Antiques Trade

Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

ABOUT fifty years ago, when the subject of English furniture first began to be studied and to be written about, it was divided conveniently into four distinct types. One writer called his books on the subject The Age of Oak, The Age of Walnut, The Age of Mahogany and The Age of Satinwood. It is not really quite as simple as that, for each of the so-called Ages overlaps the others and it is quite impossible to lagt down strict dates as to when any one timber was introduced or when it finally, if ever, went out of favour.

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Nostalgic Crabby Sentimental

The Cancer Woman has a strong psychic link with the past, often through her mother or grandmother. She may miss the grandeur of the past, ignore the challenge of the present, and fear the possible decadence of the future. She probably wishes she had lived in an era when antiques were new, when collecting things was not as

Moon In The Fourth House

To collect things and are especially fond of antiques, tradition and ancestry. You may have many changes of residence, especially if the Moon is in a mutable sign. You tend to be self-centered, with me and mine as your motivating force. You are apt to insulate yourself from reality.

Natural Born Hoarders

The natural shrewdness of Cancer comes into its own in the banking, finance, and insurance industries, where Cancerians are often very clever at dealing with money, and their intuition can often be relied upon to predict market movements. These professions, along with accountancy, are excellent possibilities. Trading in antiques is also a viable option, and as far as the arts are concerned, the sign is well represented in most areas, with famous Cancerian singers and dancers dominating their fields. While on a superficial level there is a liking for change, in the long term the thread of a Cancerian's career will have good continuity. For instance, if one becomes really dedicated to antiques, the first purchase for one's own special collection will probably be made with pocket money or the very first earnings.

Short Attention Span Changeable Noncommittal

Chances are that she will change careers as often as she changes her favorite sexy sling-back shoes. The quickness with which she learns often results in career shifts into completely different lines of work. I know one Gemini woman who progressed from secretary to fashion model to jewelry sales to owning her own rare antiques business in a matter of four years. (By the way, she makes a great salesperson. She is so glib and persuasive that she can talk people into buying things they often have little, if any, use for.)

Midheaven signs for gemini

Pisces Midheaven

With Midheaven signs Virgo Very critical - of self and everyone else. Will make many career changes. Should exploit considerable originality. Libra A glamorous combination. Will make most of self. Will aspire for the good life. Luxury trades. scorpio Antiques trade, motor or airline industry. Scientific flare. Good talker, stubbornness likely. sagittarius Flare for languages. Good teacher. Suited as a vet, or in law. Beware of restlessness.

Mercury In The Fourth House

You are determined, your memory is retentive, and your thinking is economical. Proud of your family and interested in your ancestry, you love antiques and might be a book, stamp or coin collector. Your parents were probably educated and cultured. This is a good position for real estate, agriculture, ecology, archeology, geology and other professions related to the earth. It is possible that you will work out of your home. You might change residence often, or there may be a lot of activity in your home. Perhaps a relative will live with you. With challenging aspects, you are easily irritated and quite high-strung.

Saturn In The Fourth House

Anxious about old age, you have many responsibilities in your home this could even include taking care of elderly relatives. There is a possibility of the early loss of a parent or difficulties with one of them. You are very attached to your family, and may cling too much to the past. Although you seem independent, you are afraid of leaving your parents yet you will be much happier once you are away from your place of birth. You feel inadequate and insecure, but these feelings make you try doubly hard at anything you do this can lead to great achievements. You take great pride in your family ancestry, love antiques and are successful in dealing with land or real estate. Poor aspects can lead to digestive problems due to excessive worry and emotionalism. A good spiritual attitude can help you overcome many of these restricting feelings. Actress Judy Garland, physicist Albert Einstein, writer Ernest Hemingway, singer Peggy Lee.

Conformist Glamorizes the Past and Tradition

She is usually in love with durability, permanence, safety, and roots. In her desire to make everything in life conform to her views, she may surround herself as much as she can with objects that have an aura of permanence. She prefers antiques she wants solid furniture. Brand names are important she wants only the best, for it gives lasting value and status.

The Zodiacal Signs as Energy Patterns

One way of understanding the various energy patterns represented by the zodiacal signs is to analyze them in terms of their modalities. The cardinal signs represent centrifugal radiating energy and correlate with the principle of action in a definite direction. The positive cardinal signs, Aries and Libra, are concerned with action in the present, based upon future considerations. The negative cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn, are more concerned with the past. (Witness, for example, Cancer's love of the home and antiques and Capricorn's concern with tradition and history.)

The Hour of the Rabbit

The well-mannered Rabbit rules signs born between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., just as the sun is rising. The personality of someone born during this time will be more moderate, reflective, diplomatic, and discreet. The well-mannered Rabbit has strong artistic instincts and may influence the individual to collect art and antiques. The essence of the Rabbit personality is detachment. Those born during Rabbit hours require more privacy, tranquility, and peacefulness. Favorable companions for the Rabbit are the Dragon, Rat, Rooster, and Monkey.

Nonconformist Taboo Breaker Leader

People's resources, taxes, and inheritances belong in Pluto's domain. Therefore, the Scorpio Woman has the privilege of experimenting with these, using her own special intuition. She does well as an investor for others, as a real estate agent, antiques dealer, or stockbroker (especially when dealing with underground natural resources), as tax expert, or as an attorney specializing in deeds, bequests, and inheritance cases.

Organizational Ability Long Memory

The Capricorn Woman is more organized in business than in her personal life. She will service her accounts efficiently, but her own bedroom may look like an antique shop before liquidation. No matter how cluttered her own digs may be, she usually keeps things straight in her head. Ask her where last year's geraniums were replanted, and she'll direct you to the exact square foot in the garden. If you are looking for a

The Moon

Although there are bigger moons in the solar system, ours is the biggest in proportion to its planet. When it rises or acts sometimes it looks huge. This is because we are looking at it through a heavier layer of atmosphere than when it is high above the horizon. This heavier layer of atmosphere acts like a magnifying glass. (See Illustration III.) The symbol of the moon, being shaped like a crescent, pictures all that is receptive in your nature. It governs the instincts, the emotions, and the imagination. The moon is the storehouse of memory and if it is strongly situated in a chart they will have a good memory and be fascinated with history and antiques, unless of course there are other negating influences.

Auspicious Careers

The best career choices for the Rat include salesperson, technical writer, art or film critic, business owner, pawnbroker or antique dealer, financial lender, politician, musician, philosopher, or scientist. Rats will also make excellent managers, bosses, and business owners.

Ascendant Cancer

Antiques trade, mining. Leo Potential for success in own business, finance, armed services. Virgo Keen to make money. Hard worker. Suffers from too many changes of direction. Libra Needs to work in partnership, but should take the lead. Beauty, fashion, or entertainment industries. Scorpio Will pursue career with tenacity and discipline. Hard worker. Scientific flair. Astronomy, archeology, or antiques. Sagittarius Slightly unpredictable, but superb teacher or lecturer. Writer, innovator and or inventor. Pisces Very creative and artistic. Career or hobby should involve the arts in some form.

Sun sign leo

This adds considerably to Leo sensitivity - which is far more potent than many realize. Here the extravert Leo Sun will conceal injury and Cancerian worry will exaggerate the problem. sensuality plus passion will enhance the love and sex life, making for exciting and responsive partners. A love of works of art or antiques will lead to good investments for this canny group of Leos.

Sun sign aquarius

Aquarians always enjoy their unique and independent lifestyle and are reluctant to sacrifice it. With Venus in this sign, here is discretion personified only when the individual is attracted to someone they know to be right , socially as well as romantically, will their pursuit of love be thorough and enthusiastic. Cash will be well invested in antiques and works of art. Art and antiques shops are of interest to Aquarians with Venus in Capricorn. Art and antiques shops are of interest to Aquarians with Venus in Capricorn.