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D Sf Mars Square Neptune d sf Mars Opposition Neptune

Your strong imagination and creative ability will enable you to reach great heights. However, a casual attitude can lead you mto unsavory situations. You seem to look for trouble, and you are especially vulnerable to deceit. Be careful with drugs because you are susceptible to drug allergies. You are also susceptible to food poisoning and infection. You must learn to handle alcohol or it could become a problem. TV personality Mike Douglas ( ), Ethel Kennedy (Mrs. Robert F.) ().

History and Characteristics

Vitamin C is also extremely important in the formation of red blood cells by keeping the capillaries, veins and arteries elastic and preventing hemorrhaging. Moreover, it's necessary for halting allergies and fighting bacterial infections phagocytes (kinds of white blood cells) are the body's defense against invading bacteria, and ascorbic acid aids the biochemical reactions taking place in these cells to increase their activity and strength in killing off bacteria. Furthermore, one of vitamin C's most important functions is helping in the transfer of plasma iron to the liver and incorporation into the iron storage compound called ferritin without proper levels of iron, anemia results.


A weak Mercury, like a weak Moon, causes mainly airy or Vata diseases, with weak lungs and a sensitive nervous system. It results in cough, allergies (both skin and food allergies) and hay fever. There may be speech defects, hypersensitivity, lack of intelligence, growth difficulties (endocrine problems) or poor coordination. Such problems are more likely in childhood.

Mars Neptune

Because of this drug-sensitivity, a person with Mars in hard aspect with Neptune in a chart may be highly susceptible to poisoning. Iron poisoning may occur, especially with an accompanying hard aspect from Saturn. There is also the potential for poisoning through overconsumption of selenium-bearing herbs. Furthermore, a hard aspect between Mars and Neptune points toward possible chlorine poisoning when a hard aspect from Saturn is involved chlorine levels in the body should be tested by a physician, because the mineral may be the root cause of an allergic reaction. Since Pluto is known for its gluttonous characteristics, a hard aspect with Mars can indicate abnormal needs for several other vitamins and minerals. There may be a severe vitamin B-12 deficiency, resulting in allergies such as asthma, hives or eczema. Moreover, tests should be conducted to find out if there is a greater-than-average need of iron. An abnormal requirement for fatty acids may also be necessary for daily...

1 Childhood Diseases

Allergies It is important to know about a person's allergies for several reasons. For one, the adrenal glands may not be triggering enough antihistamines to combat the pollen, pollution or whatever is causing the allergy. An astrologer should also be aware if a person is allergic to such substances as brewer's yeast, whole grains or other natural products that are normally suggested in a diet to get a person well if allergies exist, of course, these products must be eliminated from the diet. Furthermore, any allergic symptoms to certain types of drugs should be noted and compared with drugs that are being taken. In rare instances a drug may contain an ingredient that a person is having a mild allergic reaction to, and the doctor must be so informed. Allergies usually mean that a person needs dosages of pantothenic acid (Neptune) and vitamin C (Saturn), since both are antihistaminic in action the chart should be examined to see if there are two or more hard aspects to Neptune or...

Neptune Pluto

A person with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant in a natal chart may be susceptible to many infectious or viral complaints, easily catching colds and the flu and having a hard time throwing the diseases off. Allergies may also occur because not enough pantothenic acid is supplied to the adrenal glands to make sufficient antihistamines. Furthermore, minimal drug dosage should be considered with a hard aspect between Neptune and the Ascendant, since the individual's body will probably be so finely calibrated to everything, including food, that he or she will have an allergic reaction to normal dosages of medication. .


Bodily resistance to disease may be very low, with the thymus gland responsible. The adrenal glands may also be weak, causing adrenal exhaustion. A person may be sensitive to normal doses of drugs, requiring only half the usual amounts. Other possibilities are allergies to drugs and allergies in general, caused by malfunctioning adrenal glands. Muscles may also be flabby or weakened, and bones may be soft or deformed from a lack of sufficient calcium (Saturn) the parathyroid glands should be tested.

Medical Astrology

A relationship between the first and sixth houses means the patient is the cause of his or her own disease. This usually translates to a lifestyle choice or decision, such as eating the wrong foods or ignoring a serious food allergy, taking a drug that provokes a reaction, or having to cope with too much stress.

Jupiter Pluto

For instance, with a hard aspect between Jupiter and Pluto there may be a severe deficiency of vitamin B-6, chromium, cholin and pangamic acid as well as inositol, biotin, sulfur and manganese. Insufficient chromium or vitamin B-6 may result in sugar ailments. With Pluto involved, allergies may also occur from a lack of vitamin B-6. And a severe deficiency of vitamin B-6 may cause depletion of other vitamins in the vitamin B complex. Moreover, if Jupiter or Pluto is in Libra, there may be an imbalance in the metabolic rate, with a chromium deficiency affecting the carbohydrate functions. A lack of cholin may halt the enzymatic action of the liver. And there is speculation that the endocrine system, ruled by Pluto, may be adversely affected by insufficient pangamic acid.


Ailments involving water retention of the body, such as edema, are possible with this midpoint structure. A person may also be susceptible to infections or any viral strain, drug overdose, side effects from drugs, drug-related allergies, weakening of the body or sapping of strength. If a person is suceptible to infections, the thymus gland should be treated.


A person with this combination in a chart may be susceptible to many types of infections, perhaps from suppressed thymus functions. Allergies from a malfunction of the adrenal glands are also possible. Furthermore, an individual may be a carrier for disease or virus that can infect others. He or she may be allergic to drugs or become poisoned in some unexpected way.


Todd had allergies to rye, wheat and oat cereals, cow's milk, oranges, tangerines, tomatoes, pork, almonds, peanuts, garlic, onions, potatoes, soybeans, tea, squash and string beans. He also had severe reactions to chocolate, egg whites, refined sugar, brewer's yeast, baker's yeast and malt. He was considered a nutritional allergic. The physician felt the allergies were related to the minerals, which affect the enzymes, which in turn affect the hormones. So, the endocrine functions would restabilize with proper intake and absorption of nutrition. Todd's lymph system was all right, but because his body was in such a compromised state from the allergies the lymph system wasn't working properly. The doctor also discovered that Todd had small red blood cells (Mars) from nutritional deficiencies there were four per cent allergy cells.

High Calcium Diet

A diet high in calcium is especially helpful to ar-thritics, the elderly suffering from porus or brittle bones and younger children who have allergies to milk. Following is a list of foods high in calcium, with an asterisk (*) indicating those foods with extremely high calcium contents.


This midpoint structure can indicate lowered vitality. A person may be prone to infections of a viral or bacterial strain as well as liable to have adverse reactions to drugs, experience an overdose of drugs or contract allergies from drugs. Ilnesses may be continually misdiagnosed. The thymus gland should be checked it may be hypo functioning, causing lowered resistance to infections, especially in newborn infants and young children. An individual with this configuration in a chart may have acute fevers and is likely to catch any bug, such as the flu, that is around. He or she may be especially susceptible to illness in winter and spring. A warm, dry climate is probably best for good health. Progressed Saturn in the picture may indicate poisoning from a metal source as well as fatigue and malaise progressed Pluto may indicate blood disorders, such as anemia progressed Admetos conjunct the midpoint could show the seed of a chronic disorder coming to light or just beginning progressed...

Mutable Types

May, however, cause instability, hypersensitivity and disintegration. (It should be noted that some Vedic astrologers associated fixed quality with Sattva, as it is stable, and mutable quality with Tamas as it is disintegrating, but mutable signs are the best for developing the mind which is of the quality of sattva) Mutable types are flexible, adaptable and capable of many things. They often have many talents, interests, curiosities and skills. They are prone to be indecisive and may find it difficult to act. In addition may be inconsistent and unable to stick to things. They are often mental types and like to think, calculate, worry or reflect and can become too introverted or overly preoccupied with themselves. They more commonly suffer from mental or nervous disorders, immune system derangements and allergies. They are often agile on a physical level, particularly when young, but have poor endurance. They can be very talkative or communicative, though they may not have anything...

The Healthy Crab

Vitamin A and beta carotene are especially helpful for growth and maintenance of all mucous membranes, including the stomach and digestive tract, which is very important to a Crab. They also help build strong bones and teeth (ruled by Capricorn, the opposite sign). Crabs also may have allergies, which are often aggravated by dairy products, so if digestion becomes a problem, it's best to monitor what they eat in relation to how they feel.

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

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