between them. Consider an analogy Imagine the relationship between two clocks, both registering the same time. Their indicating the same time does not mean that one clock forces the other clock to read the same. Rather, they are both set to run parallel courses. In a similar manner, astrological influences do not work by competing with and overcoming terrestrial forces, such as genetic inheritance. Instead, the universe runs in such a manner that events on the terrestrial sphere mirror events in the celestial sphere (the patterns of the planets). Thus, occasions do not arise in which genetics...

The Nodes of the Moon

Is that even though the Nodes of the Moon occupy two sensitive degrees in your birth chart, there's no celestial body at either spot. In a strictly physical sense, the Nodes of the Moon don't exist. As Gertrude Stein said in a different context, There's no there there. Nevertheless, the Nodes of the Moon have a long and splendid astrological history.

Venus In Toe Twelfth House

Gives a secrecy to the emotional life and a tendency to seek solitude. What this person really feels within is seldom expressed. Sometimes there is a hidden love affair not known to others. If afflicted by Neptune the person may be in love with someone who is not free. Self-indulgence in drink or drugs can bring difficulties with Venus afflicted in this house. To those who are evolved, this position can give a strong compassion and a desire to serve God through helping those less fortunate. Worldly success would not be important. Devotion to an ideal would be the motivating force. Venus in this house is extremely protective and denotes a guardian angel that guides and protects though the individual may not know it

Morin Jean Baptiste Morinus

Celestial matter and proposed three layers of earth, which corresponded in reverse order to the three regions of the air. He criticized Ptolemy, rejected Cardan and Kepler, and denied the existence of a vacuum and Toricelli's proof thereof. He advocated the medicine of Paracelsus and opposed the heliocentric astronomy of Copernicus. Book III the division of the world into three regions elementary, aetherial, and celestial Book X the experiences, sects, and principles of astrology Book XI the simple and primary powers of acting of the celestial Book XII the elemental and influential qualities of the celestial bodies Book XIII the proper natures and powers of the individual planets and fixed stars Book XX the universal action of the celestial bodies with respect to themselves and to sublunary things Book XXI the active determination of the celestial bodies and the passive

Peculiar To The Planetary Orbs

Herschel, or (afe some Astrologers term this planet) Uranus, having been so recently discovered, that no one living has seen more than one half his celestial revolution through the fields of space, it cannot be expected that a complete system of his Astrological effects could possibly be given but from the author's own experience, aided by what other observations he could gather from men of skill and science in celestial philosophy, this planet is peculiarly unfortunate in his nature, and of course his influence, when brought into action by aspecting the various significators in a nativity, is replete with evil, also. He may be compared to the combined effects of Saturn and Mercury. He is in nature extremely frigid, cold, dry, and void of &ny cheering influence. Of herbs, trees, &c. He rules the hemlock, starwort, bears-foot, wolf-bane, fern, hellebore, henbane, burdock, dragon, parsnip, poppy, pulse, mandrake, vervain, nightshade, moss, angelica, box, borage, sage, spinach, cummin,...

Ecliptic Via Solis the Suns Path

Astrology Glyph

The ecliptic is the orbit of Earth as viewed from the Sun. For most astrological purposes, however, the ecliptic is taken to be the orbit that the Sun appears to describe around the Earth (the via solis, or the Sun's path). The via solis acquired the name ecliptic because it is along its path, at the points where it intersects the celestial equator (the equator of the Earth projected outward onto the background of the celestial sphere) that eclipses occur. Owing to the tilt of the Earth on its axis, the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator at an angle of 231 2 . The 12 signs of the zodiac, through which the Sun appears to pass over the course of a year, lie around the outside of the ecliptic.

Traditional Chinese Astrology

Traditional Anishinaabe Star Map

Chinese astrologers found correlation between the stars in the heavens and the bureaucrats on earth as well as between celestial regions visible to them and geographical places known to them. Since astrologers were generally in the employment of the emperor or were aspirants for a grant of royal audience, it is not surprising that Chinese astrology evolved round the emperor and personalities and affairs directly connected with him. The Pole Star was thus regarded as the most important star in the heavens. In astronomy it was the reference point from which polar distances of other heavenly bodies were measured and in astrology it symbolized the emperor. Even Confucius himself had made reference to this star. A passage in the Lunyu tmt5 (Confucian Analects) reads 2 'The Master said, He who Due to the precession of the equinoxes, different stars during the course of history have played the role of Pole Star. Our present Pole Star is a Ursae Minoris, but in the past other stars found near...

Vedic Astrology Hindu Astrology

Vedic astrology is also called jyotisha, which means luminous, brilliant, celestial, shining, belonging to the world of light. It is truly the science of light. Vedic astrology attempts to shine the cosmic light on an individual's true life path. It is a key to understanding the soul's intention or divine plan for this incarnation. Similar to the function of a true guru, the Vedic astrologer attempts to be the dispeller of dark-

Astrology And Psychology

The signs and planets are in heaven, and it is not unusual to think that people come to hope for celestial blessings that will complement and complete the fulfillment of their lives. It is not simply just a matter of fate the soul has its work to do, and its operation is at the cosmic level.

Zhengshou Chaoshen Runqi Jieqi

Tianzhu (Celestial Pillar) Metal Tianying (Celestial Elegance) Fire Tianfu (Celestial Supporter) Wood Tianchong (Celestial Clash) Wood Tianpeng (Celestial Vagabond) Water Tianxin (Celestial Heart) Metal To forecast snow, the Rain Master would be substituted by Tianxin (Celestial Heart), the Metal nature of which would produce snow under the same conditions as above. In Figure 4.5 Metal Tianxin in zhen Palace Three again has no Water to generate on the heaven board, and hence snow would not be expected. The Water Celestial Vagabond in the same position as either the Water Trigram kan or the Metal Trigram dm on the heaven board and directly above one of the two Water stem radicals ren and gui on the earth board would produce cloud, mist and fog. In Figure 4.5 the Water Vagabond Tianpeng is in sun Palace Four and does not satisfy the conditions for cloud, mist and fog.

Nakshatras The Twentyseven Wives Of The Moon

The Hindu astrology, and specially the topic of Nakshatras are so much intimately connected with the system of Indian philosophical thought that their proper understanding would necessarily require an intimate knowledge of esoteric implications of various Hindu mythologies. S.M. Ahmed Hashmy has very rightly emphasized that the Indian astrology, religion, and mythology are so much mixed up that it is not possible to separate them. The entire astrological nomenclature is symbolic. The Hindu astrology has assigned so much importance to the various devas, angellic hosts, and the planetary regents that the prognostications are never considered in isolation of the eternal life of the individual. The celestial hosts ever-active in discharging their divine responsibilities bring out the latent destiny of individuals, as well as that of the society, nations, mother earth, solar system and the cosmos. In this context, the affirmation of Eliphas Levi that God sows the idea of the Infinite, and...

Introduction Astronomy And Astrology

Celestial Sphere

The astrologer's cosmology is, of course, geocentric, reflecting the general consensus in antiquity. Though Aristarchus hypothesised a universe centred round the Sun in the third century BCE, this hypothesis never found general support. The geocentric cosmos accorded with perception from Earth we look up to the sky and see the Sun, Moon and planets revolving round us. It seems as if there is a dome above us in which the stars are fixed, and thus a celestial sphere was envisaged revolving round a stationary Earth (Figure 3). The Earth was regarded by ancient astronomers as spherical, as a result of observation of its curvature. If you were to watch the sky at sunset over the period of a whole year, making a note of the stars which appeared just after the Sun, by the end of the year you would have made a map of a line through the heavens known as the ecliptic (Figures 2, 3). The planets can be seen to remain within about 8 degrees (measuring the celestial sphere as 360 degrees in...

Phobos and Deimos Moons of Mars

The planet Mars is circled by two small, irregularly shaped moons, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos, with dimensions of 17 x 14 x 13 miles, orbits Mars every 7.7 hours in a circular path that never carries it more than 3,720 miles away from its primary (the celestial body around which a satellite orbits). Deimos, which is 10 x 7 x 6 miles, orbits Mars every 30.3 hours, traveling approximately 12,470 miles above the surface. These distances represent the inner and outer extremes for bodies orbiting a planet the size of Mars (i.e., if Phobos were a little closer, it would crash into its primary if Deimos were a little more distant, it would escape the Martian field of gravity altogether). As in most planetary moon systems, the orbital paths of the Martian moons align with their parent body's equator. Hall named the Martian moons after the sons of Ares (Aries), who was the Greek equivalent of Mars, the Roman god of war. Phobos and Deimos have no mythological tales of their own. Rather, they are...

A General Exorcism of the Spirits of the AIR

Seal of Adonai and by Ischyros, Athanatos, Paracletos and by these three secret names, Agla, On, Tetragrammaton, I do adjure and contest you and by these names, and by all the other names of the living and true God, our Lord Almighty, I exorcise and command you, by Him who spoke the word and it was done, to whom all creatures are obedient and by the dreadful judgment of God and by the uncertain sea of glass, which is before the divine Majesty, mighty and powerful by the four beasts before the throne, having eyes before and behind and by the fire round about his throne and by the holy angels of heaven by the mighty wisdom of God, we do powerfully exorcise you, that you appear here before this circle, to fulfil our will in all things which shall seem good unto us by the seal of Baldachia, and by this name Primeumaton, which Moses named, and the earth opened and swallowed up Corah, Dathan, and Abiram and in the power of that name Primeumaton, commanding the whole host of heaven, we curse...

The Divisions Of The Twelve Signs

These signs are placed above, so that the student may most readily discern which are opposite to each other thus Aries is opposite to Libra, Leo to Aquarius, and so in due order, which is requisite to be perfectly known in casting a celestial theme of heaven, as the horoscope of a birth or other remarkable event. The moon in her ascending 'node, is deemed by the ancient Astrologers, of benign influence, and in her descending node, the contrary, or unfortunate these nodes are termed the Dragon's Head and Tail. In nativities, the author of this work rejects theit use, deeming them as useless appendages to his system of celestial philosophy, unless the moon hould be in the very degree of her nodes, when it may be allowed, that correspondent effects in good or evil will follow, as there would certainly be some cause for the presumed effects, which otherwise there cannot be they are characterised thus, Another symbol used by Astrologers in the calculation of nativities and other celestial...

Christian Attitudes Towards Astrology

While Christianity was illegal, there were few Christian discussions of astrology. Indeed, in the period when there was no institution able to create and enforce orthodoxy, many Christians might find encouragement to take astrology seriously in the New Testament itself. Most important was the tale of the Magi, clearly envisaged as astrologers, who followed a star which they saw as presaging the birth of a great king.29 Apart from this sign of Christ's birth, there were also a number of celestial omens associated with his death, and his return.30 In Genesis, too, there was a passage referring to God's creating the stars as signs.31 It is often difficult to reconstruct the role of astrology in heretical sects. In the case of the Gnostics, since the finding of the Nag Hammadi library of Gnostic and Hermetic texts in Upper Egypt, it has been clearer that there is a close connection between Hermetism and Gnosticism. As with Hermetic texts, the stars are seen as evil powers controlling...

Electric planets v Planets

The day-to-day motion of the celestial bodies of the solar system in their orbits. Said in contradistinction to directional or progressed motion. Some of the notable ephemerides have been Vincent Wing, 1658-81 John Gadbury, 16821702 Edmund Weaver, 1740-46 Thomas White, 1762-1850 (also reappeared in 1883) George Parker, in Celestial Atlas, 1780-90 John Partridge, in Merlinus Liberatus, 1851-59 E. W. Williams, in the Celestial Messenger, 1858 W. J. Simmonite, 1801-61 Raphael, 1820 to date. Equator. The circle that lies midway between the poles of the earth, dividing it into two hemispheres - North and South. Also the projection of the Earth's equator upon the celestial sphere - sometimes called the equinoctial circle. The celestial equator has also been defined as the continuation of the plane of the terrestrial equator without limit into celestial spaces. Figure. An astrological or Celestial Figure, variously called Geniture, Map, Scheme, Chart, Theme, Mirror of...

64 Partition of the Zodiac Belt into Zodiac Constellations

Mapa Tierra Plana

Therefore, during its yearly trip the Sun, Moon and the planets, move along the large circle on the celestial sphere, which in astronomy is called the ecliptic. The stars surrounding the ecliptic are grouped in the so called zodiacal constellations. In this way, we obtain a circular belt of constellations encompassing the firmament around the ecliptic. To be more specific, the ecliptic is the circle obtained as the intersection of the plane, containing the orbit of the Earth revolving around the Sun, and the celestial sphere. We can assume that the celestial sphere has its center at the Sun, which also belongs to the plane containing the ecliptic. On Figure 6.3 we marked the center of the celestial sphere by the letter O. However, as we already explained, the distance from the Earth to remote stars is incomparable with the size of the Solar system, and magnitude of changes related to the Earth motion, thus it is also possible to consider the Earth to be the center of the celestial...

Mesoamerican Astrology

While the Spanish conquistadors and friars were very thorough burning books and destroying stone inscriptions, the existence of an astrological tradition unique in all the world was not obliterated. From the conquest to the present, an oral tradition among the Guatemalan Maya has kept alive some of the most basic principles of the system. Spanish friars, in their attempts to learn about indigenous practices so as to better eliminate them, described the ancient astrological system in their writings that are today available in college libraries. Archaeologists have translated numerous Mayan inscriptions and also the several surviving Mayan texts, two sources that reveal a deep awareness of planetary cycles and their meanings. Finally, archaeoastronomers have examined ancient ruins with precise instruments and have found numerous astronomical alignments that underscore the importance of celestial phenomena and cosmically inspired ritual to the peoples of ancient Mesoamerica. All of this...

Squares and Oppositions Are Turbulent Aspects

Another example of how we interpret Turbulent Aspects is that of the solar eclipse of August 22, 1998 (Figure 5J). The Planetary Geometry of this eclipse was a clear celestial sign of impending worldwide financial turmoil. On August 17, 1998, Boris Yeltsin's administration decided to let Russia's currency (the ruble) be devalued. This was a catalyst for a run on Russian banks, because everyone went to their banks to withdraw their money and exchange their rubles for dollars. The result was a near collapse of the Russian banking system, with most banks actually closing their doors on August 27 and 28. The financial crisis in Russia led to fears of a return to communism

Libra The Dynamic Balance Of The Cosmic Dance

It was to save this eventuality that the ancient seers had given out only ten signs of the zodiac to the profane. During that period the seventh sign was highly esoteric and they had veiled it by uniting Virgo and Scorpio as one. It is said that the ancient Greeks got an inkling of it and they established Libra as the seventh sign. Virgo and Libra so far considered as two in one were made to represent directly and symbolically the primeval dual man and his separation into two sexes'. During this reformation of the zodiacs, Madame H.P. Blavatsky has staled. Libra was added as the twelfth sign, though it is simply an equilibrating sign, This reformation took place at the beginning of the Lemurian age when the hermaphrodite humanity was separated between two sexes which aroused in them the feeling of affection, love, care and sympathy for the opposite sex. These nobler sentiments and emotions provided the protective shield to the mankind. These sentiments acted like (he Guardian Angel to...

Heliocentric Astrology

Although traditional astrology is geocentric (Earth-centered), some astrologers have undoubtedly considered using a heliocentric (Sun-centered) system ever since the Copernican revolution. The argument against heliocentric astrology is that, since we are situated on Earth, we need to focus on Earth's relationship to the other celestial bodies a Sun-centered astrology would make sense only if we were born on the Sun.

To Be Born In Draminyen

Soldiers f ay, anc the ar nies of the hours, lords and ministers of the Sadak, the YoginT, the Lord of Death, Diid Tsenroa, Kikang, Mamakhyi the Celestial Dog.Tsin p.jng. Piling, Tsegyi, Hal Khyi, die Sadik of the twelve-ye - cyciej Mewas, the Parkhas, the planets, and the lunar constellations, evil spirits of the hours, all of you, pay attention to (his seal of Sipaho The first four levels of Mount Meru are inhabited by the nagas, the guardians of treasures, and various classes of demigod occupying the second to fourth levels Suparnas, Danavas, Rak-sasas and Yaksas. The fifth level is inhabited by the guardian kings of the four directions, who protect the divine realms and the universe against the demons. Dhritirastra, the lui crust, guards the East and rules the people of the Gandharvas, the celestial musicians. Virudhaka, king of the Kumbhandas, with a saber in his right hand, keeps watch over the South. Virupaksa, who is shown holding a stupa, is the guardian of the West and King...

Chorography Mundane Astrology

Those ancient geographers and astronomers with no interest in mundane astrology estimated parallels of latitude corresponding to the length of the summer solstitial day, spaced at half-hourly intervals. Alternatively, the celestial divisions were mapped on to the Earth, so

The Stars Were Grouped into Constellations

In these modern times, we know that there are nine planets plus the Sun and Moon. But the Babylonians could only see five of the planets plus the Sun and Moon. These five planets were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Together with the Sun and Moon, we refer to them as the SEVEN VISIBLE PLANETS. Because the seven visible planets rarely moved above or below the ecliptic, the most important constellations became the ones that were within the boundaries of the ecliptic. The ecliptic also became known commonly as the zodiac, and the constellations that were within the zodiac became known as the zodiac constellations. The Babylonians had 12 of them. They were the ones that covered the path of travel of the planets. Naturally, since the Babylonians were looking for celestial signs, somewhere along the way, these 12 zodiac constellations were also called the 12 Zodiac signs.

Gemini The Sign Of Polarity

The Hindu Puranas give out the significance more clearly. According to Shiva Pur ana at a certain stage of cosmogenesis after the Trinity had been installed, Brahma, the creator of the physical universe, created time and space and certain Sadaka Purushas, fhe Archangels, for carrying out the divine command. But this did not lead to the multiplication of the world. Therefore, he divided himself into two, male and female, whose union produced Swaymbhu Manu. the self-created Purusha, and Satha Rapa, the macroprosopus. the hundred-faced female whose union with Swayatnbhu Manu created the entire human family. This narration is in a way similar to Eve created out of the rib of Adam and uniting with whom she gave birth to the entire human brotherhood, litis stage of duality, Adam and Eve, Swaymbhu Manu and Satha Rupa, represented Gemini as symbolized by two human beings carrying harp and mace in their hands. Harp has association with the swan in whose form Zeus met Leda or Vak-Viraj who was...

Meteorological Astrology Astrometeorology

Correlations between celestial events and the weather have been a longstanding concern in astrology. The very name given to weather study meteorology harkens back to a time when the appearance of meteors was associated with changes in the weather. Even contemporary scientific meteorology, which does not generally look kindly on astrological methods, has noted a relationship between long-term weather patterns and sunspot activity.

The Houses Of The Invisible Moon

Persephone Greek Goddess Clip Art

What, for example, was the celestial prototype of the lunar Artemis against whom the Ancients beat on cauldrons and made cymbals and brass instruments resound in order to neutralize her magic power formidable in evil or else to attract the benefic magic contained in her light . . J

Of the Appearance of the Spirits

Then let the exorcist, stretching out his hand with the pentacle, say, Behold the pentacle of Solomon, which I have brought into your presence behold the person of the exorcist in the middle of the exorcism, who is armed by God, without fear, and well provided, who potently invocateth and calleth you by exorcising come, therefore, with speed, by the virtue of these names Aye Saraye, Aye Saray e defer not to come, by the eternal names of the living and true God, Eloy, Archima, Rabur, and by the pentacle of Solomon here present, which powerfully reigns over you an d by the virtue of the celestial spirits, your lords and by the person of the exorcist, in the middle of the exorcism being conjured, make haste and come, and yield obedience to your master, who is called Octinomos. This being performed, immediately there will be hissings in the four parts of the world, and then immediately you shall see great motions which when you see, say, Why stay you Wherefore do you delay What do you...

Our Theory about Planetary Aspects

What this all means is that our Planetary Geometry really comprises celestial signs of what we are really like. Our Planetary Geometry, including all of our planetary aspects, is an indication of what our souls have been in our last life. But we all have a chance, in every life and at any time, to improve what we are. The easiest step in that improvement is to upgrade to a better interpretation of our aspects. This is why we took such pains to detail what we mean by the valid range of interpretations for any aspect. Every aspect has some good interpretations, and some not as good. But we all have the free will to choose to be the best interpretation of each of our aspects.

Lesson 1 Introduction

Astrology is the science that explores the action of celestial bodies upon animate and inanimate objects, and their reactions to such influences. Astrology has its place among the earliest records of human learning. It is the parent of astronomy for many years they were one science. Now, astronomy is a science of distances, magnitudes, masses, motions, speeds, locations, and so on, based upon observations made with instruments like the telescope. Astronomy may therefore be termed an objective science, while astrology must be termed a subjective science. Thus, the charting of the horoscope is really an astronomical process the judgment or delineation of the horoscope is an astrological process. Astrology also deals with angles between the planets and

Chinese Astrology At

The Nine Stars (jiuxing A.JI) of the Plough are Tianpeng (Celestial Vagabond), Tianrui (Celestial Budding), Tianchong (Celestial Clash), Tianfu (Celestial Supporter), Tianqin (Celestial Bird), Tianxin 3 'C (Celestial Heart), Tianzhu ictt (Celestial Pillar), Tianren icff (Celestial Responsibility), and Tianying (Celestial Elegance). Zhifu is the jia stem of a sexagenary cyclic number immediately before the double-hour cyclic number known as the xunshou lUta. Its position on the heaven board is therefore governed by the stem of the double-hour. Qimen Dunjia was one form of Dunjia and refers here to the officially adopted form of dunjia for the three cosmic board examinations in Song China. Translated fully, the term reads 'Concealing the Yang Wood (in relation to the Three) Distinguished-Ones (yi, bing and ding stems and the Three Auspicious) Gates'. It employed a stationary board, called the dipan ifeSt (earth board), above which was a rotating board, called tianpan AM (heaven board)....

[the Opponents Of Astrology

At the very beginning of this work it is imperative before we do anything else to answer those writers9 who are trying to destroy the whole theory of astrology by many different kinds of arguments. These men are carried away by their faith in rhetoric and think they can shatter the whole of celestial science with mere arguments.

Turbulent Planetary Geometry

For thousands of years, astrologers, to their credit, have correctly emphasized that these two shapes in the sky are important celestial signs of danger and or problems. The Magi Society has formulated a method of accurately predicting the influence of Turbulent Geometry. We use a concept we call negatization Let us illustrate what we mean by negatization with a few examples.

Sun Sign Astrology Has Limited Capabilities

We found out conclusively that it is not our Sun Signs, but our Planetary Geometry that determines who we are most harmonious with and who we will marry. By comparing the Planetary Geometry of the birth charts of any two individuals, we can accurately evaluate the nature and destiny of the relationship that two individuals are most likely to have. Planetary Geometry was also found to be the crucial astrological influence to emotional, sexual, spiritual, communicative, and intellectual compatibility issues. For thousands of years, astrologers have been seeking to unlock the secret celestial signs of love and marriage. It is Planetary Geometry that gives us such signs, but in order to master it, it's necessary to first understand Planetary Geometry's most important components, which are called PLANETARY ASPECTS.

The History Of Astrology

History Astrology

That the celestial movements of the stars constrain human forces in an indissoluble chain of causes , but fails to show how this actually works. Some authorities were less enthusiastic. William of Conches, for instance - who had travelled extensively before becoming associated with the court of Geoffrey Plantagenet, where he tutored the future King Henry II of England - was one of the earliest scholars to differentiate between astrology and astronomy. Astrologers, he said, treated celestial phenomena as they appeared to be, whether accurately or not, while astronomers dealt with things as they were, whether they seemed to be or not. Robert Grosseteste (c1175-1253) nature below effects nothing unless celestial power moves it and directs it from potency into act. In the end, all they could do was compromise Berthold of Regensburg (c1200), for instance, had no doubt that as God gave powers to stones and to herbs and to words, so also he gave power to the stars, that they have power over...

Enhancement Aspects Are the Most Powerful

The Babylonians realized that the conjunction was the most powerful aspect. This made sense because even before the Babylonians discovered the other six angles of aspects, they regarded a conjunction by itself to be a celestial sign due to the fact that the conjunction is what occurs between the Sun and Moon during a solar eclipse. They also viewed the trine as exceptional. A Grand Trine consists of three trines and is the most powerful celestial sign that can be formed by three planets. This must have been the reason that the Babylonians correctly surmised that a single trine by itself was also at least a little special, although it was not quite as special as the conjunction.

Some Recondite Problems

Thus the particular destiny comes to be controlled by the asterism which is rising at the time of one's birth, that under which a person is said to be born, and this asterism is related to a particular part of the Cosmic Man and answers to some specific function in the Cosmic Mind. And this may be taken as a partial explanation of Emerson's exhortation to Hitch your wagon to a star , which is serviceable advice if you only know which one. It explains why a variety of individuals born under the direct influence of one of the planets are found to be altogether dissimilar in their tastes and pursuits, and different in their objective. For the planet is but one and the last of a series of screens through which the spiritual monad expresses itself in the process of incarnation. It thus becomes of greater importance to know what star one is born under than what planet. For the planets are but seven in number, or nine if we regard the luminaries as in the category of apparent planets, while...

The Babylonian Astrologers Invent the Circle

Because the changes in the positions of the planets were possible celestial signs and therefore very important to the Babylonians, they needed a way to keep track of the planets' movements. This was not as easy to do as you might think. Many civilizations tried to devise a reliable way of keeping track of the movements of the planets but did not succeed in doing so. The Babylonian astrologers were the first to accomplish this. To do it, they invented the circle. The Babylonian astrologers invented and used their circle with its 360 degrees to help them record and illustrate the positions of the Sun, Moon, and the planets every single night for thousands of years as they looked for celestial signs in the sky of impending mega-events. For thousands of years

Names Numbers And Incidents

Consequently the study of numbers, their properties and combinations, serves to educate the mind to an anticipation of the greater problems of celestial laws by the operation of which the universe is what it is and the destiny of man such as we find it, both racial and individual.

An Invocation of the Good Spirits

IN the name of the blessed and Holy Trinity, I do desire thee, strong, and mighty angels (here name the spirits you would have appear) that if it be the divine will of him who is called Tetragrammaton, &c. the holy God, the Father, that thou take upon thee some shape as best becometh thy celestial nature, and appear to us visibly here in this place, and answer our demands, in as far as we shall not transgress the bounds of the divine mercy and goodness, by requesting unlawful knowledge but that thou wilt graciously shew us what things are most profitable for us to know and do to the glory and honour of his divine Majesty who liveth and reigneth, world without end. Amen. THE invocation being made, the good angels will appear unto you which you desire, which you shall entertain with a chaste communication, and licence them to depart. We will yet declare unto you another rite more easy to perform this thing let the man who wishes to receive an oracle from a spirit be chaste, pure, and...

Sample of a Declinations Chart

Here's how we determine the positions of the planets for the Declinations Chart We just explained that the declination of the Sun is what determines how long there is daylight each day. The variance in the declination of the Sun from the longest day to the shortest day is about 47 degrees. The declination of the Sun is highest on the first day of summer and lowest on the first day of winter. The declination of the Sun is in the middle of these two points at the first day of spring and also at the first day of the fall season. This middle point is called the EQUINOX PLANE and is used as the zero point when measuring declinations. That is why we have the terms spring equinox and fall equinox. The declination of the Sun is measured using units of degrees north or south of this equinox plane (essentially the CELESTIAL EQUATOR). The position of the Sun rises from this zero point to about 23.5 degrees above it when going from the first day of spring to the first day of summer. During this...

Venus The Planet Of Love

In the 13th Chapter of Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians we find a eulogy of love. The word used in the authorized version is charity, but it ought to be read as love. Love suffereth long and is kind, love vaunteth not herself, is not puffed up, believeth all things, endureth all things. . .Whether there be prophecies they shall fail, whether there be knowledge it shall vanish away. He concludes that in time faith and hope will pass away because we shall know the things in which we now have faith and our hopes will have been realized, but love, he contends, remains forever. The keynote of Venus is love, harmony, and rhythm, and if we want to know her nature we may profitably read that chapter and substitute Venus' for Love. Venus vaunteth not herself, is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, rejoices not in iniquity but in truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, endureth all things. These sayings are all true when applied to Venus for she furnishes the unifying bond...

The Nodes of the Moon in the Houses

Unlike the other celestial bodies I discuss in this chapter, the Nodes of the Moon don't exactly exist. They're simply the points in space where the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. Nonetheless, there they are in your chart The North Node and the South Node, two sensitive spots carrying a message that some astrologers consider the most vital part of your horoscope.

Turbulent Patterns During an Eclipse

Many astrologers believe that the alignment of the planets (especially eclipses) directly impacts our lives. But the Magi Society believes that astrological alignments are celestial signs to guide us as to what is most likely to come to pass. This makes more sense, because the eclipse occurred a few days after Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2. If the eclipse were the actual cause, the eclipse would more logically occur before or during the attack. In any case, the sign that the eclipse gave us was remarkably precise. Using the rules of Magi Astrology, the Grand Cross meant that this was a period of time

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