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MindZoom uses three techniques to enter directly to your Subconscious Mind: By use of the Affirmation Delivering Engine, MindZoom conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that are bypassed by your conscious mind. These messages are flashed rapidly in your screen at virtually undetectable speeds, Safely And Discretely. By use of our Silent Subliminal Messaging System, text affirmations are translated to speech and delivered through a Low Frequency envelope, not heard by the human ear but reaching the brain. By use of the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer, a great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and Mix them with your favorite music files save and listen to them anywhere, on your Ipod, home or car stereo, you name it! Now you can also create your own subliminal CDs and recordings! The Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer is an exciting feature included free of charge. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs. The Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal installation process is clean and without any unpleasant surprises like hidden toolbars, adds or anything like that. However, the installation process takes a bit longer than expected and you actually have to go through ten steps before the installation is complete, but that can hardly be considered a downside though.

I personally recommend to buy this software. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Subliminal Mp3s

Do you want to change your negative self beliefs, eliminate any self limiting thoughts, and free yourself from long held patterns of thinking which are holding you back in life? With these powerful subliminal messages you can do exactly this in just 20 minutes a day! With this 250+ subliminal mp3s you can program your mind for success whatever your goals are! Or if you are new to subliminal messaging you can receive 3 free subliminal mp3s and see the benefits for yourself! Continue reading...

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The Critical Steps to Positive Thinking

The critical steps to positive thinking are a mental attitude in which you expect positive and favorable results. In other words, the critical steps of positive thinking are creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive spirit happiness, health and a happy ending in all situations. More and more people are attracted to this notion. More and more courses and books about it. Critical steps towards positive thinking are gaining popularity among us. In addition, more successful people will tell you that they have arrived where they are now because they have adopted a positive thinking lifestyle. A person who faces life with a positive attitude will always have more success in life, both professionally and personally, than a person who can not take control of his thoughts. Critical steps to positive thinking can prepare you for success in all areas of your life. You can be healthier, happier and more successful by simply changing your thoughts. If you want to be happy, and not just for a day, focus on the things that will help you stay positive over time. Because a positive attitude can do more than just make you feel good, it can also change your life. You can train your mind to embrace the bright side of things. What follows is what the product contains; Continue reading...

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Zenmind Affirmations

A Holistic Mind-power System Of Hypnotic Positive Affirmations Mixed With Brainwave Entrainment Mp3s. With Zenmind Affirmations the Positive Affirmations will effortlessly reach and root themselves into all your deeper inner levels, including Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta Leaving no part of your Dna or inner self untouched by the life-changing power of Positive Affirmations. To make it the best affirmation program around, you get all 8 Modules in Subliminal Versions too In this way we make sure that you really can harness 100% of the Benefits of Positive Affirmations on All Levels in All Ways Through Consciousness, Reality and Beyond! Each Module of Zenmind Affirmations takes around 25 minutes to complete. The positive affirmations are softly spoken by me in a hypnotic relaxing way inside a beautiful meditative soundscape with nature sounds, universal atmospheres and tibetan meditation bowls. The affirmations are chanted deeper and deeper into your conciousness with the help of our groundbreaking brainwave technology. Zenmind Affirmations: Module 1: Healing Hypnotic Session & Subliminal Session mp3 Module 2: Self-Esteem Hypnotic Session & Subliminal Session mp3 Module 3: Success Hypnotic Session & Subliminal Session mp3 Module 4: Abundance & Wealth Hypnotic Session & Subliminal Session mp3 Module 5: Relationships Hypnotic Session & Subliminal Session mp3 Module 6: Life Purpose Hypnotic Session & Subliminal Session mp3 Module 7: Spiritual Growth Hypnotic Session & Subliminal Session mp3 Module 8: Delta Super Booster Subliminal Session & Clearing Session mp3. Continue reading...

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Contents: MP3 Audios
Creator: Thomas Di Leva
Official Website: www.zenmindaffirmations.com
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What Kind of Man She Wants

The man who captures the Cosmic Woman's heart must be willing to touch, caress, cry, debate, comfort, protect, and encourage her. He is never expected to compete with her. He mirrors her androgynous nature as she mirrors his. He is flexible he has an open mind. He returns her admiration, affection, and affirmation in full measure. He shares his growth with her and encourages her as she grows and explores. He participates direcdy in the inner dialogue she has with herself. He is as direct and honest with her as she is with him. He is truly a Cosmic Man.

Planets in the Elements

What specific energy and quality influences one's logic and how one thinks and expresses thoughts along a certain vibratory wavelength. Mercury in water signs, for example, indicates a mode of communication strongly influenced by one's deepest yearnings and sub-conscious predispositions. Mercury in the earth signs shows that one's thoughts are influenced by practical needs and by the individual's preference to accept ideas that are applicable in a practical way. Mercury in the air signs reveals that one's thoughts are relatively free and unfettered by emotional and practical needs and that they can therefore be as abstract as the person wants. In other words, since the key word for the air element is concepts, Mercury is very much at home in the air signs, for the intellectual mind can function with a degree of relative freedom and lightness. Mercury in the fire signs indicates that one's thoughts are influenced by one's aspirations, beliefs, hopes, and personal plans. Mercury in the...

Over Emphasis on Water Earth Lack of Air Fire

The problematical side of this type can be understood when it is seen that these people are motivated chiefly by feelings, fears, habits, past conditioning, security needs, and other unconscious factors. This often gives rise to a tendency to manipulate others in order to fulfill their dwn security needs and to be too attached to the past and rather fearful of the present and future. There is often a vital lack of ideals, faith, and positive thinking, and their intellectual and communicative faculties are usually underdeveloped. At best, this type is grounded in the here and now reality of everyday experience and faces things with great inner strength and determination. At worst, they can be stingy, manipulative, greedy, and ultimately deeply frustrated in their need to take gome risks to promote their growth.

Number Form Colour Sound

But, before doing so, it should be made clear what it is we are affirming. It is this Numbers have a signification or symbolical value irrespective of our recognition of their symbolism, and (b) what we are led to recognise as natural causation. Let us look at these two theorems for a moment. If I posit the formula of the law of permutations (2n - 1) I am putting up a symbol which is intended to signify or signal something to the mind, as, for instance, that the possible combinations of any three principles, sounds, or colours, 2 x 2 x 2 - 1 7. You may or may not read the signal, but that does not in any way alter either the law expressed by the formula or the truth of the expression. I say, therefore, that numbers have a symbolical value irrespective of our recognition of their symbolism. I have already affirmed

Nakshatras The Twentyseven Wives Of The Moon

The Hindu astrology, and specially the topic of Nakshatras are so much intimately connected with the system of Indian philosophical thought that their proper understanding would necessarily require an intimate knowledge of esoteric implications of various Hindu mythologies. S.M. Ahmed Hashmy has very rightly emphasized that the Indian astrology, religion, and mythology are so much mixed up that it is not possible to separate them. The entire astrological nomenclature is symbolic. The Hindu astrology has assigned so much importance to the various devas, angellic hosts, and the planetary regents that the prognostications are never considered in isolation of the eternal life of the individual. The celestial hosts ever-active in discharging their divine responsibilities bring out the latent destiny of individuals, as well as that of the society, nations, mother earth, solar system and the cosmos. In this context, the affirmation of Eliphas Levi that God sows the idea of the Infinite, and...

Over Emphasis on Air Fire Lack of Water Earth

This type at best represents an idealistic, aspiring, positive-thinking person whose intentions and motives are above reproach. Their approach to life is not particularly realistic, however, and they often find that they must learn about the darker side of life through hard experience and disillusionment. They often neglect the very needs and feelings which can give them more stability and inner strength. Those with this emphasis, however, often gravitate (by way of compensation) to the study of the unconscious, emotional problems, and how to take care of physical necessities. This is a marked step in their growth toward a more comprehensive way of life. This type of person has the ability to put his ideas into action and the capacity to gain a perspective on the meaning and implication of his actions. The danger with this emphasis is that the person will live in his head and in his aspirations and thereby neglect the emotional depth and physical needs from which he could derive inner...

Capricorn Relationships

She herself may not know what she will do next. She lives with a cacophonous inner dialogue maintained by her own warring voices. Sometimes she listens to an inner voice that tells her, Go ahead, take the risk with Ed, John, or Harry. Another voice may caution her to wait and protect her turf to avoid being hurt. Just when she appears to have clearly settled for a life of prestige and passionless security, she may fall in love with a struggling painter. She may make believe that he will be the next Michelangelo, however especially with her help.

Avantgarde Attracts Abrupt Change Mental

Revolutionary thoughts and events that strike out of the blue characterize her life. Many an Aquarian has been forced to leave her town, country, and whole way of life on short notice, to start all over in a strange part of the world. She tends to meet challenge well though she rarely seeks it. The Aquarius Woman perhaps has a special telephone plugged into the cosmos, a kind of internal Bell System. I wouldn't put it past her to send subliminal messages to planetary headquarters asking for a thunderbolt or two when change is needed. She probably learns more from sudden and trying experiences than from all her mental perambulations and so she needs such jolts.

Recent Clinical Developments

The most striking feature of laetrile is that it can provide relief from pain. And with the easement of pain cancer patients have been able to diminish dosages or stop administration of drugs such as pain killers and sleeping pills over a period of time. Within days after laetrile treatment cancer patients also regain their appetites and body weight in some cases. The psychological effects accompanying such reductions in pain are the emergence of more positive thinking, interest in living once again and involvement in simple routines once put aside because of the disease.

Jupiter The Guru And The Priest

This is another aspect of its positive attitude to life. The man is one who acts whereas a female is the one who is feminine or absorptive. Purusha aspect of creation is the positive force while Prakriti represents the passive or the negative aspect of life-force. When Jupiter is said to be manly, it does not imply that it would make the individual under its influence combative and aggressive which are far from the effects of this planet. This expression only implies that the individual will be moving in the right direction to attain his destiny.

Sun In The Sixth House

You are a good worker and organizer, and you take pride in your achievements. Determined and faithful, you have a high regard for beauty, diet, health and hygiene. A regular routine is necessary for your emotional well-being. A positive attitude can help you overcome physical weakness or poor health. You would do well either in service fields or in sports. The Sun in the sixth house is similar to having the Sun in Virgo. Baseball player Jackie Robinson, film director Alfred Hitchcock, boxer Muhammad Ali, singer Glen Campbell, singer Eartha Kitt, basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


Felicitas, asteroid 109 (the 109th asteroid to be discovered, on October 9, 1869), is approximately 76 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.4 years. It was named after the Roman goddess of happiness. When prominent in a natal chart, Felicitas indicates a person with a generally positive attitude. Its location by sign and house position indicates potential sources of happiness. When involved in many inharmonious aspects, Felicitas may show a person who is glad about the wrong things, or an unwisely optimistic person.


Felicia, asteroid 294 (the 294th asteroid to be discovered, on July 15, 1890), is approximately 35 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.5 years. Its name means lucky or happy. When prominent in a natal chart, Felicia indicates a lucky person with a generally positive attitude. Its location by sign and house indicates potential sources of luck or happiness. When involved in many inharmonious aspects, Felicia may show an unlucky or unwisely optimistic person.

Astrological Trends

For a while I used them as a tick sheet. I had the birth chart on the front page and keywords for each of the thirty-six stages inside. In less than a minute I could work out where the person was now and give a very quick forecast. I was never 100 happy with it as a tick sheet, though. There was not enough room on the sheet to give more than the sketchiest information and people would come back asking why certain things were not checked off. For instance, for stage one I had the key words strong feelings and stage two had positive attitude . It was impossible for people born from the end of January to the beginning of October to have these keywords checked off on their tick sheet. Frequently, people would say, But I am a very positive person. Why haven't you checked 'positive attitude1

Lesson V

As previously mentioned Pisces is the most mystical and occult sign of all. The Pisces native is compassionate almost to a fault, he cannot bear to watch others suffer. Pisces is kind and sympathetic to animals, children and generally anybody in distress. He can tolerate much adversity in his life and he tends to suffer inwardly. He is usually modest, possibly timid and lacking in self-confidence but he has a certain faith in the unknown. He has a great desire, to care for the sick and the needy, and to overcome the illusion of religious and social barriers of conformity and to share the feelings of others. Being born under such a sensitive water sign he has a weakness for alcohol and a love for the sea. Pisces is the most unworldly of all the twelve signs. He has a creative imagination and he is intuitive, impressionable and receptive to what goes on around him. He is intensely emotional and submissive, just as likely to delude himself about reality as to be fooled by the...

Aspects with Jupiter

Any aspect involving Jupiter bears examination since Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter can show where you try to improve things and develop them to their fullest, as well as to express those energies to their fullest, possibly at a very high level. Jupiter's expansiveness and pervasive optimism can, however, also lead to over-extending oneself in the areas indicated by aspect, signs, and houses, if moderation is not regularly observed. The generosity and positive attitude and broad, philosophical approach often shown by Jupiter can, at best, lend an aura of nobility and masterful accomplishment to those areas of life supported by Jupiter's upbeat energies.


Laetitia, asteroid 39 (the 39th asteroid to be discovered, on February 8, 1856), is approximately 156 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.6 years. It was named after the Latin word for gladness and gaiety. When prominent in a natal chart, Laetitia indicates a person with a generally positive attitude. Its location by sign and house indicates potential sources of happiness. When involved in many inharmonious aspects, Laetitia may show a person who is glad about the wrong things or unwisely optimistic.

Positive Thinking As The Key To Success

Positive Thinking As The Key To Success

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