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Earth Signs Taurus Virgo and Capricorn

Considering Taurus Focusing on Virgo Contemplating Capricorn Taurus the Bull (April 19 to May 20), the sign of fixed earth. Taurus is known for its persistence, its longing for security, and in case you thought that earth signs are only about practicality its love of pleasure.

Taurus in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

A Taurus friend is a friend for life. If you arrange to meet a Taurean, he or she will be on time, utterly reliable, and will always ensure they send a message if delayed in any way whatsoever. They are constant and faithful, and, as the Taurean becomes more successful, your joint outings will become more glamorous - but also rather more expensive, because Taurus always knows the best bars and restaurants in town. Although pretty shrewd about money, Taureans are not mean and are usually willing to pay for their less well-off friends. They make wonderful hosts, and entertaining is really high on their list of social accomplishments. They give delightful dinner parties, where the food is rich, This balletic depiction of the Taurus Bull comes from Southern Italy and was painted in 1240. delicious, and over-plentiful. I don't think that we have ever attended a Taurus dinner or lunch where, apart from lavish main courses, there weren't at least two, and often three, delicious desserts,...

Taurus the Bull April 19May

When Harry Truman was president, a sign in the oval office read The buck stops here. That's just what you might expect from a Taurus. In good times and in bad, you're steadfast, dependable, and willing to accept responsibility. But Taurus also has a pleasure-loving side, for it is ruled by Venus, the guardian of love and art. Truman knew something about that part of life too. A devoted husband and fiercely protective father, he was a gifted piano player who thought about becoming a professional musician. He decided that he didn't have what it takes. A good music-hall piano player is about the best I'd have ever been, he said. So I went into politics and became President of the United States. Taurus has the stamina and the persistence to make something like that possible. The symbol (or glyph) of Taurus, shown in Figure 5-1, represents the head and horns of the Bull or the circle of potential topped by the crescent of receptivity. The symbol of Taurus.

Taureans Are Stubborn

Once the Taurean mind is made up - that is it. This is a fixed sign, and a basic interpretation is that Taureans are people who are fixed in their opinions. Added to this, the sign has a reputation for considerable stubbornness. The influence of the earth element gives Taureans their practical ability and common sense outlook - they are in many ways very down to earth. Interestingly, too, many are dedicated and very talented gardeners. All this is excellent, of course, but it is all too easy for Taureans - especially those who are settled and contented with things as they are -to become very set in their ways and too resistant to change and new experiences. need for security - a basic instinct in Taureans - develops fast. In spite of their usual ability to take their time over important decisions, Taureans can, on these occasions, jump the gun

Taurus in permanent relationships

Most Taureans have a conventional side, which will be prominent when they are in the course of forming a permanent relationship. It is very likely that, from the start, wedding bells will be gently sounding in the back of their The Taurean Bull is seen in the upper-left of a manuscript from Lower Saxony, painted in the late 13th century. The Taurean Bull is seen in the upper-left of a manuscript from Lower Saxony, painted in the late 13th century. However, warning bells may begin to be heard just as the sound of the wedding bells dies away. It is all too common to hear our Taurus friends refer to their partners as though they were possessions, like a car or a house. However loved a partner is, he or she will not like to feel owned, and with some Sun signs it will be anathema. In such cases it is very important that, right from the start, the partner makes it plain to the Taurean that he or she needs a certain amount of independence and freedom. Something else that must be considered...

Taurus in Education Jobs and Money

Introducing Taurean children to nursery school may not be a very easy process. it will be most advisable for parents to take the child to visit the school together on a few occasions in order to get the young Taurean thoroughly used to the atmosphere. Any sudden change of location and environment will cause feelings of insecurity, and will probably lead to tantrums and a build up of stress for all concerned. Taking familiar toys to school will help, but the process in most cases is likely to be tricky until the child is thoroughly used to the place and the people in charge. it is important for parents to remember when deciding about the kind of education they want for their Taurean child that, while they themselves may well be attracted to schools where freedom of expression is allowed and The calendar page for April from the Bedford Hours illuminated manuscript, c1423. Taurus is shown on the right. The calendar page for April from the Bedford Hours illuminated manuscript, c1423....

Taurus can attach too much importance to making money

Home ownership is of prime importance too, but some care is needed here that the temptation to own the ideal home does not result in Taureans taking on a much bigger mortgage than is wise. In theory, they will be aware of the danger signals, but the appearance -and more importantly the size - of the chosen house or apartment might turn out to be just too irresistible for them to turn down. It can happen that Taurus attaches too much importance to making money - in spite of much-needed peace of mind and security. To get a different slant on this, if they realize they can get a great deal of aesthetic satisfaction from beautiful things, they might like to start a collection of, say, small pieces of porcelain, antique wine glasses, maybe copper items, or medals. That way, the Taurean will be simultaneously making an investment that will increase over time, and so contribute to their financial security.

Midheaven signs for taurus

The Midheaven signs for Taurus birth charts set out below are the only possible combinations of Ascendant and Midheaven signs in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. To work out your own Ascendant and Midheaven signs at birth, see the charts on pages 344-7. Aquarius Attraction to unusual occupations likely, but Taurean stubbornness is present. (wiTH TAURUs sUN siGN) with Midheaven signs Aries Very ambitious for desired objectives possible ruthlessness. Taurus The Sun and Midheaven are shared signs, so a big achiever likely stubbornness a less admirable trait though. with Midheaven signs Taurus As above but a more flexible mind caution and modesty are the watch-words. Gemini A superb communicator ability for media work, especially in magazines. with Midheaven signs Virgo Good communicator with high aspirations must exert Taurus grit and discipline to achieve success.

Taurus Through The Houses

With Taurus on the cusp of the first house, we find Aries, the starting point of the self, in the twelfth house. Taurus begins where most other signs are inclined to leave off. When a task looks almost hopeless to other people, Taureans pick it up and carry it through to a successful conclusion. They have the energy to put new life into a seemingly lost cause. With Aries on thiB house, Taurus has an active subconscious life. He is seldom inwardly defeated unless he himself throws in the sponge. His destructive tendencies arise when anyone tries to teat- down his self-confidence. It is difficult to understand Taurus. The personal ego makes its start in the twelfth house of secrecy The motives of life and action are hidden from the beginning. Taurus may appear frank and open, but don't let that fool you. He is not as open as he appears. His feelings are strong, but suppressed. He has a fiery temper when aroused, is inclined to hold resentment, and is not apt to forget an injury. He...

Y iS Neptune In Taurus

Neptune was last in Taurus from 1874 to 1887. It was the era of the first experimental cars, the Daimler-Benz engine, the bicycle, Edison's incandescent lamp and phonograph and the telephone. It brought the first Woolworth five-and-ten-cent store, as well as a financial panic. If you were born with Neptune in Taurus, you have an aesthetic approach to the sciences and the arts you respond to music and beauty, yet you also have innate business sense, a great need for security and can be easily misled by others. With aspects to Pluto you might have healing powers. Difficult aspects to Neptune may lead to a preoccupation with material assets or self-deception and carelessness in your handling of money.


The Sun is in Taurus from April 21st to May 22nd. Taurus represents the freshly plowed earth of springtime, ready for the seed.' The keyword is 'I have.' Taurus rules the throat in the physical body, also the cerebellum. Taurus is called the sign of the Bull, but it is much more. There are four serpent signs of the zodiac that have to do with will and power. Taurus is the first serpent sign and represents coiled up serpent power, latent and not yet in full expression. The other serpent signs axe Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Taurus people are slow, steady and stubborn. Their reflexes are slow and they cannot be pushed. You can lead a bull to water but you can't push his head in without being in trouble. In dealing with a Taurean, indirect action is best With Aries you can be quick and to the point. This iB not so with Taurus. It takes time for them to adjust to new ideas. They get accustomed to new concepts gradually. They get flustered and upset if they are not...

Taurus Relationships

Because the Taurus nature is so definite and deeply rooted, nearly all the traits delineated at the beginning of this chapter carry over into any relationship she endeavors to develop. Once she has made a commitment, she will put forth her best effort to make any of her many relationships work. She forms a wonderful half of any duo mate, best friend, co-worker, commiserater. She needs these one-on-one encounters to fulfill her curious yet complex nature. At the same time, she is a perfectionist and expects her family, friends, and lovers to live up to exacting standards. She can become very critical very quickly when intimates do not meet her criteria. Though often not intentionally, the Taurus Woman may use sex and intimacy to gain wealth, which she in turn translates into security, luxury, and beauty. She is attracted to people of wealth and learns appreciation for the things it can provide. Her natural good taste make her excellent company for those who are accustomed to the finer...

Taurus Sexuality

Taurus the Earth Goddess is a very sexual being. She may seem very placid and composed on the exterior, but underneath the rhythms of the earth beat strongly. Her sensual nature takes over in the bedroom. She makes an art of lovemaking. Scheherezade surely was a Taurus. Never undertake making love to a Taurus Woman unless a large block of time is available for her to express her repertoire. Just kissing her can bring some men to orgasm. Her touch, both gentle and tender, excites and caresses. Once she sheds her facade and inhibitions, she is capable of crying aloud. Fully aroused, she can go for hours at a time, days on end. When she is in the mood, she is insatiable. However, she wants mutual expression and will not be content just lying there. Sexuality is an integral part of the Taurus Woman's life. She strives to maintain a -certain decorum for the public but is very aware of her sexual drive and feels no shame over it. Often it is tied to her emotions, and it is hard indeed for...

Taurus Personality

The Taurus Woman is sensual and seductive. Under a cool, calm, and intellectually aloof exterior, she possesses a whole arsenal of tools designed to attract her man and keep him. From the bedroom to the kitchen, she seems to hold in her genetic code total memory of things eternally female. Little wonder she is often called an Earth Goddess. In addition to her bodily attraction, she seduces with her rich, resonant voice like the Lorelei, she captures and holds with her musical sound. Lady Taurus sends messages with her eyes that mesmerize and hold a man with promise of earthly delights beyond measure. Physical contact is important to the' Taurus Woman. She needs to be needed, touched, and fondled. She expresses much of her caring through sex, but she is never in a hurry. She expects the very best in love and sex and settles for nothing less. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, Fixed Earth. The fixed part gives her obstinacy, persistence, tenacity, dependability, and sometimes a...

Taurus as a sun sign

Those who have taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, as their sun sign have some remarkably fine qualities. However, for taureans to flourish, it is essential that they have security. while that may sound like a sweeping generalization (we all need to feel secure to a greater or lesser extent), security is paramount for those of this sign. the necessity does not end with a good house and a healthy bank balance it is equally important for taureans to have emotional security within their social relationships and family life. Reliability, steadfastness, and the desire for a predictable routine are characteristic. taureans like to know how and what must be done, and when. they have a very great deal of common sense, but in a situation where speed and quick responses are required they will not be at all happy. Haste is something that does not come naturally to taureans, and they will be seriously stressed if pushed into an action which they have not had time to consider really carefully....

Taurus as ascendant

Reliability and common sense are as strong with Taurus ascending as when it is the Sun sign, but here the need for security is even more powerful. As the individual progresses in life, he or she becomes more and more attracted to possessions. Those with a Taurus Ascendant will make a special effort to get on the property ladder as soon as possible, seeing a house as the ultimate in physical and material security. Because of a love of creature comforts, Taureans will surround themselves with comfortable, heavy furniture on which to relax after a hard day's work. Their home displays obvious evidence of ever-increasing success, and with it greater security. On occasions when it is necessary to step outside their own domain, the Taurean sense of insecurity can become a problem. The emotional level is higher than when Taurus is the Sun sign, and the temper can become more explosive, slower to subside and less easily subdued. An element of resentfulness can arise, and a kind of smouldering...

Taurus as moon sign

There is an ancient tradition that says that the Moon in this sign is exalted and therefore rather special. It is always a very powerful element of the birth chart, but here it has a subtle added strength. It will bring with it the characteristics of Taurus, but, as must always be remembered, these will be expressed in the way in which the subjects respond to situations. For instance, if we consider possessiveness as an important part of the Taurean personality, those with a Taurus Moon will respond to certain situations in a possessive way. Later on, they may well dislike themselves for doing so, when their own Sun sign, Rising sign, and planetary influences take over and express counter characteristics. The Taurus Bull is shown with a rider in this Turkish illuminatec manuscript of 1550. areas of the birth chart show, for instance, a more open mind. If in the full chart there are several other planets in the other fixed signs (Leo and Scorpio), the Taurean trait of stubbornness can,...

Taurus and money

When they hear the song lyric, money makes the world go around, from the musical Cabaret, Taureans tend to sing along. The connection between this sign and finance goes way back to the ancient Egyptians, when the Bull was one of their most prominent zodiac signs at a time when cattle were used as currency. Taureans make wonderful beauticians and will also enjoy working in the glamorous atmosphere of department stores. (provided, that is, it is consistent with low or moderate risk) will get their financial life going, and they always enjoy investing in interesting companies - shares in a hotel or restaurant business is a high possibility, or perhaps in the construction industry. As a general rule, the bigger and longer-established the company, the more secure Taurus will feel. Taureans take great pride in watching their investments gradually accrue value. They are clever with money, but enjoy expensive luxuries. Taureans take great pride in watching their investments gradually accrue...

3 b Moon In Taurus

Centered in the material plane, your emotions are attracted to material comforts and possessions. With a Taurus Moon you want the best of everything, and you rarely settle for less. The Vioon is exalted in Taurus this brings out'the reflective and steady side of the Moon and de-emphasizes the Moon's changeable side.


Next constellation after Aries is Taurus. On Figure 5.4 we show the symbols representing Taurus on the Egyptian zodiacs and compare them with the Diirer's drawing. Again, there is no problem with recognizing this constellation and there is also a clear resemblance with the Diirer's drawing. to be important in Egyptian astronomical symbolism. For example, we will see later that Saturn is often shown with horns like Taurus, and Jupiter with horns of different type similar to the horns of Aries.

Moon In Taurus

With the Moon in Taurus you can expect the native to possess a highly creative nature. Taurus indicates the principles of devotion, common sense, and perseverance. Because of this influence he has a tremendous working ability and staying power but you should instruct him to endeavor not to become too rigid in certain of his conceptions and activities as this would interfere with his progress. With the Moon in Taurus the native should, if all else looks right, involve himself in matters of a financial nature. The mental trends present are extremely beneficial in the financial area. Nobody will be able to defraud him in monetary pursuits. The Moon, Taurus combination gives the uncanny intuitive ability to decipher the future in such a way to promote financial interests.

Mars In Taurus

Mars is detrimented in Taurus therefore the inherent power of the planet is limited and frustrated. This position signifies that at times circumstances will restrict the natural desire for expression and interfere with the personal freedom of action. There will be control A tragic or unfortunate marriage is indicated and ill-health through a religious fanaticism. If the native can avoid his tendencies toward obstinacy, willfulness and pig-headedness he will be able to contain the negative radiation from Mars in Taurus.

Jupiter In Taurus

Able to attract substance and material benefits. Materialistic. Sensuality strong. Fond of good food and has a keen appetite. Ability to make money, and it is important to Jupiter in Taurus to have it Quietly stubborn and cannot be pushed. Inclined to put on weight In middle years.

Sun sign taurus

Assimilate facts when Mercury is in Taurus. deliberate Taurean. Individuals will express themselves persuasively and come out with bright ideas. However, if these individuals are accused of undue haste at times, they should take note. mercury in taurus The individual will be patient and show great common sense, with slow but thorough thinking processes. Mercury will increase the Taurean

Venus Rules Taurus

Irrespective of the five possible Sun signs, a powerful show of Taurean characteristics will be present in the individual, who will be affectionate, sexy, and passionate. Taurean possessiveness will occur to a lesser degree, unless Taurus is the Sun sign, when it will be strengthened. If this is the case, food will also be central - teasing them about their love of eating is worthwhile, especially if they are good looking. This sign is known for its looks, but weight gain often has a disastrous effect. When love goes wrong, the Venus Taurus influence takes solace from comfort eating.

Taurus in Love

I Taurus + Taurus Assuming one of you has the gumption to make the first move, this could be a long-term love-in. But when disagreements emerge, you lock horns. You'll encounter big passion and big fights, but this combo is a definite go. i Taurus + Gemini Effervescent Gemini loosens up the stolid Bull. Gemini loves change and jumps into it without hesitation, while conservative Taurus is uncomfortable with change and tries to avoid it. As always, neighboring signs can be problematic. Check for Mercury, Venus, or the Moon in each other's signs. i Taurus + Cancer Welcome home. Taurus is sensual, loving, and security-minded Cancer is intuitive, nurturing, and security-minded. A perfect, harmonious match. i Taurus + Leo Reliable Taurus wants to have a normal life, a regular bedtime, and a growing bank account. Demanding Leo wants to live large. And neither of you gives an inch. i Taurus + Virgo You both value practical solutions, even if sensible Taurus takes longer to get there than...

8 Uranus In Taurus

Determined to find new ways to be practical, you are bursting with new ideas in fields such as finance, earth resources and economic reforms. You may be limited in your expression if you place too much emphasis on materialism. Used positively, your many musical and artistic talents will come to the fore. Your creativity is strong, and you have a magnetic appeal to others. Difficult aspects to Uranus can produce marital upsets, unexpected troubles in love affairs, jealousy and stubbornness. Uranus was last in Taurus from 1935 to 1942. Pianist Van Cliburn, playwright George Bernard Shaw, actress Jane Fonda, baseball player Sandy Koufax, singer Graham Nash.

9 8 Pluto In Taurus

Pluto was last in Taurus from 1851 to 1883. This was the time of the first transcontinental railroad, the first commercial oil well, the building of the Gotthard Tunnel and the Suez Canal, the beginning of corporate organizations and the invention of the stock ticker. There was a growth of materialism and the blossoming of the Victorian era. People born with Pluto in Taurus show endurance, stubbornness, sensuality, artistic ability and obsessive needs for wealth and permanence. This was exploited by the rich while the working classes endured great hardship. Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, President William Howard Taft, revolutionary Nicolai Lenin, psychoanalyst Alfred Adler, artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Taurus and careers

Taureans are ambitious and will almost always work out a long-term plan for their lives. There can be problems when elements of risk-taking are built into a job, and these will be faced with considerable apprehension Taureans function best when the work is steady and as constant as possible. Though money-making is of great importance to this zodiac group, Taureans should think very carefully before taking a new position which is less secure than their present one, even if it pays more. The decision will not be an easy one and should be arrived at through careful consideration. There may be times when it will suit a Taurean to plod on in work that they do not really enjoy, accepting the dreary routine of commuting for the sake of security. For many, such a regime could well be detrimental to themselves and their families, but for other Taureans the monotony can be countered if they have an engrossing spare-time interest. This is especially the case if it takes them into the fresh air -...

Summing Up Taurus

Much of the Taurus Woman's energy is used in gaining control. She feels that material wealth will provide her with security and happiness in turn. More than any other sign, Taurus carries unhealthy tendencies towards gross materialism. She also tries to exercise too much control over those around her, not so much for the power this brings, but more for the sake of their best interests. She must learn that everyone has to develop a sense of their own best interests and learn to fulfill them unaided. Her strict self-control can make her quite introspective. Her deep-seated feeling of inadequacy drives her to seek approval from those around her. When it pays off, she should accept it and enjoy it. The evolved Taurus Woman will seek a balance between giving and receiving. The Taurus Woman is sharply focused on life's basics. She believes a comfortable home and a family are as important as a career. As she develops, she will learn that combining the two successfully can enhance her...

Smart People Use Astrology

The four elements describe the basic qualities of the signs and of life. There are three signs for each element. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn the air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Orientation Of The Sidereal Zodiac

ARIES-TAURUS-GEMINI-CANCER The first division of the zodiac is directed by Mars, which through Aries, cardinal fire, initiates the zodiacal emanation of energy. This is the cardinal or creative quadrant of signs. It consists of Aries and Cancer, two cardinal signs, Taurus, a fixed sign, and Gemini, a mutable.

An Open Mind a Curious Nature and a Sense of Humor

If you're a Taurus, you may already be wondering what all the fuss is about. That's because Taureans are from Missouri They're constantly saying, Show me, and if you can't show 'em, they just won't believe it. So, if you're a Taurus, or any of the other Doubting Thomases of the zodiac, keep an open mind. Find the Gemini in your chart, the part of you that's naturally curious, and get in touch with your Sagittarius, where your sense of humor lies. Sure, it's hard to believe in something you can't see, but we're not asking you to believe we're asking you to come along and see what astrology has to offer you. You will be surprised and you'll be rewarded and shown something about the cycles of your life as well

What She Needs to Learn

Taurus must learn that the needs of the body do not always mesh with her inner concepts of beauty and reality. Her remembrance of a remote ideal past when inner realities matched outward manifestations of love and sex often causes dissatisfaction with the way things are. The flesh must be given its due, but her idealistic need for romance and beauty must also be met. The Taurus Woman will not find love by controlling the people around her, her environment, or the many beautiful things she owns. If she really loves herself, she will attract what she needs. If she really trusts in others, she will find that they shower her with the affection and love that she really desires. There is a time to remain silent and a time to speak out. The Taurus Woman needs to let her mate know what she wants otherwise frustration and repressed anger will follow. Her nurturing qualities often cause her to overlook one of her other principles give-and-take. She makes sure she gets hers in bed she can make...

[it Was The Lord Coventry

Secondly, feeling the Sun Lord of the Ascendant, during his motion through the Signe Aries, did not meet with any malevolent aspect, and had 26 degrees to run through of the Sign, ere he got into Taurus I gave in this nature of judgment, for every degree 1 moneth, and so told him, That for about 26 moneths following, or untill after 2 yeers, or much about that time, I judged he should live in a free condition in those parts into which he intended his Journey, & c.

Age of Aquarius Aquarian

Due to the precession of equinoxes, the spring equinox moves slowly backward through the constellations of the zodiac, so that approximately every 2000 years, the equinox begins taking place in an earlier constellation. Thus, the spring equinox has been occurring in Pisces for the past several thousand years and will begin to occur in the constellation Aquarius in the near future. This is the background for current speculations about the so-called Age of Aquarius. The phenomenon of the precession of equinoxes also means that the spring equinox occurred in the sign Aries during the Hellenistic period (the period of Ptolemy), in Taurus several thousand years prior to the Hellenistic period, and so forth backward through the zodiac.

Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

The Taurus Woman enjoys even requires monogamy in marriage. She works hard to provide comfort for her mate and her children. She'll even leave her precious home (though not the care of it) and take a job to insure the financial security so necessary to her existence and to insure that the protective bubble over her loved ones does not develop cracks. If she is far from home in a romantic setting and can be sure that her security, position in the community, and reputation for being down-to-earth are safe, she may well falter. An older Taurus Woman can find a lusty young man irresistible. If she reasons that nothing and nobody can be hurt by the experience, she will be rejuvenated by the freshness of a brief and erotic tumble. Children are a necessary element in any lifestyle the Taurus Woman may find herself involved with. A true heir of the Taurian-type pioneer spirit and determination of the past century, she believes in the lessons life can teach us all. She loves the earth,...

Of the Part of Fortune and How to Take it Either by Day or Night

Viz. 10 Signes, 10 degrees and 27 minutes, which direct you to know, that after 10 Signes numbered from Aries, you must place the Part of Fortune, viz. in 10 degrees and 27 minutes of Aquarius, for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn are 10 Signes, etc. and Aquarius the 11th in order. The Part of In the Taurus, Pisces 5 With Caput Algol in 20 degrees 54 minutes Taurus 4 2. Jupiter and Venus in the South Angle, in Taurus, a Southeast Signe Sun in Aries, an Easterly Signe Moon in Virgo, a Southern or South-west Signe best to travel Southward, or a little East.

Understanding Conflicting Parts of Ourselves through the Birth Chart

6 A square involves two planets that are three signs apart. Such signs are at odds with one another and do not easily agree on preferences and modes of behavior. For instance, Aries and Cancer are square, as are Taurus and Leo. Another source of self-hatred lies in faulty definitions. It is the reverse of that old joke He says I'm stingy I say I'm a good manager. We often define ourselves in negative and uncharitable ways, not realizing that others may regard as strengths the very qualities we view as weaknesses. The oyster, for all we know, may regard that pearl as a hideous deformity, while we regard it as a precious jewel. Likewise, a person with Mercury in Taurus may regard it as a defect that her thinking is very concrete others may consider her refreshingly down to earth and sensible. It's all in your definitions. That's why it can be quite helpful, even for an advanced student of astrology, to have a chart done several times by humanistic astrologers who can provide different...

Mercurial Quick Scattered

Lectual pursuits, leave her depleted, separated into litde pieces. Her greatest task is to keep from becoming fragmented. She needs the will power of her Taurus sister and the concentration of Pisces to keep her energies in one place long enough to accomplish what she desires.

Early Sex Experiences

In matters of sex, the young Taurus girl tends to deal in extremes. She is either very conservative or very precocious. On the other hand, the Taurus girl who has all the security and comfort she requires will experiment much earlier. On a dare she will masturbate with a carrot and try other novel means of self-gratification. She will associate with older boys because of her tomboy nature, and since she recognizes that they have more experience, she will gladly be the patient in the game of doctor. She likes the feel of such thrills, and she usually continues to experiment clandestinely until she has made the rounds of the boys who know how. She is fond of bawdy stories and will be one of the first to stand on the corner with a friend and exchange them. During this time, Taurus develops her uncanny ability to choose trustworthy people with whom to share personal experiences. Her fear of being unacceptable requires discretion, even at this early age. She can usually recover if someone...

If One Shall Find the Party at Home He Would Speak Withall

When you have upon any demand erected the Querent's Figure, consider the Signe Ascending, what member of man's body it represents, and tell the Querent he hath a Mole, Scarre or Marke on that part of his body represented by that Signe as if the Signe Ascending be Taurus, it's on the Neck if in Gemini, on the Arms, & c., also in which of the 12 Signe of the Zodiac the Lord in company, trying this experiment upon some of the company, and ever found it true, as many in this city well know. In November and December, when Signes of short ascenscions are in the Ascendant, you must be wary, for in regard many times the Sun is not then visible, and Clocks may faile, it's possible to be deceived, and misse of a right Ascendant, for Pisces and Aries doe each of them ascend in the space of 3 quarters of an hour, and some few minutes Aquarius and Taurus in 1 hour and some odde minutes but if you have the time of the day exact, you need not ever mistrust the verity of your Judgment which will...

Entertaining Stimulating

Unlike her Taurus and Cancer sisters, whose affairs feature abundant food as the center of attraction, she herself is the main course. She is in her element at a party. She can be charming, she can be witty, she can exercise her word power. She will tease, excite, and be the life of the party. When her guests leave, she is totally exhilarated and feels no responsibility for the lives of those she has touched.

Of a Ship and Whatever are in Her Her Safety or Destruction

To Taurus what is under the Brest a little towards the Water. If the lord of the 2nd be removed from his 2nd (that is, if Taurus be the cusp of the 2nd, and Venus further removed then Gemini) or if the Lord of the 2nd be removed from the 2nd house wherein the Moon is in, (as if she be in Virgo, and the Lord of the 2nd not in Libra, or if the Disposer of the Part Of Fortune be not with it, then the Ship-men will have scarsity of Provisions of Victuals and Food if these Planets or Part Of Fortune be in Watry Signes, want of fresh water will most annoy the Saylors if the Significators be in Earthly or Airey Signes, want of Food, Victuals and Fire will oppresse them This is the manner by which the Ancients did judge of the good or ill successe of a Ship, concerning her Voyage at her first going forth. Herein I considered the Moon was fixed, and locally in the 11th house Taurus is a Southerne Signe, but in an East quarter of Heaven, verging towards the South her application to a Trine of...

Twelve Signs Of The Zodiac

The zodiac's signs - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and so on -derive from 12 of the many constellations. These 12 are unevenly spaced but give their names to 30 sections along the ecliptic the imaginary path around the Earth through which the Sun appears to move. In the course of a year, the Sun passes in front of each of these sections in turn. The signs of the zodiac in this 15th-century illustration are not only shown in relation to their placing in the calendar, but also shown in respect of parts of the body - Aries being the sign of the head, for example, and Taurus being the sign of the neck.

Sun In The Second House

You are constantly searching for values. This placement indicates an ability to attract money, but you can't always hang on to it. You love splendor your possessions can be status symbols. Influential friends usually come to you. You come from a well-to-do home or have a successful parent. Extravagance and financial success are characteristic here, but it is also important for you to learn to share. The Sun in the second house acts much like the Sun in Taurus. Comedian Jack Benny, political philosopher Karl Marx, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, actress Ellen Burstyn, actor Robert deNiro, dancer Joel Gray, singer Beverly Sills.

Judgment upon the preceding Figure

Taurus is the Ascendant of the 3rd House, and Venus being Lady of the Signe, did represent the absent Brother, or party inquired after the Moon in regard she neither applyed to one significator or other, had not much to doe in this Question, I mean in description of the parties

Bulls and Their Money

Bulls are wonderful providers and may acquire a great deal of money and many possessions. But they also need to be careful not to cross the line into materialism, wealth for its own sake, or extravagance. Bulls can be greedy, too, hoarding their money or hiding it away where it will be safe. But as the ultimate Taurean desire is for earthly harmony, they are far more likely to use their wealth to share their desire for comfort with those they love.

The Stars Were Grouped into Constellations

Sometime early on during those thousands of years, the Babylonians figured out that they needed reference points so that they could easily locate the planets in the nighttime sky. After all, it could be very difficult to find a planet other than the Sun and Moon. For this reason, the Babylonians divided the sky into constellations. This way, they had clear guideposts for the positions of the planets. For example, if you wanted to find Jupiter, they might say, Tonight Jupiter is just a little east of the brightest star in the Taurus constellation. The 12 zodiac constellations were named Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Legends grew up about them and their origins-legends that became a part of what we now call mythology. The most important thing to bear in mind about the constellations is that they were initially devised by the Babylonians as guideposts to help them find the planets. Therefore, the Babylonians...

Babylonians Discover the Power of Conjunctions

About 4,000 years ago, the Babylonian astrologers began to make their monumental discoveries. Their first such discovery was that a CONJUNCTION of two planets was a celestial sign. On rare occasions, as the planets move around and around in the sky, two planets can come very close together in the sky such that the two planets appear to be right on top of each other. Such an alignment of two planets was given the name CONJUNCTION, and the Babylonians discovered that a conjunction of two important planets was often a celestial sign that a mega-event was going to happen. Figure 3E is an example of what a conjunction looks like in a Babylonian Alignment Chart. It shows that both Venus and Mars are at 15 degrees of Taurus this means that the two planets form a conjunction, and are CONJUNCT to each other. When this happened, the Babylonians believed that it was probably a celestial sign that something out of the ordinary was about to occur.

Astrological Factors

Venus types are created by a strong Venus in the chart, like Venus located in the Ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is also placed in its own sign (Taurus or Libra) or sign of exaltation (Pisces). Venus ruled Ascendants (Taurus or Libra) usually create Ve nus types, unless another planet aspects both the Ascendant and Venus. Taurus or Libra Moon or Sun signs are contributing factors.

The Element Of Earth

The Three Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The Earth Signs emit a tremendous degree of stability. They, like the very earth itself, are dependable, reliable and possess a determined power to gather and collect, to discriminate and to build. The Earth Signs form the basis for supply in the world. The triplicity has its beginnings in the sign Taurus and it depicts life as seen by others and knowledge that the public has concerning public activities. The keynotes of this triplicity are those of possessions, materials, property, goods, information, tools, and servants. It is by such standards that the average person forms opinions concerning a person's basic substance. The earthiness of the materialistic or practical Earth Sign group is represented by a thick-necked bull. (Not to be confused with the symbol of the bull for the sign Taurus)

Neurotic Sex Drive Game Player

Sex, for all its lore, is not what attracts the Gemini Woman. She is much more interested in what a man can provide for her. Unlike her Taurus sister, she will seek the man with power and position rather than getting carried away and lusting after the gardener or delivery boy. Sex does not drive her it is more a means to an end. The end is her own security and position.

[Quality of the ground

In consideration of the property of the earth, have respect to the 4th house and Signe of the 4th, for if Aries, Leo or Sagittarius be on the cusp of the house, it's hilly, mountainous, dry and hard piece of ground, or a great part of it is so if either Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn be on the cusp of the 4th, the ground is plaine, champion, and excellent Pastorage, or good for Grazing or Tillage. If Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, it's neither very hilly or very plaine (flat), but there is grounds of both types, and in nature part of it is good, and part not so if Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, then there is no doubt but there is some pretty River, Rivolet, or good store of Water.

The Aspects38 Trine Square Sextile Opposition And The Unaspected

In opposition to Aries is Libra, and to Libra, Aries. Scorpio is the opposition of Taurus and Taurus of Scorpio and all the other signs in the same way. But so that you may find these not only with the eye but by calculation, we will show this in a simple example from one sign to another which is the seventh sign, this is opposition. This is always an unfavorable and threatening sign. 3. Trine is the fifth sign from the one where we start, as will be shown by example from Aries to Leo is a trine aspect, from Taurus to Virgo, and so on through all the signs, whichever is the fifth sign, that is trine.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Allotted To Which Signs39

We must explain what parts of the body the twelve signs control, for this is very useful for forecasting from the stars, especially when you wish to find the house of health or of defects. The head of man is in the sign of Aries, the neck in Taurus, the shoulders in Gemini, the heart in Cancer, the breast and stomach in Leo, the belly in Virgo, the kidneys and vertebrae in Libra, the sex organs in Scorpio, the thighs in Sagittarius, the knees in Capricorn, the legs in Aquarius, and the feet in Pisces. In this way all parts of the human body are divided among the signs.

How the Gemini Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

She won't be as overprotective of her children as her Taurus and Cancer sisters. She will generally allow them all the freedom they require, and her constant movement will often stimulate them to explore and grow. She does expect her children to excel at something as soon as they master mobility.

Of Treasure lying hid in the Ground or to be digged out of the Earth

Place or ground suspected, yea or no observe in the Figure whether Jupiter or Venus or North Node be in the 4th house, there's then probability of Treasure being there if they be there and in their owne houses, the matter is without dispute, and you may be sure there is Treasure, or something of value in the house or ground suspected or if you find either Saturn or Mars in any of their owne houses, Direct, and without Impediment, and in the 4th, there is also Treasure, or if you find Venus in Taurus in the 4th, not labouring with any misfortune, it's probable there is Treasure there, for you must know there is no Planet unfortunate, when he is in his owne house, or essentially dignified, and a Significator.

549 Representation of Mercury in Two Locations on One Horoscope

The fact that Mercury is shown on the Long Denderah zodiac two times, was already noticed by N.A. Morozov40. On Figure 5.45 (DL) we show a fragment of the Long Denderah zodiac with two symbols representing Mercury. On the left from Taurus, Mercury is shown in visible position represented by a couple of males one of them with a walking stick and another one, with two feathers on its head (which are features of Mercury), is holding vertically a snake. The visibility of

Chap Xxxviii If I should purchase Master B his houses

Aspect with Saturn Lord of the thing sought after and as Sun is Lord of the 11th, which is the 5th from the 7th, so a Daughter of the Sellers was my very good friend in this businesse, and suffered no interloper to intervene, though some offered fair (to hinder me) for Mars in my 2nd house Retrograde, argues I should get none of my owne Monies to supply my occasions nor did I Jupiter Lord of the Part of Fortune in Sextile with Sun no wayes impedited, but by being in detriment, in Sextile Platick with Venus Lady of my Ascendant, shortly entering his exaltation, gave me such hopes as I doubted not of procuring Monies when he entered Cancer, and Mars became direct, which he did 12 days after, at what time a friend lent me 500 L. The quality of the houses are signified by Capricorn the Signe of the 4th, and Saturn Lord of the 4th, who having no materiall debilities, except Retrogradation and Cadency, also being in Trine with Sun the houses were really old, but strong and able to stand...

General Fumes Of The Planets

The twelves Signs of the Zodiac also have their proper suffumigations, viz., Aries, myrrh Taurus, pepper-wort Gemini, mastich Cancer, camphire Leo, frankincense Virgo, sanders Libra, galbanum Scorpio, oppoponax Sagittarius, lignum aloes Capricorn, benjamin Aquarius, euphorbium Pisces, red storax. But Hermes describes the most powerful fume to be, that which is compounded of the seven aromatics, according to the powers of the seven planets for it receives from Saturn, pepper-wort from Jupiter, nutmeg from Mars, lignum-aloes from the Sun, mastich from Venus, saffron from Mercury, cinnamon and from the Moon, myrtle.

Getting Your Feet

Of course, classifying someone as a Scorpio or a Taurus or a Leo is not I really astrology at all. It is the very first part of a complex picture. I'm enjoy sports, Taureans are generally affectionate, and so on. The people who first worked out these signs thousands of years ago certainly knew something, and the knowledge they recorded is still as relevant today as it ever was.

Cancer On The Third House

We saw that the practical mind of Taurus is on money, but hi meeting and contacting relatives and acquaintances, Taurus is entirely different. Here, his instinctive mind comes into action and feeling is the keynote rather than thinking. He is more restless than appears on the surface and does not like to stay quietly at home for too long a time. He has a great imagination and a very good memory. He does not like to study but is a good absorber of knowledge through listening to others in discussion. He can be very lazy mentally and needs to sharpen his mental tools by concentration on studies that stir up his brain cells. He is extremely impressionable and soaks up atmosphere with a psychic sense of what goes on around him. When he is interested he can remember exact words, Information, gestures, and even the tone of voice. He is inclined to take those around him for granted and when he finds others have feelings, too, it is difficult for him to accept that the picture is not aa be...

Babylonian Horoscopes

Month Nisan , night of the 14th son of Shumausur, son of Shuma-iddina, descendant of Deke, was born. At that time the Moon was below the horn of the Scorpion, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Taurus, Saturn in Cancer, Mars in Gemini. Mercury, which had set for the last time , was still in visible . Month Nisan, the 1st day of which followed the 30th day of the preceding month , the new crescent having been visible for 28 US , the duration of visibility of the Moon after sunrise on the 14 th was 4,40 US the 27th was time. Things will be good before you. Month Du'uz, year 12, ye ar( ) 8 12 Year 77 of the Seleucid Era, month Siman, from the 4th day until some time in the last part of the night off the fifth day , Aristocrates was born. That day, Moon in Leo. Sun in 12 30 in Gemini. The Moon set its face from the middle towards the top the relevant omen reads 'If, from the middle towards the top, it i.e. the Moon sets its face, there will ensue destruction.' Jupiter in 18 degrees Sagittarius....

Midheaven signs for gemini

With Midheaven signs Aries Will need speedy results in chosen career. A lack of tact, and impatience could mar progress. Taurus Could do well in self-employment - an agency or real estate maybe. Aquarius Technology, journalism, technical side of television, or film. A need to be ''on the scene'' in the career. Pisces May work in radio. Caring professions or charity work. with Midheaven signs Aries Chef, or the armed forces (choice of branch will be crucial). Taurus Will have a desire to entertain, perhaps as a stand-up comedian. Good teacher. with Midheaven signs Aries A force to reckon with. Big achiever and show off. Will win arguments. Taurus Stubbornness will pay off at times, but will learn the hard way. Will need challenge in career. Pisces Very creative. Writing ability. Excellent for media work. with Midheaven signs Taurus A love of the land -agriculture, gardening, library. Gemini Writing ability very likely. Media, journalism, or research work will be rewarding.

Cancer Through The Houses

TAURUS ON THE ELEVENTH HOUSE Cancer's objective too often is money. With the second-house sign of Taurus (the sign that rules money and possessions) on the house that has to do with objectives and goals, it is not hard to see why. He has a basic insecurity that is rarely understood. It is not money for money's sake, as it is with Taurus, but money for the prestige and importance it gives. The strange thing is that, no matter what he has of material value, it never gives him any lasting satisfaction. Where friends are concerned, Cancer can hold his friends but has to guard against holding them too closely and leaning on them too much. He needs to feel he comes first in others' affections. If he does not feel it is so, he can go through pangs of jealousy that make his as well as his friends unhappy. Cancer wants a home more than any other sign but Taurus and is not happy without roots. He wants to own whatever he has, whether people, home, or things. It gives him a sense of emotional...

Sun Sign Astrology Has Limited Capabilities

* Taurus Persistent, strong-willed, loyal, immovable, unchanging, trustworthy, reliable. In the past, in an attempt to answer specific questions, astrology books have expanded compatibility analysis to include not just the Sun Sign, but also the rising sign (or ASCENDANT) the Moon Sign, the Venus Sign, and the Mars Sign, and so on. For instance, are you compatible with someone whose Sun and ascendant are in Leo, and whose Moon is in Taurus and has Venus in Virgo Although at first, one m ight think that this approach would be helpful, it is actually so confusing that rather than answering questions, this methodology creates all kinds of unanswered questions without ever helping you get closer to the answers of your original questions. If you've tried it, you already know its shortcomings. There are just too many conflicting interpretations to such an approach. For example, the other person's Moon in Taurus is very compatible to your Sun, and is about average in compatibility to your...

Securityconscious Domestic Materialistic

Only Taurus can equal Cancer in her energetic concern for security, the material aspects of survival. Cancer tends to focus on the basics the quest for food, shelter, and the guarantee of comfortable, if not luxurious, living absorbs her. Sex is basic too, but the Cancer Woman tends to use it as her security blanket.

Midheaven signs for cancer

With Midheaven signs Aries Determination and tenacity evident. Armed forces, engineering. Taurus Catering, chef, agriculture, or horticulture. Security is extremely important. Aquarius Excellent financial potential. Banking, detective work. Pisces Needs spiritual development. Possibly psychic charity work, beautician. with Midheaven signs Aries Good for self-employment. Hard worker, good organizer. taurus Determined. A secure and conventional career. Will be the boss. with Midheaven signs Taurus Garden designer, carpenter, banking, PR work.

2 The Nine Planetary Types

Moon types are created by a strong Moon in the chart, which most commonly occurs when the Moon is located in the Ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is also placed in its own sign (Cancer) or sign of exaltation (Taurus). Cancer Ascendants are generally Moon types, unless another planet dominates the Moon, such as often occurs when the Sun is also in Cancer. The Moon's aspect on the Ascendant and it lord can make the person into a Moon type as well. The Moon in conjunction with Jupiter or in an angle from it also

Pisces Through The Houses

TAURUS ON THE THIRD HOUSE Being an earth sign, Taurus on this house wants to belong, to fed he is useful and necessary to those in his environment. There is a stubbornness in the Piscean nature because Taurus is standing guard at the portal of the mind. He can be far more fixed and rigid in thinking than (me would expect in casual contact with him. He seems easy-going and pliable. It Isn't sol Folks in his environment know well his rigidity and inflexibility. Gemini is the most flexible of the signs, and Taurus is the most stubborn. Look to the sign in which Mercury is placed to know whether the individual is rigid or mutable in his mental attitudes. If Mercury is in a fixed sign, he will be fixed and stubborn if it is in a mutable or cardinal sign, he will be much more pliable. He is strongly artistic and creative. There is a strong interest in music and art. In dealing with him people must not try to force conclusions upon him in any discussion even if they are right, they will be...

The Depression Of 1884

Saturn and Neptune in conjunction in Taurus were moving in opposition (180 degrees) to the North Node in Scorpio in December, 1882, and January, 1883, and these factors precipitated the drop in the Curve which went from nine points above normal to three points above normal by the end of August. On April 30, 1884, J. R. Keene failed. This started the crash. The lunation of April 25,1884, fell in 5 degrees Taurus in square aspect (90 degrees) to Mars, one of the rulers of the mid-heaven of the Chart of the New York Stock Exchange. Mars was in 11 degrees Leo. When the Sun had moved to 10 degrees Taurus on April 30, which made the aspect less than a degree from being exact, and the Moon was in Cancer passing over the ascendant of the Exchange Chart, the panic started. On May 6, 1884, Grant and Ward, as well as Marine National Bank, failed At this time the Sun was in 15 degrees Taurus in exact square aspect (90 degrees) to Mars in 15 degrees Leo with the Moon in Libra, the sign on the...

11Are you presently taking natural vitamin supplements

'Insomnia usually is a symptom pointing to a more severe disturbance. A calcium imbalance of the parathyroid gland (Saturn), known as tetany, can cause sleeplessness. Or a hypothyroid (Mercury and Taurus) may be suspect. A severe deficiency of zinc (Jupiter) can also cause sleepless nights. The reasons for sleeplessness may depend upon what a natal chart yields in the way of information.

The Signs Of The Zodiac

Taurean influence and so on with the other ten sections of thirty degrees each. Therefore the twelve sections measured from the vernal equinox are used exclusively in Astrology and called Signs of the Zodiac, to differentiate them from the Constellations. The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Three symbols of the fixed signs are also bestial, violent and virulent Taurus, the Bull Leo, the Lion and Scorpio, the Scorpion. The human figure of Aquarius, the Waterbearer, shows us the ideal towards which this class must strive. Instead of fighting, preying upon, or poisoning others in the struggle for existence they must learn to become humane,

Of Astrology M A R S d

Which is but a fifth part fo large as the earth. Ile is of a deep fiery red colour, and by his appulfes to feme of the fixed Oars, feerns to be en-comp fTed by a very grofs atmofpbere. His mean motion is thir ty-one degrees twenty-feven minutes and his iwift motion from thirty-two to ibitv-four minutes. His exaltation is in twenty-eight degrees of Capricorn his fall in twenty-eight degrees of Cancer, and his detriment m Libra and Taurus. His greatefl north latitude is four degrees thirty-one minutes, and his greatefl fouth latitude fix degrees forty-feven minutes. He is retrograde eighty days, and ftationary two or three days before r trogradation, and two days before direction. His 01b or radiation is fe en degrees before and after any of his afpe6ts. The Moon is next below Mars, being a fatellitc or attendant on the earth, and oes round it from change to changc 111 twenty-nine days twelve hours and ortv-four minutes and round the fun with it every year. '1 lie moon's diameter is two...

Exaltation And Debility

Sign is different than the signs ruled by the planet. In Vedic astrology, there is a specific degree of exaltation, a point in the exaltation sign where the exaltation is highest. These points of exaltation are different for every planet. Planets occupying their degree of exaltation are preeminently strong. These positions are--the Sun 10 00 Aries, the Moon 03 00 Taurus, Mars 28 00 Capricorn, Mercury 15 00 Virgo, Jupiter 05 00 Cancer, Venus 27 00 Pisces, Saturn 20 00 Libra. Rahu and Ketu are sometimes given exaltation points as 20 00 Taurus and 20 00 Scorpio (hence when one is exalted so is the other). By the views of other Vedic astrologers Rahu and Ketu are both said to be exalted in Gemini and Virgo, the signs of Mercury.

Identifying Your Ascendant

After you've identified your Ascendant, either via the Internet or by following the directions in Chapter 3, I suggest that you double-check it. Begin by copying the chart on the Cheat Sheet at the front of this book. Put your rising sign at the nine o'clock spot. Then write in the other signs in a counterclockwise direction. (That is, if you're Taurus rising, put Gemini on the cusp of the second house at eight o'clock, Cancer on the cusp of the third house at seven o'clock, and so on.)

610 Constellation Sized Scale of The Zodiacal Belt

Now, when describing the planetary locations on the Egyptian zodiacs, we will be indicating the corresponding points on the ecliptic using not degrees, but the above constellation-sized scale. For example, the coordinate 1.5 will correspond to the middle point of the constellation Taurus, or more precisely the point on the ecliptic J2000 with the latitude 70o. The point 13.5 will correspond to exactly the same point, because this scale is cyclic with period 12, so 13.5 12 1.5.

The Four Triplicities

Earthy signs rising (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), give fair vitality but a secret fear of disease arrests the vital processes in the body and poisons these people so that they become victims of chronic ailments oftener than those of the other groupings. The throat, stomach and intestines are specially threatened rheumatism and gout are also frequently experienced. When a person has many planets in earthy signs it favors the acquisition of material wealth.

Introduction To Esoteric Astrology

Blavatsky gives some very interesting features of Virgo. She emphasizes the importance of deeper relationships between this constellation and the earth when she states that Astraea. Goddess of Justice and last of the deities to forsake the Earth has been Virgo, the constellation of the zodiac. Blavatsky even suggests the periodical renovations of the Earth with regard to its continents intimately associated with rise and fall of civilisations to be linked with the influence of Virgo which according to her is due to Virgo's inseparateness from Leo, the sign that precedes it and from the Pleiades and their sisters the Hyades of which Aldebaran is the brilliant leader. It may be noted in this context that Taurus connected with these stars is the 9th sign from Virgo and Leo is the 12th. Blavatsky also quotes Erard Mollien, a French savant, as saying that Virgin (Kanya) represented Durga. one of the most ancient goddesses of India. Endorsing the views of Swami T. Subba Row, she...

Venus in the Signs and Houses

VENUS IN TAURUS (Ruler) Venus is the ruler of Taurus and is powerful in an earthy sense in this sign. Physical and sensual responses to emotions and feelings are strongly accentuated. Demonstrative and affectionate as well as passionate and extremely possessive. Material possessions are important because Taurus is the sign that brings everything into focus on the material plane. Emotions color the life. Fond of comfort Can have a pleasing voice. Strong domesticity. Good disposition if not heavily afflicted. Very stubborn in a quiet and unassuming way. Loyal in friendships and in love if jealousy and resentment do not enter in.

The Significations of the Seventh House

Generally consider the state of the Moon, for if she be void of course there's no great hopes of the Question propounded, that it shall be effected yet if she be in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, your fear may be lesse, for then she is not much impedited by being voyd of course.

The Children Of The Twelve Signs

CHILDREN OF TAURUS Born April 21st to May 22nd On the 21st of April, the Sun enters the zodiacal sign of the Bull, thought, and remains in that sign until the 20th of May and therefore children born between those dates partake in a great measure of the characteristics of this sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, and therefore the children of thought have a basically amicable and kind disposition, but when they once have conceived an idea they cling to it with stubbornness, they are very resentful of contradiction and very difficult to convince that they have made a mistake but when one has once succeeded in showing them that they are wrong their inherent love of justice and tendency to seek solitude and to become very self-centered. They seem to set up unconsciously a barrier between themselves and other people so that it is difficult to become intimately acquainted with them. Taurus children are very keen in their The children of thought have an abundance of vitality to...

What Do I Have in the House

Your second house is where you develop your values, resources, and self-esteem, and so the sign on your second-house cusp will describe their characteristics. Your second-house ruler describes where and how you develop them. The house where the corresponding natural sign of Taurus is shows what area your values, resources, and self-esteem are tied to and where you use them to achieve the results you want. The planets in the Second House give clues to all of these things values, resources, and self-esteem.

Jewish Attitudes Towards Astrology

And if the year begins in Taurus everyone whose name contains a Beth, or Yudh, or Kaph will become ill, or be wounded by an iron weapon . And there will be fighting. And a wind will go out from Egypt and will fill the entire earth. And in that year there will be wheat and abundant rains, but the nobles of that land and of the surrounding region will destroy them the crops And devils will attack men but will not harm them in any way. And two kings will oppose one another. And the large river Nile will rise above its measure. Those who are on a ship in the midst of the sea.will be in severe misery. But at the close of the year there will be great blessing. One of the fragmentary documents found among the Dead Sea Scrolls preserves a generalised version of individual astrology. According to this work, which is written in a disguised form of Hebrew, a man born under the influence of Taurus will have his spirit divided so that six parts are from the 'House of Light' and three from the 'Pit...

The Houses And Their Analogy To The Signs

The first house has a meaning like the first sign Aries, and shows the head, the ego and the self-sense in life. The second house corresponds to the second sign Taurus and relates to the gathering and holding of personal and material resources. The third house resembles the third sign Gemini and governs curiosity and research. The fourth house, like the fourth sign Cancer relates to the mother, home and emotional happiness. The fifth, like the fifth sign Leo, relates to our soul nature and creative intelligence. The sixth, like the sixth sign Virgo, relates to health and disease, work and service.

77 Venus Inconjunct Pluto

You may also have noticed that Cancer is on the cusp of both the first and second houses and that Capricorn is on the seventh and eighth houses. Within the fifth and eleventh houses Scorpio and Taurus are inserted in parenthesis. This sign in parenthesis is called an interception since it is in-

[This rule is vulgar and not of any credit

Aforesaid, then see if the peregrine Planet or Lord of the 7th or Mercury, who is also for the Thief, doe apply to Jupiter, or the Lord of the 2nd if they doe, then is the Goods absolutely stolen, and the Thief came with intent for to steale If the Lord of the 2nd or Jupiter doe apply unto the peregrine Planet, or to the Lord of the 7th, or to Mercury, who is for the Thief, then the Goods or the thing lost did offer it selfe to the Thiefe, or he came easily by them without trouble for he that stole them, came not with intent for to have stolen it, but seeing the thing did lye so open, and so carelesly, he took it and carried it away. If the Moon be Lady of the ascendant, and also lady of the 2nd, and be in Taurus, and apply by Conjunction to the Sun, within one degree, and Sun be the Lord of the 3rd house, and Mars be the peregrine Planet, and in the 10th, and Mercury apply to Mars, none of the abovesaid separations or applications impediting, or the Lord of the 7th in the 3rd, then...

[Or men goe down by steps

Moon in a fixed Signe, the gate is under the earth, viz. if in Taurus, or the house standeth on the Bank-side, if in Aquarius Moon in movable Signs, the gate or door is above the earth, and a step to go up in to it (probatumn est.) or one ascends somewhat in going into the house.

L Which Gemstones to Wear Basic Rules

TAURUS If both the Ascendant and the Moon are ruled by friendly planets (Saturn, Mercury and Venus are one camp Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mars are the other), the prescription of gems is easier. For example, if the Ascendant is Taurus and the Moon is located in Capricorn, since both Venus, the ruler of Taurus, and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, are natural friends and Mercury is a friend of both, should any of these three planets be weak either from the Ascendant or the Moon, its gem would usually be appropriate.

Psychology of the Individual

One can also consciously tune in on the required energy by cultivating close physical contact with that element for, in a real way, the earth signs get their energy from the earth, the air signs get their power from the air, the water signs from the flow of watery feelings or from contact with water itself, and the fire signs from the Sun and physical activity. Anyone who doubts the truth of this statement has obviously not experienced its reality in his own life. Clairvoyants with especially refined perception have told me that they could see the rootedness in the earth of a Taurus, the rock-like groundedness of a Capricorn, a smooth flow of feeling sensitivity like a waterfall in Cancers, the sudden change of polarity similar to electrical storms in Aquarius, and so forth. One can therefore take advantage of contact with one's Sun sign element for the purpose of rejuvenation and recuperation from the devitalizing impact of life's demands. In order to do this, the earth signs...

[These rules are much followed by those that practice in the Country

If you will know the place where the thing stolne is in take Signification of the Place from the Signe the Significator of the Thiefe is in, and from the place of the Lord of the 4th House if they be both in one Signification it is well if not, behold then what place is Signified by the Lord of the 4th House, and judge by that Signe the nature of the place where the thing stolne is. If he be in a moveable Signe, it is in a place high from the ground if in a fixed Signe, it is in the Earth and if in a common Signe, it is under some Eaves of a House and helpe your judgment in these by the Terme of the Signes, as if the Significator be in Aries, it is in a place where Beasts doe use that be small, as Sheep, or Hogs & c. if he be in Leo, it is in a place of Beasts which bite as Dogs, & c. if he be in Sagittarius, it is in a place of great Beasts that are ridden as in a Stable of Horses, or such like if in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, it signifieth a House or place of great Beasts, as...

Venus The Planet Of Love

Venus is essentially dignified in Taurus and Libra, and exalted in Pisces, and therefore her influence is most powerfully felt when she is placed in those signs. She is weak and afflicted when placed in either of the martial signs, Aries or Scorpio, where she is in her fall, or when she is in the mercurial sign, Virgo. The best House position for her is the Seventh where her influence will make the marriage serene and blissful.

Venus In The Twelve Houses

Venus in the Eleventh House if well-aspected brings to the person hosts of friends who are willing and anxious to aid him in the realization of his hopes, wishes and desires, but it depends upon the nature and character of the sign wherein Venus is placed as well as on the strength of the aspects whether they will be able to do so or not. For instance, if Venus is in the Eleventh House in Aries or Scorpio, one of the martial signs where she is weak, and aspected only by sextiles from Mercury and the Moon, very little help can be expected of her compared to what she will give if she is in her own signs, Taurus or Libra, and aspected by trines from the Sun and Jupiter. In the case first cited, the friends drawn to the person may be ever so sincere in their wish to help but will not have the ability. In the latter case they will exert powerful influence and will accomplish wonders. If Venus is afflicted in the Eleventh House it is very often found that the person attracts friends who...

Venus In The Twelve Signs

Venus on Taurus is a splendid position for there she is essentially dignified and much stronger than in the other signs with the exception of Libra and Pisces where she is respectively dignified and exalted. It is a very favorable position for financial affairs, especially gains derived through the person's own efforts in whatever vocation in life he may have chosen. It gives a friendly and sociable disposition with the ability to inspire reciprocal feelings in others. People with Venus in Taurus are very set in their opinions concerning correct form and decorum, correct in speech and once they have formed an opinion they hold to it very tenaciously. They are generous but not extravagant.

[This where the querent is suspected a Knave

The angles fixed, or the Moon or Significator in Signes of direct ascention which are Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or in Signes not fruitfull, viz. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn. Proportion great, if the Significator have much Orientality, and be in Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius. Proportion little, if his Occidentality be much, or the Significator in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. The upper part of his body is thick and strong, if the Significator be in Aries, Taurus, Leo his lower parts if in Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio. If the Significator have much latitude from the Ecliptick, be Retrograde, or in his first station, or in the first part of Aries, Taurus, Leo, or in the last part of Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius. Taurus- South and by East Gemini- West and by South. Cancer- is full North. Leo- East and by North. Virgo- South and by West. Libra- full West. Scorpio- North and by East. Sagittarius- East by South. Capricornus- Full South....

Mercury In The Twelve Signs

Mercury in Taurus gives a mind that is not very soon made up but when it has once arrive at a conclusion it is almost as difficult to change as the laws of the Medes and Persians. However, being based upon thought and reason the judgment of these people is also extremely reliable. They believe thoroughly in the ancient adage that Silence is golden and are therefore close-mouthed. They are good counselors and can be depended upon to keep secret. At the same time they are not recluses, but have a pleasant, sociable disposition. They are fond of fun and recreation, they love music, art and literature, so they are thoroughly likable people if Mercury is well-aspected. But if Mercury is afflicted they become what the Scotch call DOUR, also obstinate, stubborn, secretive and avaricious. Mercury in Virgo is at the zenith of his power for there he is exalted, consequently when well-aspected it gives a clear, logical, scientific mind, eloquence and the ability to express oneself fluently in a...

Of The Images Of Venus

FROM the operations of Venus they made an image, which was available for favour and benevolence, at the very hour it ascended into Pisces the form of which was the image of a woman, having the head of a bird, the feet of an eagle, and holding a dart in her hand. They made another image of Venus, to obtain the love of women, in the lapis lazuli, at the hour of Venus, Venus ascending in Taurus the figure of which was a naked maid, with her hair spread abroad, having a looking-glass in her hand, and a chain tied about her neck--and near her a handsome young man, holding her with his left hand by the chain, but with his right hand doing up her hair, and both looking lovingly on one another--and about them is a little winged boy, holding a sword or dart. They made another image of Venus, the first face of Taurus, Libra, or Pisces, ascending with Venus the figure of which was a little maid, with her hair spread abroad, clothed in long and white garments, holding a laurel apple, or flowers,...

The Moon In The Twelve Signs

This is the Moon's exaltation sign and her effect is therefore very powerful for good if she is free from affliction and well-aspected. Then the fixed nature of Taurus tones down the changeability of the Moon which also blends with the Venus ray. Hence it makes the disposition gentle, self-reliant and determined. It gives perseverance, forethought and kindness, therefore the person attracts all the good things of life, health and wealth, friends and family, houses and lands with the ability to enjoy all these things for it makes him fond of pleasure, sociable and hospitable, a lover of art and music and all other things which make for the enjoyment of life.

Saturn In The Twelve Signs

Saturn in Taurus when well-aspected makes a person slow of speech but that he says will have weight and be well worth hearing. It gives a quiet disposition, slow to decide, but stubborn in maintaining a position once taken. These people are close-mouthed, and my be trusted to keep their own and other people's secrets well. When Saturn is afflicted in Taurus, particularly by Mercury he always causes trouble with the speech and gives a quick temper, especially if Mars is also an afflicting planet. This position makes financial difficulties.

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