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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

The first trimester is very important for the mother and the baby. For most women it is common to find out about their pregnancy after they have missed their menstrual cycle. Since, not all women note their menstrual cycle and dates of intercourse, it may cause slight confusion about the exact date of conception. That is why most women find out that they are pregnant only after one month of pregnancy.

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Recent Clinical Developments

It is very important for a pregnant woman to get sufficient iodine in her diet. As I've indicated, sufficient iodine will help the unborn infant start with a healthy thyroid. In addition, the iodine will help the mother's own thyroid to control her weight both during and after the pregnancy. If deficient in iodine after the birth, the mother may not be able to lose weight and may suffer severe depression postpartum blues) because her thyroid is hypofunctioning. Any woman who suffers these symptoms after birth

Progressions and Directions

Secondary progressions (sometimes called secondary directions), the most popular method of prognostication other than transits, use the formula a day for a year to predict the future. This method's underlying notion is that there is a relationship between the first day of life and the first year of life, between the second day of life and the second year of life, and so forth. The actual technique involves finding a person's current age and moving the planets and house cusps of the natal chart to the positions they occupied at the same number of days after birth as the individual's current age in years. These positions are then examined and tell the astrologer about the client's life for the current year. Another method of progression, termed tertiary progressions, could be referred to as a day for a month system. In a manner parallel to secondary progressions, this approach takes each day after birth as representing a month (a lunar month, which is shorter than a calendar month) of...

Astrological Strong Forces For Riches And Fame

If another planet is on the MC in a nocturnal chart, the natives will be charming and well-mannered. Women will always be agreeable to them and bring them good fortune. They easily attain their goals. But if Venus is alien to the angles, and malefic planets are in strong aspect to the Moon located on the angles, the native will be exposed by parents or die immediately after birth.

Electric planets v Planets

Said of a climax which occurs on the ninth day of an illness - or every ninth day of its progress also of the ninth day after birth the ninth year of life or every ninth year throughout life. (v. Climacterical Periods.) Equation of Time. (1) Astron. The difference between mean solar time and apparent solar time. The moment the Sun is exactly on the Midheaven of any place is apparent noon at that place hence an apparent solar day is the interval between two consecutive passages of the Sun across the Midheaven, or the elapsed time from one apparent noon to the next. However, since the Sun - or more correctly speaking, the Earth - does not move at a uniform speed throughout its orbit, the length of the apparent day varies at different times of the year. To make possible the use of time-keeping mechanisms, there was adopted a standard fixed day of 24 hours, known as a mean day - the length of which is the average of all the apparent days of the year....

Secondary Progressions

To find the Progressions for the tenth year of life. Counting ten days after birth will give July 18,1968. This will give the progressions for the year 1978. Using the same birth time, set up a chart for July 18, 1968, using the same longitude and latitude. The cusps of the Midheaven and Ascendant will be the only ones of importance.

Rectification Of A Chart When Time Of Birth Is Unknown

Supposing our native was born August 3rd, 1901, had an accident on May 25th, 1937. Supposing we do not know it what hour of August 3rd, 1901, he was born, I.e. the exact time. But we know he was born at che 14th degree East of Greenwich and at 48 North Latitude. The accident happened May 25th, 1937. This is 35 years plus 29*5 days after birth. Step No. 2 We enter in a third ring (or outside) the position of the Moon progressed as of 35 years 295 days later at Noon in London. This means we take the Moon's position 35 days after birth, i.e. for September 7th, 1901, and also figure out the proportionate movement this Moon has moved forward these 295 days, by dividing the motion from Sept. 7th to Sept. 8th, 1901, by 365 and multiplying the result of 295 (the days from August 3rd to May 25th, 1937). This value we add to the Noon position at London of Sept. 7th, 1901.

The Children Of The Twelve Signs

When the ascendant of a person is in doubt and the place in the Zodiac which seems to fit nearest brings the Sun into the Twelfth House, the writer has often found that the exact ascendant may be ascertained by asking the person if his childhood's life was clouded by poverty of the parents and consequent limitation for a number of years just after birth. This in all the cases where it has been found that all other events fitted in the horoscope proved a successful method of determining the true ascendant, so that the number of degrees from the ascendant to the Sun, the latter located in the Twelfth House, would indicate the years of poverty, for the Twelfth House makes for limitation in that respect, especially when the Sun is there at birth. When the Sun by progression has passed through the Twelfth House and comes into the ascendant, things begin to brighten for the person involved, and when in time it passes through the Second House he will have a period of financial success but as...

Description Of The Husband Or Wife

In a man's horoscope the planets to which the Moon makes an aspect by progression after birth, indicate the women to whom he will be attracted, together with their character and disposition, which are determined by the signs that the planets are in and the aspects which they make. For illustration, let us suppose that the Moon in a certain person's horoscope comes first to a sextile of the Sun in Leo, and that the Sun is aspected by a trine to Jupiter, then we shall find the description of the wife by looking up the disposition, a noble character, a blonde and of florid complexion. If on the other hand, we find that the Moon after birth makes a square to Mars in Scorpio, and Mars in turn square to Venus, then it would show a woman of a very lewd, slothful and slovenly nature who would be domineering, quarrelsome, extremely difficult to get along with. Similarly for the


Primary directions are formed between the progressed planets and their positions at birth. If, for instance, the Sun was in no degrees of Aries and Jupiter in 25 degrees of Leo at the birth of an individual, then, as the Sun moves forward in the Zodiac at about one degree a day, it will be trine with Jupiter about twenty-five days after birth. The system of time measurement of the planetary progression in general use reckons each day after birth equal to a year of life. Thus the said individual will meet with a very fortunate event in the twenty-fifth year.


During the next twenty, thirty or sixty days after birth the planets move on and make certain aspects to the positions held by them at birth. Each of these days corresponds to a year of life, and the aspects formed by the 'progression' on the twentieth day after birth will operate to bring about events in the twentieth year. The aspects formed on the thirty-fifth day after birth will determine the influences in the thirty-fifth year and so on. These are called 'progressed' positions and aspects. Thus, if someone says My progressed Sun will be trine to my radical Jupiter when I am forty, he means that forty days after his birth the Sun had progressed to a trine aspect with the position of Jupiter at his birth, and that therefore this will operate in his fortieth year to bring about events of a fortunate nature, because the aspect and the planets are what is called good.

Progressed Aspects

It can be democisttited easily how the few aspects acted, which formed towards them during this time and we shall locate them very closely. Since for the first year we have noc cast a progressed horoscope, just the same the planets did progress after birth, evetn though it was too shore a time to have already lacge differences existing between radix and progressed planets-

Fate Or Free Will

Manifest, and the weakest link will break first. Similarly, in the case of the body, there are certain inherent weak points and these are indicated in the horoscope. From the moment of birth we subject the body to a constant strain, and in time the weakness of the various points becomes manifest as disease. The movement of the planets after birth measures the time when any particular link is liable to break. This motion of the planets in the horoscope is called Progression. Study and practice of medical Astrology require knowledge of how to progress the planets in the horoscope, and we shall therefore take up that subject in connection with the message of the stars relative to disease.

Diseases and Tests

Afterward the shock of the birth throws the system out of kilter, what is known as postpartum blues. The glands try to restabilize and normalize their functions for a woman without a baby, but that metabolic balance is frequently never attained. After pregnancy many women suddenly gain weight and can't lose it. Moreover, their hair loses its natural gloss and becomes dry and brittle, symptoms of glandular disorders. Hypothyroidism in infants manifests as cretinism, usually caused because a mother suffers a deficiency of iodine during pregnancy. (Other genetic factors may be involved.) If undetected, cretinism will permanently render an infant mentally disabled and physically handicapped within six months to a year. For that reason it is imperative that a pregnant woman known to have a hypothyroid condition consult her doctor so that the fetus's thyroid will not suffer because of the mother's insufficiency. As I've indicated, in Canada every infant receives a...

T3 T4 T7 Test

This test, or one similar to it, should be given to all newborn infants. In Canada it's a law that such a test be performed to determine that an infant does not have a hypothyroid that could lead to cretinism. If a woman has just delivered a baby, she should request the test. No mother wants retardation of her child a year after birth because a simple blood test was not performed.


Let us now suppose that at the time a child is born we look at Saturn and beyond him, right along our line of observation, we see the fixed star Antares which is in about 8 degrees of Sagittarius the child is then getting a tendency to eye trouble which is sufficiently severe even if the planet is traveling direct in its orbit as is generally the case, for then Antares gradually goes out of focus, and Saturn will not return to the conjunction until it has completed its circle journey around the Sun (which takes about 29 years). If, on the other hand, we find that on the day after birth Saturn has retrograded somewhat, and still more the next day, and so on for a week or two, then that also brings Antares out of focus, but there is this important difference, that instead of taking 29 years to form the next conjunction Saturn may become direct, and form the second conjunction with Antares in a few weeks after birth, and this repeated evil ray may aggravate the natal defect to such an...

Chap Xl

If you are demanded of the state of the Mother, and how, or in what case she shall be in after the Birth behold the Moon, and observe to what Planet she applies, and according to the last application she hath before she goe out of the Signe she is in, it shall be with the Mother so observe that Planet she last applies unto, his Nature, place in the Heaven and Fortitude, so shall it be with the Mother after Birth I have in my practice observed this concerning the safety of the Mother, and her condition at the Birth, if it were evident she were with Child and I found the Ascendant free, and the Lord of the Ascendant neither separated from a bad aspect of the Lord of the 8th or 4th, or applying to any aspect of the Lords of those two houses, or if I found the Moon Fortunately Applying to either of the Fortunes, or to the Sun, or indeed to any good aspect of the Infortunes, I never doubted the life of the Mother, and I remember not that I ever failed.